Unboxing The Nokia N97 mini | Experiment #097

During the Ovi Maps Event in London last month courtesy of WOMWorld, I managed to win the Nokia N97 mini challenge with Phat^Trance of DailyMobile. The device has finally arrived and what better way to kick off than with a quick unboxing video. The Nokia N97 mini brings us a slimmer, more compact and fresher version of the N-Series flagship, the Nokia N97. The N97 mini als0 features the same tilting slide mechanism on a slightly smaller 3.2″ widescreen display, a revamped QWERTY keyboard with better situated directional keys, 8GB of built in storage and a 5MP Carl Zeiss Lens without the self harming lens cover.

Nokia Sets Out Financial Targets and Devices & Services Priorities For 2010

Nokia has set key financial targets and operational priorities for its devices and services for 2010, during its annual Capital Markets Day event this morning. Senior company executives outlined how Nokia’s focus on execution combined with its core competitive advantages, position the company to achieve and sustain broad-based success in the mobile devices market. At the event, Nokia also demonstrated significant improvements to its forthcoming version of the Symbian user interface, along with the goal to release a Maemo 6 device by the end on next year.

Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, highlighted Nokia’s focus on user experience, stating: “In 2010, we will drive user experience improvements, and the progress we make will take the Symbian user interface to a new level. As an operating system, Symbian has reach and flexibility like no other platform, and we have measures in place to push smartphones down to new price points globally, while growing margins. I see great opportunity for Nokia to capture new growth in our industry, by creating what we expect to be the world’s biggest platform for services on the mobile.”

Nokia CFO, Timo Ihamuotila, described Nokia’s view of the industry and competitive environment: “Going into 2010, the overall mobile devices market is stabilizing and it is growing more in the areas where Nokia has competitive advantages. We believe that by executing on the operational priorities we have set, Nokia will be competitive in both mobile phones and smartphones and will improve its value share.”

Targets and forecasts for Nokia and the mobile device industry
– Nokia expects industry mobile device volumes to be up approximately 10% in 2010, compared to 2009.
– Nokia targets its mobile device volume market share to be flat in 2010, compared to 2009.
– Nokia targets lower average selling price (ASP) erosion of its mobile devices in 2010, compared to recent years.
– Nokia targets to increase its mobile device value market share slightly in 2010, compared to 2009.
– Nokia targets non-IFRS* operating expenses in Devices & Services of approximately EUR 5.7 billion in 2010.
– Nokia targets bringing Devices & Services non-IFRS* research and development expenses below 10% of net sales in 2010.
– Nokia targets Devices & Services non-IFRS* operating margin of 12% to 14% in 2010.
– Nokia continues to target Services net sales of EUR 2 billion or more in 2011.
– Nokia continues to target to have 300 million active users for its services by the end of 2011.

Targets and forecasts for Nokia Siemens Networks and the mobile and fixed infrastructure and related services market
– Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks expect a flat market in euro terms for the mobile and fixed infrastructure and related services market in 2010, compared to 2009.
– Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks target for Nokia Siemens Networks to grow faster than the market in 2010.
– Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks continue to target Nokia Siemens Networks to reduce its non-IFRS* annualized operating expenses and production overheads by EUR 500 million by the end of 2011, compared to the end of 2009.
– Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks target Nokia Siemens Networks non- IFRS* operating margin of breakeven to 2% in 2010.

Additional financial targets
– Nokia and NAVTEQ target NAVTEQ operating margin to be higher than Devices & Services operating margin in 2010, on a non-IFRS* basis.
– Nokia targets its financial income and expense to be approximately EUR 250 million expense in 2010.

Nokia Devices & Services operational priorities
In addition to providing its key financial targets, Nokia also outlined key Devices & Services operational priorities for 2010. These are:
– Improve our user experience;
– Re-engineer our Symbian user interface; deliver a major product milestone before mid-year 2010, and another major product milestone before the end of 2010;
– Deliver our first Maemo 6-powered mobile computer, with an iconic user experience, in the second half of 2010;
– Significantly increase the proportion of touch and/or QWERTY devices in our smartphone portfolio;
– Scale up our Services business by expanding geographically and in partnership with more operators;
– Provide third party developers with better tools to create applications and content for our Ovi ecosystem;
– Further optimize the industry’s lowest cost end-to-end business model in Mobile Phones; and
– Continue to build on our affordable and localized services offerings for emerging market consumers.

Phone Arena Reviews The Nokia N97 mini

Phone Arena reviews the Nokia N97 mini. It is a more compact alternative to the N97. As a whole, the device is the same (you still get the tilting mechanism of the display), only a bit smaller. There are some cosmetic changes to the design though, with the most significant one seemingly being the lack of both a D-pad on the keyboard and a sliding camera cover.

Nokia E71 & E72 | Facebook App Updated

The on board Facebook widget/bookmark has just received a new update, and is available to download via the Ovi Store. Originally the E71 had a bookmark linked to a mobile version of the Facebook website, and it wasn’t as pretty as the N97’s dedicated Facebook application. Well it’s finally here, and has a similar set up to the one found on S60 5th Edition devices. I’m not too sure whether this is only available for the E71/E72, but I suppose it should also work for any other S60 3rd Edition device with the same landscape display. Check out some thoughts after the jump.

Facebook for Nokia E71/E72 lets you keep up with your friends right at your fingertips. Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and look up phone numbers when you need them anytime and anywhere. Facebook allows you to comment on your friend’s statuses, RSVP to event invites and confirm or deny friend requests. The Facebook for Nokia E71/E72 brings Facebook directly to your phone. If Facebook is not available for your device, please check Ovi Store.

After playing around with the app for a day I’m pretty disappointed. To begin with it took so long for this update to be released, and now it’s here, there are so many issues. In the main wall feeds (Home) it only displays 2 or 3 posts, and then shows me yesterdays updates. I’ve tried logging on at different times of the day and still I don’t get more than 4 updates for today, even though there has been so many.

Another thing that’s quite annoying is the fact that in the old version it showed me if I had any new notifications from the last time I logged in. This feature has also been removed and makes me want to return to the older version. Without it displaying all my latest news feeds, or at least showing me how many notifications I have, the application is pretty useless.

You can however switch to the friends view at the top, where you can have access to everyone who has updated there status’s. The issue here is that even though you can see all the updates from what would be ‘Home’ on your desktop, you can’t interact with anyone unless you click on their profile and access their wall. This is way too long winded for a simple task. Viewing images is much easier now though, so that’s a plus if it’s all that you use Facebook for.

If you wish to still go ahead and try it out you can find it in the S60 3rd Edition Download section. My recommendation is however for you to continue using the old mobile version of the website instead, as it is far more useful compared to this one.

Alexandra Burke | At The Nokia Good Things Event In London

Alexandra talks about her favourite music and artists in an interview with Nokia, at the Good Things event in London.

Nokia Unveils The 7230 & 6700 Slide

Nokia today unveiled two new 3G slider phones, the Nokia 6700 slide and Nokia 7230, made for the design-conscious consumer and optimized for socializing and sharing with those closest to you. Available in various fresh colors, with great imaging features and quick access to popular social networking communities, the Nokia 6700 slide and Nokia 7230 make a real style statement. Both devices are expected to become available in the first quarter of 2010, and the retail prices before taxes and subsidies are anticipated to be €160 for the Nokia 6700 slide, and €100 for the Nokia 7230.

New Firmware v400.21.013 | Nokia E71, Nokia E63 & Nokia E66

Over the weekend the Nokia E71, Nokia E63 & Nokia E66 all received new firmware updates taking them to v400.21.013. The new update brings a host of new features including many bug fixes and we highly recommend you to update you handsets. To get this new software onto your device you will need to plug yourself into a PC and use either NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or the Ovi Suite. Remember none of the handset supports UDP (User Data Preservation) so make sure you do a full backup of both the mass storage and phone data to ensure you do not lose anything. You can find the full changelog after the break.

