Tribal Trend

I am loving this Summer’s tribal trend. I decided that I had to jump on board ASAP. My motto is: If Kim Kardashian is doing it, so am I. JOKE. Obviously. Although she does rock it pretty hard.  I really wanted some tribal shorts that would be easy to pair with a solid top. I looked around, but I didn’t feel like spending $348 on BCBG shorts that I could only wear a few times this Summer.  Tribal pants aren’t exactly an item you can wear everyday because they are so memorable.  I lived next door to a girl this winter that wore the same pair of crimson jeans and a HUGE fur vest every other day, though.  I started referring to her as “Crimson”…so if you want to be known as “Tribal,” then go ahead and do the damn thing everyday.

I am not a huge fan of Forever 21.  They have a store FULL of junk and a few cute pieces if you look for three and a half hours.  With that being said, I did buy a white top with crochet on the sleeves for about $25.00 that is identical to a $350 Johnny Was top.  It’s my favorite. I was digging through the store the other day and came across these tribal shorts and obviously had to buy them ($17.50.)
When I was walking out I also noticed a cute pair of leapord shorts for the same price. Like the tribal shorts, I can’t wear them a lot, but I will definitely get $17.50 out of them.

I SAY that I won’t be able to wear them often, but y’all might start calling me “Cheetah” or “Tribal” by the end of the Summer!

Here are a few others online that I liked: