The Chick With Printed Pinterest Pins….

For the entire duration of my undergrad at UA I drove 2.5 hours (one way) just to get my hair done. Katherine has done my hair for the last seven or eight years and I am pretty much in love with her. She rules. Walking around campus and seeing chicks with fried hair, yellow hair, and brassy hair left me too scared to check out any salons in Tuscaloosa. I finally made the switch to a salon in Birmingham last Friday…and……..drumroll…….I am obsessed.

It was quite a switch up! I switched from a relaxing salon that smells lovely and plays tranquil music to a small hair salon where I heard stories about my hair dresser and his partner dressing up in drag on Saturday nights. Best transition ever. He probably thinks I’m sort of a freak for bringing in printed pins from Pinterest,  it it worked! We went with a lot of long layers because it looks better when I curl it.
New year, new vibe.