The changelog has not yet been officially released but heres a quick overview of the new update:

New Functionalities:

  • Gimlet v9.5 (v9.5.3.72)
  • Quick Office 5.3
  • Ovi Store 1.5 (v1.5.2)
  • Ovi Contacts – Pre-installed
  • Mail for Exchange 2.9.176

Changes and Improvements:

  • Email Setup Wizard update
  • WLAN Corrections
  • Internet Radio v1.16 – Increased functionality
  • Camera functionality improvement
  • Incoming call hang issue fixed
  • Turkish SMS character input improvement
  • Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE
  • Support for Russian and Ukranian keymats
  • Phone activation Baseline updated
  • Yahoo account hack fixed


  • Stability and functionality improvements
  • Email and WLAN functionality improvements
  • Increased robustness in handling SMS and incoming calls
  • Memory leak fixes and crashes
  • Email and WLAN functionality improvements

Call Handling:

  • Fix for Incoming call hang issue and fast call crash
  • Fix for making emergency call when the phone is locked

Calender and Clock:

  • Minor Functionality improvements
  • Time display correction when the phone is locked


  • WLAN functionality Improvements and fixes for crashes
  • Improvement in WLAN authentication
  • mVPN authentication improvements and general functionality improvement

Contacts and Phonebook:

  • Functionality improvements for search functionality


  • Email setup wizard updated
  • Fix for Yahoo account hack while setting up Gmail account through Nokia Email
  • Fix for mails getting duplicated after restoring backup
  • Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.158 to 2.9.176
  • Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
  • Robustness and functionality improvements in email items

Internet Radio:

  • Improved functionality
  • Increased application stability

Qwerty Keyboard (E71 Only):

  • Usability improvements
  • Keyboard mapping corrections for Russian and Ukranian keymat


  • Improvement in Turkish SMS characters input
  • Fix for delivery report for SMS with more than 22 characters
  • Increased robustness in handling SMS

Nokia N900 | TV-Out Demo

The Nokia N900 comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that also doubles up as a TV-Out port. The TV-Out cable in the box therefore lets you connect your device to your TV, or as in this case, a projector. This feature is extremely useful for sharing pictures and videos with your family and friends and when playing games on your device. Check out the video after the break

The Nokia X6 Is Now Shipping

Nokia announced today that the Nokia Comes With Music Flagship phone, the X6, is now available in selected markets. Through the ‘all-you-can-eat’ music offering the Nokia X6 pioneers new ways for the world to experience music. With a whopping 35 hours of music playback, 32GB of onboard memory, the X6 is surely a music lover’s dream. The Nokia X6 is expected to retail for approximately €450, before taxes and subsidies.

“The Nokia X6 Comes With Music edition is a stellar offering, that gives music fans the power to download all the music they could ever want – quickly, easily and for free,” said Ole Feddersen, vice president, smartphones, Nokia. “We are giving people a handy access to and ownership of a vast music library and a great new touchscreen device to play their music on.”

In addition to the unlimited access to millions of tracks available in Nokia Music Store, Comes With Music subscribers will be able to download exclusive content directly to their device or PC from both, international superstars and favorite local artists. Fans will have access to bonus tracks, remixes and other additional content, free of charge as part of the Comes With Music subscription.

The Nokia X6 is a powerful entertainment device capable of playing up to 35 hours of music, offering 32GB of on-board memory and supporting all main digital music formats, with a slick 3.2″ finger touch interface and a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

The ultimate device for social butterflies, the Nokia X6 has a 16:9 widescreen optimized for photos, videos and browsing. The Nokia X6 is a hive of activity that brings friends and virtual communities, like Facebook, to the homescreen, making it easy to socialize with friends and follow all the favorite blogs and celeb gossips.

The entertainment experience is completed by three embedded games, Spore by EA, Asphalt4 and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft, and direct access from the homescreen to download more games and applications through the Ovi Store.

The Nokia X6 will initially be available in Europe, Eurasia and Middle-East and Africa. It is also possible to order the device from the Nokia Online Store: http://europe.nokia.com/buy-online

Visa Demos Its Mobile Banking Vision

Check out this video demonstration of what mobile banking could look like in the future. The video was taken at the Cartes Exhibition in Paris, where Visa were showcasing their future concepts of mobile banking.

UK Operators To Allow Retweeting Via SMS

Good news for Twitter fans as UK mobile phone operators will now be able to offer an official SMS Retweet Service, so you can share the Twitter love on the go. Not long after the official retweet function was put into beta testing by Twitter itself, Vodafone is now allowing you to simply text the short number 86444 to retweet the last thing a user wrote. You need to text “RT” plus the Twitter username for it to work, for example, you can retweet the latest post from @TheNokiaReview by simply texting “RT TheNokiaReview” to 86444.

The Nokia N97 mini Contest Has Ended | Winner Announced

The Nokia N97 mini contest is now over and I would like to say a big thank you for all those who took part. I would also like to announce that the winning entry was sent in by Naypalm. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your time with the N97 mini. Make sure you check your email as I will be contacting you soon.

Nokia N900 | Battery Test

Shooting a stop-motion mini movie about the N900, using an N900. Hundreds of shots taken and the battery doesn’t even break into a sweat.

Spotify Now Available On Nokia Handsets

Spotify Mobile has finally launched a Symbian application for the most popular music streaming service, which means that Nokia owners can now listen to there favourite tracks on the go. With legal and free access to a huge library of online music, you can get rid of your mp3 players and iPods, as Spotify will also let you cache up to 3,333 tracks for offline listening. To use Spotify on your mobile you must be a premium subscriber. To sign up, visit the Spotify Premium product page to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

Key features:

  • Listen to millions of tracks with Spotify’s constantly updated catalogue
  • Continue to run Spotify in the background while texting, making calls, web browsing etc
  • Playlists can be downloaded and played in offline mode when you have no connection, are on a plane or underground, or abroad
  • Search and stream music instantly. Browse by artist, title or album
  • Listen Create and synchronise playlists. Updates from the desktop application will be synced instantly and vice versa
  • Listen to tracks and albums in their entirety. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, skip and shuffle

Spotify Mobile is available to subscribers in the UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and Finland, and is available on the following Nokia devices: Nokia 5230; Nokia 5320 XpressMusic; Nokia 5530 XpressMusic; Nokia 5630 XpressMusic; Nokia 5800 XpressMusic; Nokia 6120 Classic; Nokia 6220 Classic; Nokia 6710 Navigator; Nokia 6720 Classic; Nokia 6730 Classic; Nokia E51; Nokia E52; Nokia E63; Nokia E66; Nokia E71; Nokia E75; Nokia N78; Nokia N85; Nokia N86 8MP; Nokia N95; Nokia N95 8GB; Nokia N96; Nokia N97; Nokia N97 mini.

Fring | Now Allows Free Skype Video Calls On Nokia Devices

Fring has just announced that it is now possible to make free video calls with its VoIP (Voice over IP) service. The service uses 3G or WiFi, just like when making regular Fring calls, and is the first time ever that video calling has ever been enabled via an IP service. I’m sure this will be a great hit with many Nokia users, and the push to increase the quality of the front facing camera will shortly begin to form. The video calling service is currently only available to anyone with a Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia X6, Nokia N97 and the Nokia N97 mini. It comes ready to use in the regular Fring application, which already allows free VoIP calls to Fring, Skype and GTalk users.

Spotify For Symbian Demo

Check out this demo of Spotify Mobile for Symbian. The preview highlights some key features of the Symbian application and shows how easy it is to search, browse and listen to you favourite music.

Nokia N900 Accidently Running In Portrait Mode

The Nokia N900 only runs Maemo 5 in landscape mode for the most part, besides the phone app, photo browser and some other 3rd party applications. However, Guyver from talk.maemo.org managed to accidentally run his Nokia N900 in portrait mode by tilting the phone to launch the phone app, and then sliding the phone open before closing the phone app. Looking at the video makes it seem pretty feasible to implement this feature to enable users to control their device with a single hand.

Orange To Bring Nokia Messaging To Poland

Orange Poland and Nokia announced today that they will bring Nokia Messaging, Nokia’s consumer push email service, to their Nokia customers. Starting from November 17, 2009, Orange Poland mobile customers are the first in Poland to get access to Nokia Messaging which supports all leading global consumer email solutions such as Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Ovi Mail as well as local internet and email service providers such as Wirtualna Polska, Onet.pl, Interia, o2, home.pl and others.

“User friendly email service available on a broad range of mobile handsets is a great step towards making email a real commodity. From 17 November to 8 December, Nokia Messaging with Orange will be offered free of charge for both the service and related unlimited data traffic. After that period, a fee for the Nokia Messaging service will be only 19.90 zloty + VAT including unlimited email data traffic and additional 50 MB transmission capacity per month for Internet browsing” said Maciej Kociecki, Director at PTK Centertel.

“Nokia aims to make mobile email available for as many people as possible. With Nokia Messaging, we can meet the needs of people to access their personal email whenever they want, wherever they want in an extremely simple and convenient way” said Dariusz Zalewski, Services Manager, Nokia Poland.

Nokia Messaging is an easy to set-up and easy to use push email service which allows users to mobilize up to 10 personal email accounts on one device. With Nokia Messaging, people get the benefit of real-time messaging and are able to read, send, forward and reply to emails, view subfolders, download and read attachments and also attach files to emails in real time. Using the push email technology, email is swiftly and automatically sent to the mobile phone, without needing to retrieve it. Many users want to enjoy the flexibility of having various accounts for various needs.

The Nokia Messaging service can be tested for 30 days free of charge. Following the test period it will be available for a monthly charge of 19.90 zloty. Users can initiate the activation of the service through their mobile operator’s customer service contact. The service can be used on over 30 Nokia handset models with more to come in the following weeks.

Further information about Nokia Messaging is available at http://email.nokia.com as well as on the websites of the operator http://www.orange.pl/dlafirm.

Stuff Magazine Preview The Nokia N900

Lucy Hedges of Stuff Magazine has got her hands on the Nokia N900 and when it comes to tech these guys sure know what they’re talking about. It’s only a pre-production model however she goes through all the basics of this ‘pocket PC with mobile phone functionality.’

Voice UI Demo

Voice UI is evolving, enabling the use of the device even without seeing or touching it. Check out this demonstration using the Nokia E52 in hands-free and eyes-free mode.

Nokia Point & Find Updated | Now Supports Most S60 Devices

Nokia Point & Find is a revolutionary way for you to find and connect to relevant information and services, by simply pointing your Internet enabled camera phone at real life objects. The application has received a huge update, which also brings a brand new UI with support for the Nokia N97. Check out the changelog after the break.


Around a 100 bugs in network connectivity and overall stability of the client on some of our best-selling devices have been fixed. The client should now look more snappy and mature to you than its previous release, although some fixes had to be postponed. In particular, 1D barcode recognition in the shopping experience isn’t as reliable as expected, especially on S60 3rd edition feature pack 1 devices, and start-up time on the 6220, 6210 Navigator is still pretty sluggish. Nokia’s R&D team is working on these issues.


There is also now a client for the Nokia N97, with a brand new UI that takes advantage of the device’s touch capabilities and large screen resolution (see screenshot above). It will soon be ported to other S60 5th edition devices.

Nokia Money | Manage Your Finances On The Go

Your mobile devices will become your preferred way to pay and to manage your money. Nokia believes that the mobile-enabled financial services are a market opportunity with long term growth potential, especially in the emerging countries. The demo will show how simple and easy it is to use a mobile phone for remote and local payments. You can send money to your family and friends, pay your bills and top-up your prepaid account.

Unboxing The Nokia N900

Check out this Nokia N900 unboxing video by Norman John of SymbianWorld. He’s finally managed to get his hands on the device and will be flooding MaemoWorld with full coverage over the coming weeks, so make sure you bookmark the site and don’t miss out on a single thing.

Nokia Continues To Streamline Its R&D Operations

Nokia plans to align its research and development (R&D) operations in Finland and Denmark to be in line with the company’s focused portfolio of future products. The planned changes are expected to affect up to 230 employees at Nokia’s Oulu site in Finland and approximately 100 employees at Nokia’s Copenhagen site. The total number would represent approximately 2% of Nokia’s R&D personnel globally.

Nokia aims to support the employees with alternative solutions, such as finding new positions within the company for as many employees as possible. Nokia will begin consultations with employee representatives about these plans where voluntary severance packages among other topics will be discussed.

Nokia maintains a strong R&D presence in both sites; the company has over 2,000 employees in Oulu and over 1,000 employees in Copenhagen. Overall, Nokia has more than 17,000 people employed in its research and development activities.


Nokia’s Response To Maemo Replacing Symbian On N-Series By 2012

During the Nokia ‘N900 Meet Up’ in London, the Maemo Marketing Team appeared to leak news of Nokia’s 2012 roadmap and how it intends to replace Symbian with Maemo on all Nokia N-Series devices. This lead to quite a bit of confusion and until Nokia officially confirmed the reports, I refused to concur. Symbian is the most popular smartphone OS at present and holds 50% of the smartphone market. It would simply make no sense at all for Nokia to replace Symbian on it’s N-Series portfolio. Nokia has officially responded to the speculations as “completely premature.”

“While it is our policy not to disclose details of our product roadmap, we’d like to explicitly communicate that we remain firmly committed to Symbian as our smartphone platform of choice. Any speculation on what our 2012 roadmap, including operating systems and product branding, are completely premature.

As we have stated earlier, Nokia has multiple platforms to serve different purposes and address different markets. Symbian is more successful than ever in bringing smartphones to the masses. Maemo is our software of choice for devices based on technology that you’d typically find inside a desktop computer. It delivers a different user experience and enables us to widen the market we can address.”

Nokia N900 Now Available In The US

Nokia has announced that the highly anticipated Nokia N900 is now on sale in the United States and shipping to consumers who jumped on the opportunity to be among the first to pre-order the Maemo-powered mobile computer. With the Linux-based Maemo platform and with multiple ways to connect to the Internet, the Nokia N900 enables users to be online as it happens with a powerful computer in the palm of their hands. Are you waiting for yours?

“Consumers from every segment of the population are looking for more out of their mobile device – more power, more ability, more connectivity. The Nokia N900 ushers in a new era with a very powerful mobile computer,” said Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President, Retail Sales, Nokia. “With an open source operating system, incorporated technology like an OMAP processor, and real time web widgets, the Nokia N900 delivers the experience of a pocketable computer that has the information you’re looking for right there waiting for you thanks to the ability to be connected just about anywhere.”

With the Linux-based Maemo operating platform, 32GB of storage and multiple options of connectivity including access for 3G data networks, consumers no longer need to leave everything that makes them them – their email, favorite websites, social communities, images, music – anywhere but on their Nokia N900. With the Nokia N900, you don’t have to worry about missing that next great moment.

Additionally, with the ability to multitask several applications or web browsers at once, the Nokia N900 allows for users to eliminate boredom wherever they go. Surfing several web pages while listening to music while talking on instant message with friends – all at the same time – couldn’t be easier.

Maemo software is based on an open source platform and allows for a variety of different applications to be developed – from home brew to commercial and everything in between; such as podcasting, Twitter and instant messaging applications. Consumers and developers can join the conversation with other members and Nokia employees by visiting http://maemo.org.

With a web browser based on Mozilla technology, the Nokia N900 allows consumers to access a world wide web that is more computer-like than before. Consumers can view their favorite websites, use drop down menus, watch Flash videos and access the web on a mobile device screen thanks to support for Adobe Flash 9.4 and gesture support within the Nokia N900 web browser.

The Nokia N900 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard and enables consumers the ability to personalize up to four different home screens as they wish. One can be work related with a calendar widget and contacts application while another can be favorite bookmarked web pages while yet another can be set to show popularsocial networks.

The Nokia N900 retains Nokia’s legacy of high quality imaging with a five megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash along the ability to share those images and videos straight from your device to services such as Ovi Share. With Ovi services like Maps and Files, the Nokia N900 allows users access to their Ovi account right from their device.

The Nokia N900 is available in a black finish and will retail for USD 649 through Nokia Flagship stores in New York and Chicago, and nokiausa.com.

Last Chance To Get Your Hands On The Nokia N97 mini

You have one more day left to get you hands on the Nokia N97 mini. If you haven’t entered the contest I suggest you get you camera phones out and get recording. Remember, all you need to do is record a video clip that is a maximum of 1 minute long sharing your views about Nokia/Nokia devices. This could be anything from tips and tricks on your devices, tutorials or walkthroughs on applications, your views on where Nokia should be heading or maybe what Nokia is doing wrong. You can even go down the road of unboxing your devices in the most outrageous manner. Literally anything you have to share will count as a valid entry. There has only been a small number of entries so far, so you all are in with a great chance of winning the contest. Check out the rest of the details here.

Cali Lewis Of GBTV Gets Her Hands On The Nokia N900

Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.tv shares her thoughts on the Nokia N900. Check out the video and more after the jump.

Apparently, I left out an important detail when I’ve talked about the N900 in anticipation of it’s arrival because Neal, my husband who is with me all the time didn’t know that the N900 is able to make phone calls. Go figure. Let’s start by looking at the industrial design. I have an iPhone 3GS here along with a Motorola Droid and the Nokia N900. The iPhone and Droid are almost exactly the same height and width. The Droid is a little thicker than the iPhone to accommodate the slider keyboard and the removable battery. The Nokia N900 is the same width as the iPhone and Droid, but its quite a bit thicker. I thought it would be fun to pull out the kitchen scale and weigh them. The iPhone is 4.7 ounces. The Droid is 5.9 ounces and the N900 is 6.4 ounces. Specs we’ve talked about, but let’s hit them again. The processor is 600MHz. There’s 1GB of application memory. It has a 3D Graphics accelerator with Open GL ES 2.0 support. It has 32G of storage out of the box and you can expand that to 48 gigs with a microSD card. The camera is 5 megapixels with a dual LED flash. The screen is 800X480, 3.5 inches diagonal and has resistive touch. The N900 has two hardware features that I hadn’t expected. It has a built-in FM transmitter for playing audio through your radio’s speakers. I had to put the phone on top of the receiver for the FM transmitter to work, but sitting on top of the receiver, it sounded really, really good. It also has what I think could be a killer feature if developers take advantage of it. It has an IR transmitter. Software is really where the N900 can shine. It runs Nokia’s Maemo 5 and open source version of Linux and it really does feel like I’m using a computer rather than just another smart phone. To turn on the screen, simply press the power button on the top and just like on other smart phones, you slide to unlock. The N900 gives you four work surfaces. You can add applications, widgets, and bookmarks from the Web. There are several basic apps already installed and you can add more. …

Nokia N900 | Multitasking Prowess

The most powerful device to date is soon going to be in the hands of thousands. The Nokia N900 demonstrated here shows off its multitasking capabilities using the Music Player, Bounce, PDF Viewer, NES Emulator, Photo Viewer, Browser, Sopwith, TI-85 Emulator, Xterm, ViM, YouTube and receiving an Incoming Call, all at the same time.

Nokia Ovi Suite Receives Minor Update To v2.0.1.35

Nokia Ovi Suite has just received a minor update of 57MB, taking it from v2.0.0.10 to v2.0.1.35. The new update states that it brings new features, updated applications and performance improvements. If you do not currently have Ovi Suite installed, you can download it here.

Nokia N900 Plays Nice With Google Docs

The Nokia N900 may not be the sleekest device with all the latest UI elements, but the web browser is extremely powerful and lets you access and use Google Docs, Calendar, Google Wave, Google Voice, Gmail, and more. Its more like a small netbook than a phone with this browser and if you are a Google user you may find it very useful.

Nokia Messaging Brings Windows Live Messenger to The Homescreen

The world’s most popular instant messaging service, Windows Live Messenger, is now available via Nokia Messaging. Accessible through the Nokia Messaging Chat application, people worldwide can have multiple conversations simultaneously, change their status and personal messages, and manage their Windows Live buddy lists straight from their homescreen.

This first installment of Windows Live Messenger for Nokia Messaging includes tabbed chat windows, the ability to call directly from the buddy list, and notifications of new messages that pop up while the application is in the background making multitasking even easier. ‘Invisible’ login is also an option, which means you can sign in to Windows Live Messenger but still appear offline to your friends – making it easy to choose who you want to talk to. Familiar desktop features such as grouped contacts, emoticons and sounds are also available.

The Nokia E72 is the first device that comes with Chat and support for Windows Live Messenger, while the Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E75 require a download of Nokia Messaging for IM from Ovi Store. Alternatively, you can visit the Nokia Beta Labs. Stay tuned for more additions to the cast of compatible devices.

Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition | On The Go Entertainment

Taking mobile entertainment to the next level, Nokia today announced the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, an entertainment hub that combines mobile broadcast TV (DVB-H), social networking, music and gaming in one compact 3G device. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV edition lets you broadcast TV for up to six hours straight, schedule programs using the on-screen guide and even catch live football matches directly on your phone. With mobile broadcast TV consumption on the rise this handset offers easy access to anyone wanting to enjoy an exceptional live, on-the-move TV experience.

Nokia vice president Mark Selby said, “The introduction of the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition responds to the arrival of DVB-H broadcast mobile TV networks in new markets and offers an affordable device for new and existing customers alike. Customers are increasingly watching a variety of programmes on their mobiles, such as drama programs, news and sport, for a longer period of time. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition has the sound and image quality to hold audiences captive.

Watch TV. Anywhere.
Thanks to the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition’s DVB-H technology, programs burst through the QVGA 2.4″ screen in full-colour, crystal clear, sharp images. Plug in 3.5mm headphones for personal viewing or use the loudspeaker option to share the experience with friends and family.

With one-click access to live broadcasts, the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition can pick up the best channels around. Set reminders for favorite shows to make sure key episodes aren’t missed and create personal channel lists with Nokia’s innovative Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for a truly tailored mobile broadcast TV experience.

The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition provides broadcast picture quality while the headset acts as an antenna for outstanding reception, so no blank screens or interference during those all important moments. Long battery life gives up to six hours of DVB-H usage; enough time to watch three football matches – or six episodes of a soap opera – before recharging. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition will retail for 155 Euros before taxes and subsidies.

Franklin Selgert, Chairman, Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum said, “It is essential for DVB-H service providers to have a variety of devices capable of serving the mass market. Having a complete portfolio of handsets is pivotal for the commercial success of mobile TV. The new Nokia DVB-H enabled mobile phone, the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, is a great addition to the current portfolio of broadcast TV-capable handsets.”

Catch up with friends. Anytime.
The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition comes with all the latest social networking software, making it simple to stay in touch with friends via Ovi Contacts, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Post status updates for friends and family to follow or instant message (IM) them via Windows Live(TM) Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AOL and many others.

Capture photos and video clips, day or night, using the 3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash before uploading and sharing favourite shots via sites such as OviShare and Flickr. Alternatively, email them via Ovi Mail, Nokia Messaging, Windows Live Messenger, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail.

Play music. Whenever.
Accessing music and other apps is easy with dedicated music keys and links to the Nokia Music store (where available). The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV edition is also compatible with Nokia’s innovative Comes with Music service – providing free, unlimited access to millions of tracks. Download free music anytime, anywhere – and keep all the music forever.

Keep up-to-date. Wherever.
Check out the choice of personalized media and applications in the Ovi Store. A one-stop-shop for thousands of applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services and more, means personalizing the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is just the touch of a button away.

Mobile TV. Roll-out.
Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks work with more than 30 operators worldwide on Mobile TV implementations. Commercial launches with Mobile TV services based on DVB-H and OMA BCAST standards include Austria, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, India, Italy, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherland, Philippines and Switzerland. Additional commercial launches can be expected during the next 12-18 month in more than 20 countries.

Stefan Schneiders, Head of Mobile TV solutions at Nokia Siemens Networks said, “It is great that Nokia has affirmed its commitment to DVB-H by launching the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition. 2010 brings a series of high-profile global sporting events and this is a good opportunity for operators to create, drive and bundle innovative mobile TV services based on DVB-H. In fact, during the 2006 World Cup, Italy saw the launch of the most successful mobile TV Broadcasting service in Europe.”

Francois Theron, CEO at DStv Mobile comments: “DStv Mobile has rolled out DVB-H networks in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Namibia and we are currently rolling out a number of new networks in other African countries. Our success has been built around offering innovative and premium television content at an affordable price while facilitating access to inexpensive handsets which suit the requirements of consumers in Africa. The introduction of the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is a welcome development as Nokia is a trusted brand in Africa and will further encourage television viewers to access entertainment, sport and news on the DStv Mobile platforms.”

Vincent Grivet, Vice President, Mobile TV TDF, France said “We are very excited by the launch of the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition. It is a highly seducing and compelling device and will be the perfect platform for introducing both European mobile users and operators to a high quality and constraint free mobile TV experience. This is exactly what the industry has been waiting for to accelerate the broadcast mobile TV roll out, and we look forward to the successful and fast distribution of this innovative device in our key European markets such as Finland, Austria, Germany and France.

Vincenzo Novari, CEO at Hutch 3G, Italy, said: “As the largest handset producer in the world, Nokia’s announcement is real evidence of their commitment to the development of the broadcast mobile TV market. Networks, content and handsets made for mass consumer consumption are the key ingredients for fuelling the market’s growth”.

Erik Sylvestersson, Vice President Sales & Marketing at DNA Finland said: “Live digital TV broadcasts over DVB-H networks is becoming more accessible to more people. In Finland, we have found that sport and news are the key drivers for broadcast mobile TV consumption among consumers. People want to be able to watch the action as it happens – rather than settle for highlight shows once they get home. Consumers expect an exceptional on-the-move TV experience at an affordable price, something the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is fully equipped to deliver.”

Win A Nokia N97 mini Trial With The Nokia Review

The Nokia Reviewis teaming up with WOMWorld to give one lucky winner the chance to trial a brand new Nokia N97 mini. The N97 mini is slightly smaller and more compact compared to the predecessor, and aims to iron out all the hardware problems the N97 posed. If you want to be in with a chance to get your hands on this cracking device, check out what you’ll need to do after the jump…

So, how can you get the Nokia N97 Mini? Easy, simply record a video clip that is a maximum of 1 minute long sharing your views about Nokia/Nokia devices. This could be anything from tips and tricks on your devices, tutorials or walkthroughs on applications, your views on where Nokia should be heading or maybe what Nokia is doing wrong. You can even go down the road of unboxing your devices in the most outrageous manner. Literally anything you have to share will count as a valid entry. Once you have recorded your video, upload the clip anywhere you like and paste the link in the comments section  below along with a valid email address. Videos will be judged on enthusiasm and creativity so make sure yours stands out.


  • Videos can be anything Nokia related.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Entries must be less than a minute long.
  • Anyone from anywhere can take part, as long as you are over 18 years of age.
  • You can upload your videos anywhere you like.
  • Make sure you enter a valid email adress when commenting with your link, as this is how we will contact the winner.
  • Please avoid comments of your ideas or general conversations in the replies, as they will be removed.
  • You cannot keep the Nokia N97 mini, it is just for trial and you’ll need to send the phone back to WOMWorld after the trial ends.
  • The competition will end at midnight (GMT) on Friday 20th November. Any entries posted after the deadline will not qualify as a valid entry.

Remember, the videos can be about anything you like, as long as its related to Nokia/Nokia devices. The winner will be notified on Monday 23rd Novemeber. So… let the games begin, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Nokia N900 | Upload Videos To Facebook

Check out this quick video on uploading videos to Facebook from the Nokia N900.

The Way We Live Next 3.0 | Afterthoughts

Brad Rees (MediaCells), Rafe Blandford (All About Symbian) and Micky (NokiaUsers.net) talk about their general thoughts of the The Way We Live Next 3.0, an event held in Espoo, Finland last week.

FlipFont For S60 3rd & 5th Edition

FlipFont is a free application that lets you change the font of the user interface on your Nokia handset, making it custom to you. You can browse the fonts currently installed on your phone through the FlipFont app and switch to use whichever you like. You can also purchase additional fonts if you wish. FlipFont works on all S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices. Check out the available fonts after the break.

The Nokia E72 Now Available In Stores

The highly anticipated Nokia E72, a device tailor-made for business and personal messaging is now available in stores. To coincide with the arrival of the Nokia E72, Nokia has also released research* revealing that more people rely on email than on traditional phone calls or text messaging when sending and responding to critical information. Check out the full press release after the break.

Speaking about the research results, Nokia vice president Ukko Lappalainen said, “The research shows that people are spending an average of five full days per year – equivalent to a full work week – responding to emails. Half of us (46 percent) choose email over voice or text to send and receive important information. The Nokia E72 was designed exactly with this kind of person in mind – it allows the owner to be more responsive and communicate how they want, whenever they want and wherever they are.”

The Nokia E72 builds on the formula from Nokia’s most successful full QWERTY keyboard device, the Nokia E71, and adds important new functionality such as desktop-like email and chat experiences. Morevoer, the latest version of Ovi Maps with A-GPS navigation and compass, an optical navi key and 5 megapixel camera are all packed into the sleek, beautifully designed handset.

The Nokia E72 also comes with Nokia’s push consumer email service, Nokia Messaging, and now for the first time people can set up instant messaging (IM) directly from the homescreen, accessing communities such as Windows Live(TM) Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat. Just like chatting via the desktop, people can respond to friends and colleagues across multiple communities in real-time.

The Nokia E72 can also accommodate multiple work and personal email accounts and, with separate profiles for work and play, allows people to be flexible when it comes to choosing how, when, where and who to respond to. While work emails rank as the most important messages to receive, they are not necessarily the most urgent messages to respond to. According to Nokia’s research, half of respondents (49 percent) prioritise their partners ahead of their bosses or managers (29 percent), colleagues (23 percent) and even customers (31 percent).

The Nokia responsiveness research was commissioned to examine the various factors that influence how people respond to various issues and situations. In addition to the research, an online campaign at http://www.nokia.com/responsiveness invites people around the world to respond to various issues and comments from TED Fellows.

See the results of the Nokia responsiveness research in the Nokia E72 press kit http://www.nokia.com/A4664066?kit=112

* Research conducted by ICM among 7,826 people in seven countries in July 2009. Countries where research was conducted: UK, Russia, Spain, South Africa, UAE, Singapore and Italy.

Service Providers Worldwide Announce ‘One Voice’ Initiative

AT&T, Orange, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Verizon, Vodafone, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nokia, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and Sony Ericsson have defined the preferred way to ensure the smooth introduction and delivery of voice and SMS services on Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks worldwide. Check out their ideas in the Nokia press release after the break.

The above telecommunications industry leaders have jointly developed a technical profile for LTE voice and SMS services, also known as the One Voice initiative. The profile defines an optimal set of existing 3GPP-specified functionalities that all industry stakeholders, including network vendors, service providers and handset manufacturers, can use to offer compatible LTE voice solutions.

Open collaborative discussions have concluded that the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based solution, as defined by 3GPP, is the most applicable approach to meeting the consumers’ expectations for service quality, reliability and availability when moving from existing circuit switched telephony services to IP-based LTE services. This approach will also open the path to service convergence, as IMS is able to simultaneously serve broadband wireline and LTE wireless networks.

