I havent blogged in what seems like a year or two.  Life has been too much fun to sit down and document.  I graduated in December, went home and celebrated Christmas with my family, spent time with Casey while he was home, spent New Year’s Eve in Atlanta with my home girl, and started graduate school. Pretty full schedule for about a month.  When New Years rolls around every year I pretty much make fun of (in my head) all the people that post their resolutions.  “I want to only eat out on Tuesdays and lose 3 pounds”.  Posts like that really make me cringe…but they got me thinking.  I started thinking about what I wanted to do differently this year.  I can’t say they are my resolutions because I make fun of people who make resolutions- so i’ll call them life goals.  Because really, I should strive to be better every year.  As I started thinking about how I wanted to try to better myself, I thought about the people closest to me.  I feel like I am so blessed and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be surrounded with such supportive and loving family and friends.  So this year, I have decided to try use the people around me as inspiration


My brother is the best friend you could ever ask for.  He’s one of those people who you could call in the middle of the night and he would be there in about two minutes.  He’s loyal and genuinely has everyone’s best interest at heart.  This year I’m going to try to be a friend more like Connor.

My mom is the sweetest.  I mean sweetest sweetest.  That’s probably why her permanent nickname is Lovie.  She has the best heart and treats everyone with kindness.  She has a degree in social work, which further shows that she has a heart of gold.  I hope this year I can treat people with more Lovie.

My Dad is ride or die.  I know that I can call him and that he will always be on my side and help me out of tricky situations.  A few years ago I didn’t sleep for about a week straight. Literally a week.  I would lie in bed at night and calculate my grades in my head and I knew there was no way on earth I was going to pass not one, but possibly two classes.  It was a really hard time for me.  I would call home and my dad could always talk me through it.  I hope this year I can have someone’s back like he has always had mine.

Casey treats me like gold.  I feel so lucky to have someone who supports me 110% and genuinely loves me.  His good qualities are endless; he’s sweet and funny and makes me laugh non-stop.  He’s also very laid-back and calm, which I’m not so used to.  I am high-strung and usually running about 90 to nothing.  This year I’d like to take a page from Casey’s book and sit back and take it all in sometimes.

Meg is my best friend for a reason…she’s the best.  There really is no substitute for being able to call and talk to someone who literally knows every aspect of your life.  No story needs a back story or intro because she was there when everything happened before. It’s awesome.  Meg is pure fun.  When we are together we are silly and always have fun…which is really what life is about.  This year I want to not sweat the small things and focus on spending this year being 24 and having fun in life like Meg.  Who am I kidding, she will probably be right there with me.

Life is pretty damn good. Roll tide.