Viva Miami!

Well, the countdown is over.

I had been counting down for a total of 94 days.  THEN, it finally came!  It was finally time to go to Miami with two of my girlfriends.  I lived with Peggy for three years in college and then moved into the Alpha Gam house.  When I moved into the Alpha Gam house, Peggy moved into a house off campus with a few of her friends which included Sydney, her pledge sister.  Peggy graduated in four years but Sydney and I took a little victory lap.
We had become friends through Peggy, so I moved into the house that she used to live in and my second senior year I lived with Sydney and three other girls I had never met before.  It was a weird experience but it turned out well because I became close with Sydney. ( I also became close with a girl named Hannah who moved to LA that I miss dearly!) Back to the point: Since Peggy and Syd were close and Syd and I were close we all started doing things together.  The Peggy and I went to visit Syd in Buckhead earlier this year and the three of us had a ball.  We decided to go to Miami and booked a room with a balcony at the Fountainbleau.  Sydney goes to Miami often and stays there, but it was Peg and I’s first time to go.
I had NO idea what to pack. NONE. I looked online and saw pictures of either woman in Louboutins and Gucci dresses or $9 club dresses that looked like they were from K-Mart.  I literally threw some cocktail dresses and about 8 bathing suits in my luggage and called it a night.  I then headed to Huntsville to eat some mexican food with my family (i’m sure that helped my bikini bod).  That night when I got home I threw in a dress I bought on sale a few weeks ago I planned to wear for New Years Eve and went to sleep. Peg and I took the 6:45 flight to Atlanta where we met up with Syd to get on the plane to MIA.
We were sitting there waiting to get on the plane to Miami and I handed Peg my phone to try to set up an app for me.  The pilot came out and addressed us and all of the other people waiting to board his plane.  He was a serious ass.  He literally had a microphone and was telling us about how everyone needed to turn and face his direction when he was speaking and listen to him?  What is this, Kindergarten? You are not the principal here, buddy. The waiting area has seats in all different directions so people were trying to crane their necks to listen to him talk about how he was a fighter pilot for 20 something odd years.  He then stopped mid sentence and yelled for everyone to “put their precious little phones away and look at him.” He was literally staring at Peg who was zoned into trying to get the app to work on my phone.  She didn’t hear him, or flench.  I could hear people giggle around us.  This guy was so rude that Syd and I looked at each other and didn’t even let Peg know that she was being shouted-out by the pilot.  He shouted her out about 4 times.  She never looked up.  It was so bizarre.  He finally stopped talking about his glory days and we were able to board the plane.
We got to Miami at noon, then jumped in the car with a taxi driver who listened to some booty poppin’ music the whole drive there.  That’s always a good sign about the weekend ahead.  We then arrived at the Fountainbleau and it was GORGEOUS. I mean….really to die for.  And the employees, so friendly.  We went to the desk and the guy upgrades us on the spot.  So exciting.  We get to the room and it is like an extended stay hotel room with a king, pullout, fridge, etc….and it is HUGE. We are squealing by this point.
The three of us were ready head down to the pool.  We didn’t just throw on any old swimsuits though.  As I said before, Syd goes to Miami all the time and wears some brazilian-thong-ish numbers.  We decided YOLO and convinced Peg to throw on one and went to the pool. It was gorgeous.  We drank our body weight in miami vices ($27/each…damn!) by the beach then headed to the pool to check it out.  We ran into a group of guys who were there for a bachelor party and were really nice.  We gave them our numbers and told them if they wanted to hang later to let us know.  I really didn’t think we would hear from them again.
We played music and got ready and were really excited to check out LIV that night.  I was trying to put on eyeliner when I saw Peg’s eyes grow HUGE and she ran into the bathroom.  Peg really had a look of sheer terror on her face.  I ran in after her and she then informed me that she had mistaken shower gel for mouthwash.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a year or two. We then went to dinner and we put on our cocktail dresses to go to the bar downstairs before we tried to get into LIV.  I ordered a vodka tonic ($25, but whatevs im on vacay here!) and turned around to a nice man in a suit asking if we were going to LIV.  We said yes and he said he had a table and wanted to know if we wanted to sit at it.  I later found out that he was a promoter and that a table at LIV costs a few grand a night.  We partied at the table in the middle of the club all night and it was probably one of the best nights of my life.  At one point, we were dancing on the back of the seating area.  It was a hard surface.  Someone must have put a drink on there or I must have had one (or seven) too many vodka waters because the next thing I knew, I was falling backwards off of the surface.  The concrete floor was about four or five feet below.  I don’t know what happened but somehow I ended up grabbing the edge on my way down and landed on my feet.  A few of the security guards that were guarding our table rushed over and one was like “I really have no idea how you landed on your feet.” I silently thanked God and the security guard picked me up and put me right back on the table.  We continued partying until our eyelids were heavy then took it on upstairs.
The next day, we went to the beach for a few hours and I ate a nasty $25 chicken sandwhich for breakfast because I thought I was going to starve.  By lunchtime I was still full and I saw that the guys from the day before had texted us saying they had a cabana (two grand to rent and a minimun $1400 tab) and for us to come.  Syd and Peg ate lunch at the restaurant and I told them that I would go check out their situation and let them know whether we should go or bail.  I walked over to the pool and couldn’t find them.  They told me to go to the “21 and over” area so I did and I must have looked lost.  A security guard asked if I was “Miss Rachael” and led me over to the cabana.  Apparently they had told the guard to look for me. I knew it was going to be a good day.  I texted the other two and told them I was putting my phone in the safe in the cabana and to bring it on!  Apparently when they came, the guards asked them if they were with Miss Rachael? They were like uhmmm yes?  What a funny thing to hear when you aren’t expecting it.  We drank $500 bottles of champagne, swam and hung out all day.  It was amazing
We were some tired chicks that night.  We went out for a little bit but called it an early night.
The next day (Sunday) we hung at the pool and again drank our body weight in miami vices, and we also met some cool British guys.  The bachelor party guys didn’t have a cabana that day so we just chilled with our little threesome.  We heard that The Band Perry was going to be doing a concert at the fb that night and decided to go.  It was $75 for tickets and an open bar for two hours.  Great decision to go!  There were only about 400 people there and The Band Perry is the real deal.  That ended at about 10:00 or so, then went back up to our room to pre-game and change clothes.  I put on my New Years Eve outfit (I did not bring the right clothes and I was desperate!) and then we went to go meet up with the British guys. They were hilarious.  That night we ended up just partying at the bar in the Fountainbleau.
I literally can’t wait to go back.
P.S. Check out the sunset on the way home..