By following the jointly defined technical profile, the industry can help guarantee international roaming and interoperability for LTE voice and SMS services, ensuring subscribers continuity of these vital services – all while offering service providers a smooth and well-defined path to LTE.

The objective of the initiative is to ensure the widest possible ecosystem for LTE and to avoid fragmentation of technical solutions. LTE will, with this initiative, not only serve as a broadband access for increasing data traffic, but also for continuing voice and SMS services. Network operators will be able to more quickly develop their customized LTE ecosystem in collaboration with both network equipment vendors and device manufacturers. In addition, the reassurance of global interoperability in an LTE voice landscape and the ability to offer both broadband access and telephony services over LTE will create strong foundations for future business.

The profile for the initial solution has been finalized and is available through the companies associated with this press release. The objective is to hand over the profile and continuing work to existing industry forums.

Nokia N-Series Portrait | Scott McMorris

Recently the Nokia N-Series Blog published an interesting video about Marcelo Eduardo, the first in a series of short films tagged the N-series Portraits. Each of the these portraits focus on someone interesting who uses technology to stay connected to what’s important to them in their lives. This film focuses on Scott McMorris, who is one of the best snowboarders in Europe.

Nokia 5530XM & 5800XM | Ovi Contacts & Mail for Exchange Updated

Ovi Contacts v.1.20.11 has been released for the Nokia 5530XM. The update improves the overall performance of Ovi Contacts and adds new features. The friend request pop-up has been enhanced to include also the full name and profile picture of the person sending an invite. Mail for Exchange v.2.9.188has also been released for the Nokia 5530XM and 5800XM. This update improves the performance and synchronization of Mail for Exchange.

To get these software updates through your device, select Applications > SW update > Options > Start update. You can also update your applications software via the Ovi Suite.

Maemo 5 | Browse The Real Web On The Nokia N900

Check out this promo video demonstrating some of the features of the default web browser of the Maemo 5 powered Nokia N900.

Focusing Demo | Video Recording On The Nokia N900

This video recording demo shows how the Nokia N900 doesn’t dynamically re-focus during video capture, and instead uses a standard focus setting. It continues to record at the first focus it obtains, however having the ability to set an initial focus is in itself an improvement compared to other N-Series devices.

Live The Country Life In Farm Frenzy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm? Do you want to look after chickens, sheep and cows, producing cakes, wool, butter and cheese? If you fancy giving it a go without having to get up at the crack of dawn every day then without a doubt, Farm Frenzy is the game for you!

How To: Manually End A Packet Data Connection From The Homescreen

I was recently messing around with my Nokia E71 when I came across a message asking me if I wanted to end my active data connection. I was quite surprised to see this and later realised how to manually end the packet data connection from the idle homescreen. Some of you may already know how to do this so this is for all those who, like me, are not yet aware.

There are many times I like to manually end the data connection in order to save on battery life, for example, when reading an interesting article on the web and I don’t have enough time to read it all, I usually press the home button, access the connection manager and end the data connection, so I still have the page there to read as and when I want without draining my battery.

Well, the easier way to do this is by hitting the home key to bring you to the homescreen, then by simply pressing and holding the ‘End’ key, which will bring up the message asking you if you want to end the packet data connection. A minor feature, but the option is there nevertheless. As for compatibility I’m not too sure which devices it does or does not support, so give it a go and leave some comments to let us know if it works for you.

Note: It does not work when connected via WLAN, it only works when connected to a cellular network.

Nokia’s QT Development Frameworks | Demoed On Symbian

In June 2008 Nokia acquired Trolltech ASA to enable the acceleration of their cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and to develop its Internet services business. On September 29, 2008 Nokia renamed Trolltech to Qt Development Frameworks. Qt is one of the fastest growing development frameworks in the world, with hundreds of thousands of developers. Check out this Qt demo on Symbian, from Qt DevDays 2009.

Nokia N900 | The Full MaemoProject Video Is Now Live

After all the clues and weeks of anticipation, Nokia has finally released the Maemo Project video, which turns out to be a cleverly marketed ad campaign for the Nokia N900. The release of the N900 sees the culmination of months of testing, tweaking and hard work, all to ensure that you get the device you have been hoping for. The project however, has only just begun. The developers, fans and consumers will now essentially dictate where this device goes from here. PUSH your N900 to its limit.

The Nokia N900 Is Now Officially Being Shipped

The shipments of the Nokia N900, Nokia’s latest mobile computer based on open source Maemo 5 software, have now started. ”The Nokia N900 has generated a lot of interest since its public launch in August, which has been reflected in the device preorders,” says José-Luis Martinez, Vice President, N-Series, Nokia. “What’s exciting is the Maemo software, which takes its cues from the desktop computer and offers a full browsing experience like no other handset. We believe the Nokia N900 will be a very compelling device for people who are passionate about technology.”

At the heart of the Nokia N900 is its powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor and up to 1GB of total application memory. Users can browse the internet the way they would on any computer and keep dozens of application windows open simultaneously on the dashboard. The panoramic desktops in the Nokia N900 can be personalized with widgets, contacts and shortcuts. Pictures and videos taken with the 5Mpx Carl Zeiss camera automatically show where they were taken, and users can add their own description tags to make searching the photos even easier. SMS and instant messages are organized as chat flow and people can convenienty switch between the multiple conversation windows. The built-in 32 GB storage is big enough to store up to 7,000 songs or 40 hours of DVD-quality video, and it can be expanded up to 48GB with an external microSD card.

Nokia works closely with the developer community and has recently seen significant innovation happening with Maemo. As a result, people will be able to discover a wide range of games, utilities, themes, panoramic wallpapers and service plug-ins for photo-sharing and messaging for the Nokia N900 through Ovi Store and Maemo Select, starting later in the year. In October Nokia announced official Qt port to Maemo 5. This means developers can use Qt software to target the Nokia N900 and that applications can be easily ported to all Qt’s supported platforms including the next Maemo 6 release as well as Symbian.

The Nokia N900 will initially be available in Europe, Middle-East, Russia and North America. It will be available in retail stores in November with an estimated retail price of EUR 500, excluding sales taxes and subsidies. It is also possible to order the device from the Nokia Online Store at http://europe.nokia.com/buy-online

Nokia N97 mini Up For Grabs

The folks at DailyMobile.se are teaming up with Womworld to send their readers a Nokia N97 Mini to trial. The N97 mini is the new, more compact variant of the N97 and brings a much more stable OS, along with a host of improvements and a redesigned outlook. The N97 mini could be yours by simply entering the contest over in this forum thread. The contest is very simple, just write in, upload a video/photo on WHY you should get to trial the N97 mini. Different media types are welcome, so you can get as creative as you like.

Nokia Initiates Charger Exchange Program

Nokia today initiated a charger exchange program, in which consumers owning certain Nokia-branded chargers manufactured by a third-party supplier are recommended to exchange these chargers for free replacements.

During a routine quality control process, Nokia identified a potential product quality issue with certain chargers manufactured by one of its third-party suppliers. The plastic covers of the affected chargers could come loose and separate, exposing the charger’s internal components and potentially posing an electrical shock hazard if certain internal components are touched while the charger is plugged into a live socket. Nokia is not aware of any incidents or injuries related to these chargers.

Only a limited number of chargers of certain model types manufactured by a single third-party supplier during a specific time period are within the scope of the exchange program. They are the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC-4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009.

For more information, including how consumers can check to see if their chargers are part of this exchange program, Nokia has established a website. Consumers are asked to visit http://chargerexchange.nokia.com or their local Nokia website.

Nokia recommends consumers with chargers within the scope of this exchange program to stop using the charger and exchange it for a free replacement.



Google Mobile Search Brings Voice Control

I recently installed the Google Mobile Search application on my Nokia N97 and was pretty amazed with the new voice control feature demonstrated in the video above. You can ask it anything, and I literally mean anything, to which it never fails to deliver. If you haven’t tried it out I suggest you take a look. You can download the new Google Mobile Search from the applications section here depending on which device you have.

Keep The Meter Running With Dad’s Cab

Kids treating you like a taxi service? Now you can act like one with this GPS enabled taximeter application on your mobile. It even includes additional annoyance tolls and children-friendly payment options. Dad’s Cab is free to download from the Ovi Store and is compatible with all Nokia S60 5th Edition devices.

The Future Of Nokia | The Way We Live Next

Smart ecosystems sits at the centre of our mobile life five years from now. That’s what Nokia’s head of corporate strategy Heikki Norta outlined when he talked about what life will be like in 2015. During a short video, we saw how a combination of devices and services worked together to de-clutter life. This comes from a background that’s seeing the relationship between consumers and brands evolve from a monologue right now through a conversation and into a continuous relationship. The idea is simply to help users manage their lives better and enable them to create, share and get the most out of life.

New Firmware v101.48.128 | Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5730XM has received a new firmware update taking it to v101.48.128. To get this software through your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on screen prompts. Additionally this software release is available via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and now also via Ovi Suite.

Although the Nokia 5730XM supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date.

According to SymbianWorld, noticeable changes include the internet radio, which now works without crashing. There is also the option of having an LED notification for new e-mails now and the device seams to be much quicker. There is no changelog as of yet so post your experiences and let us know if you find any more. Depending on your product code it may take sometime before the update is available for your device.

Love For Music Genres Is Partly In Our Genes

If you’ve ever wondered why a close group of friends might like completely different types of music, blame their genes. A study by Nokia into the musical tastes of nearly 4,000 twins reveals genetic influences on the music people like varies with genre. While, on the whole, musical taste is determined just as much by nature as it is by specific individual experiences, nature’s influence is strongest on appreciation of pop, classical and hip-hop music – indicating some people may be born to love Michael Jackson, Beethoven or Jay-Z.

Nature’s influence is lowest on appreciation of folk and country, where family upbringing appears to play a role – so a CD collection full of Hank Williams, Dolly Parton and Joni Mitchell can’t necessarily be blamed on genetics:

Genre______________________Nature’s Influence
Pop/classical/rap/hip-hop                                53%
Jazz/blues/soul                                                  46%
Rock/indie/heavy metal                                    40%
Country/folk                                                        24%

The study, conducted by Nokia and Kings’ College London Department of Twin Research, investigated the listening habits of nearly 4,000 twins and looked at the influence of both genetic and environmental factors on musical taste.

“Previous studies have shown that perfect pitch ability appears to be partly inherent and with as much as 50% of our musical taste being predetermined, it appears there is a strong argument for the existence of ‘music genes’” says Adrian North, Professor of Psychology at Heriot Watt University.

As might be expected, genetic influences decrease over time as individual experiences becomes more important. Excluding country music – on average for the under 50s, genes have more influence (55%)1 than environmental factors (45%)2 , whereas for the over 50s, the influence of individual specific environmental factors on a music collection increases to (60%)3.

Liz Schimel from Nokia commented; “Mobile phones are changing the way people experience music and, if we’re to give music fans the music they want, we need to know what fuels their passions. While technology doesn’t yet allow us to match DNA to playlists with Nokia Comes With Music service and millions of tracks in the Nokia Music Store, there’s something for every gene.”

Genetic influence ranking by genre for under and over 50s

Under 50s
– 56% Jazz/blues/soul
– 55% Pop/classical/rap/hip-hop
– 53% Rock/indie/heavy metal
– 0% Country/folk

Over 50s
– 43% Pop/classical/rap/hip-hop
– 42% Jazz/blues/soul
– 34% Rock/indie/heavy metal
– 28% Country/folk

Born to buy music, but not to listen to it

While genetic influence on the music we like (55%) is clear, genes have a significantly lower influence (25%) on our motivations for listening to music. According to the research, listening habits are influenced by a desire to soundtrack our day, wanting to set a mood, or simply to enjoy the listening experience rather than any ‘play music now’ gene.

Firefox for Maemo | beta 5

Mozilla is getting even closer to releasing the final version of Firefox for Maemo devices (Fennec). Fennec is now in beta 5, which means it won’t be too long before the final variant of the mobile browser is officially released. Firefox for Mobile comes complete with favorite and familiar features that you enjoy on your desktop. The Awesome Bar searches your history, bookmarks and tags to go to your favorite sites instantly. You can easily share your Firefox preferences, history, and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile. You can install add-ons to make your browser your own, and tabbed browsing allows you to browse multiple sites, all at the same time.


TAT 3Dphone Media Browser | The Ultimate Gallery

Check out this video demonstrating an innovative approach to browsing your mobile media. The 3Dphone Media Browser is the first of three demo applications developed by TAT within the 3Dphone research project. This demo shows a wrapping 3D list based on an amphitheater layout, which is suitable for mixing portrait and landscape images. It is powered by TAT Cascades and runs on a TI OMAP3430 platform.

Opera Mobile 10 beta | Finally available for Nokia smartphones

Opera Software today unveiled the beta of Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia and other Symbian/S60 handsets. Most notable in the new Opera Mobile 10 beta is a sleek design, which Opera first introduced to the world in the recent release of Opera Mini 5 beta. The crisp, new look introduces the Speed Dial, tabbed browsing and the always convenient password manager to Opera Mobile. Check out the full press release after the jump…Opera Mobile 10 beta is optimized for both touchscreen and keypad-style navigation and is available for free from http://www.opera.com/mobile/next/.

Performance was prioritized in this beta. It is twice as fast as the previous Opera Mobile released for Symbian/S60, and users will discover significant speed improvement when downloading pages, zooming and panning. Opera Turbo is also integrated, saving end users both time and money with its server-side compression technology.

“Today’s powerful smartphones deserve an equally powerful browser, like Opera,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “This beta continues our work to extend the desktop Web experience to mobile phones, allowing users to surf the Web without limitations, even while on-the-go. No matter the device in use, Opera delivers a faster, easier and hassle-free Web experience.”

Fresh design

Alongside the new Opera Mini 5, Opera has revamped the look and feel of its mobile-browser portfolio to ensure that it is simple and intuitive, making mobile Web browsing easier than ever.

Desktop favorites on the mobile phone
Opera desktop feature favorites, including tabbed browsing, Speed Dial and password manager, make it easier for you to surf on the go by reducing the time and effort it takes to get to a Web site.

Advanced compatibility
Opera Mobile 10 beta uses the very latest generation of the Opera browser engine, ensuring that all your favorite Web sites and applications work exactly the way they do on a desktop computer.

N-Gage | Strike ’em Down With AMF Bowling Pinbusters

Although N-Gage is on its way out, you can still download the games up until the end of 2010. So you can still experience the thrill of the lanes in the palm of your hands with AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Players can choose from 12 unique characters, each with their own signature style and moves, bowl in fantastic 3D venues, and enter the World Cup to become a virtual bowling champion! Bowl in Quick Play, Precision, and Duckpins modes or experience all the excitement of multiplayer via N-Gage Arena. AMF Bowling Pinbusters! on N-Gage features Point Pickups, allowing users to collect N-Gage points and track high scores. Players will have the ability to post their scores to a leader board as well as track their personal bests on their devices.

S60 Theme | Halloween ‘09 by PiZero

Halloween ‘09 by PiZero is a great festive theme compatible with all Symbian S60 3rd edition and 5th edition phones. Included in the download is a Lite version with default icons and one with TehkSeven icons. You can download the theme here…

Update: Maemo Project | Just when you thought the project was over…

WOMWorld just dropped this bizarre video into my inbox regarding the Major Compete conundrum that was puzzling the nation a couple of weeks back. It seamed to be that once the “penguin” was found and clicked, your were in with a chance to win the Nokia N900 along with the BH-905 Bluetooth Headset. Apparently it doesn’t end there. Check out the video after the jump and leave your thoughts on what you make of it…

The email came with this short message: “Just when you thought the project was over…”

Nokia Life Tools To Launch In December With 5 New Handsets

Nokia Life Tools, the service which gives consumers in small towns and rural areas the ability to get a range of livelihood and life-improvement services on their mobile phones, will launch in Indonesia in early December 2009. Nokia also announced five new affordable and easy-to-use phones which will support Nokia Life Tools, and these phones will also be available globally.

“Following the successful launch of Nokia Life Tools in India, where people are getting the benefits of vital information sent directly to their mobile phones, we are pleased to bring this service to consumers in Indonesia,” said Dieter May, Vice President, Emerging Markets, Nokia. “Inform, Involve, Empower – the vision of Nokia Life Tools – applies no matter where it’s implemented. With the number of devices that Nokia Life Tools supports, including the five new phones we are announcing today, we are giving people the solution that suits them the most.”

With affordability and ease of use as the cornerstones of solutions for emerging markets, the five new Nokia phones – Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616, Nokia 1800, Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 – support Nokia Life Tools, and bring with them all the features that consumers around the world have come to expect.

Priced at EUR 20, EUR 24 and EUR 26 respectively (before taxes and subsidies), the Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 support FM radio, prepaid tracker, flashlight, anti-scratch cover and dust-resistant keymat, among other features. The long battery life, with up to 22 days of standby time, is vital for people in areas where access to electricity is limited.

The Nokia 2220 slide and the Nokia 2690, priced at EUR 45 and EUR 54 (before taxes and subsidies), also support email on the device through Ovi Mail, giving people in developing markets their first digital identity directly from their handsets. Ovi Mail accounts can be created on the device and people can start sending and receiving emails without ever needing a PC. Other device features include FM radio, VGA camera, GPRS and MMS support, phone books for up to 1,000 contacts, and Bluetooth. Standby times for the Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 are about 20 days and 13 days respectively.

The first of the five new mobile phones will begin shipping before the end of 2009, with others expected to start shipping in the first half of 2010.

Nokia Life Tools in Indonesia

Nokia Life Tools will be available across Indonesia from early December 2009, with the Agriculture service available for Java and Sumatra at the first stage, and Education and Entertainment services available nation-wide.

Consumers will be able to subscribe to Agriculture, Education and Entertainment information and content. Nokia is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture (Departemen Pertanian Republik Indonesia), the Center of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), Synovate and other industry partners to bring valuable agriculture information, prices, news and tips directly to consumers.

The Agriculture service will be available for commodities beginning with crops, livestock, horticulture and fisheries. Consumers will be able to subscribe to three of the most commonly grown commodities in their region. Also included in the Agriculture component are weather services, price services, and frequent agriculture news and tips.

The Education service features Learn English, General Knowledge and Test Preparation. Learn English has three levels of expertise with focus on English language fundamentals. General Knowledge will be primarily related to the province where one lives, as well as containing information at the national and international levels. Test Preparation will offer services at the Junior High School and Senior High School levels.

The Entertainment service features a range of mobile entertainment content, including news, music, comics, jokes, astrology, movie news and reviews. The content will be available to consumers via subscription and/or on-demand.

At launch, customers of Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and Hutch (3) will be able to subscribe to Nokia Life Tools services. Nokia Life Tools will first be available on the Nokia 2323 classic, Nokia 2330 classic and Nokia 2700 classic in Indonesia. Aside from the 11 handsets which will come pre-loaded with Nokia Life Tools, the service will become downloadable on more phones later.

Nokia Life Tools services use an icon-based, graphically rich user interface that comes complete with tables and which displays information simultaneously in two languages. Behind this rich interface that comes out of the box on all Life Tools-enabled handsets, SMS is used to deliver the critical information to ensure that this service works wherever a mobile phone works, without the hassles of additional settings or the need for GPRS coverage.

Video: Mark Ollila on Nokia’s vision of ‘Games On Ovi’

Mark Ollila the Head of Cross Media Solutions at Nokia, shares his views about Games on Ovi and Nokia’s vision of mobile gaming as a whole. He also reveals that Nokia will be releasing two to three more games before the end of the year, designed to specifically show off certain technologies. Check out the video after the break.

N-Gage | Go Full Throttle With Powerboat Challenge

Pimp up your powerboat and go full throttle to compete against cool dudes and hot chicks in high-speed racing on twisted rivers in Powerboat Challenge. Prove your drive style and pass the buoys along the course to fill up your boost bar and to unlock additional tuning options.

Update: Maemo Project | Do we have another clue?

I currently use the Safari web browser and as you may know you can have many thumbnail shortcuts on your homepage. Upon opening the browser today I noticed the image above. Note that the time in the bottom right corner states 19:30. Could this be the time when “whatever is happening” is taking place? If you look at the camera timer it shows 10:15:21:15, around the same time the leaked clips sent by WOMWorld were recorded, however there is no real-time in the bottom right corner of the clips. The discussion surrounding this saga is taking place over at talk.maemo.org. Feel free to join in and give us your take.

Round-Up of the Nokia N97 Firmware PR 2.0 Q&A Session with Frank Zillikens & Catalin Gheorghiu

As I mentioned earlier, at 17:30GMT on the 3rd November I attended the online Q&A session with Nokia representatives Frank Zillikens and Catalin Gheorghiu, to discuss various aspects of the new PR 2.0 Firmware update for the Nokia N97. Frank Zillikens is the Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu is a member of the technical team responsible for the 2.0 Firmware update. I was also joined by various other bloggers, and leading the Q&A was Tom Hall of WOMWorld. You can see all the questions and answers from the session after the jump…

Quick Note: I want to thank you all for getting in touch with your queries and I apologise as I was unable to ask all of your questions, however there were quite a few topics discussed and hope most of your questions have been answered  below.

Answer by Frank
We have already VoIP into PR2.0 and we are working on the Skype to get the best user experience out to the field.

Question by Steve Litchfield – AAS
PR 2.0 was said to introduce a new memory model. Can you give more details of this? I’ve observed that built-in apps do seem to use RAM a little more efficiently – do they share RAM better?

Answer by Frank
We still need to get warm here in cold finland… We reworked the application memory mapping model, which uses the RAM more efficiently and reduces the memory errors

Question by Kip Hakes – Nokia Addict
What is the reason behind the exclusion of Internet Radio? Is this indicative of the direction Nokia is heading or a technology issue?

Answer by Frank
We are currently evaluating the internet radio feature for N97, but it is still in early phase.

Question by Kyron John – N97 Fanatics
Now it’s been discovered that there is an issue with Web Feeds and Automatic Updates where the auto update feature turns off almost randomly (I’m noticing it on reboots), is this a known issue and what is the status on this?

Answer by Frank
The PR2.0 release is so new for us that we have not noticed the problem. Nevertheless I will bring this up with the SW team.

Question by Trentonn – TrentSense
Copy/paste via the QWERTY shift key works great in certain parts of the interface, but is absent from the Facebook widget and the S60 Web browser. Would it be possible to ever have copy/paste throughout all apps on the N97?

Answer by Frank
As long as we use standard UI components the COPY/PASTE will work, if we use custom components then we need to implement the functionality at the component level.

Question by Mike Macias – N97Fanatics
I can also say that the automatic updates in the Web Feeds is broken. This is a huge bug as I’ve come to rely on the RSS homescreen widget and now it is unusable. Can a bug like this be patched and updated through the Software Update app by you guys or do we have to wait for a new firmware to fix that problem?

Answer by Frank
First time we hear about your bug. So thanks for bringing it up! Will take it to our SW teams. Once the route course is understood, we then can see if we can update via the SW update app or only via a new Firmware version.

Question by Mike Macias – N97Fanatics
Can you make the calendar widget more useful, showing details of future events? You should easily be able to fit the next 3 events and their subjects.

Answer by Catalin
The calendar will show the entries for the current day. For instance, if you have no entries for today, it will show like the picture you attached. Do you guys feel that it is important to see the entries for a few days ahead? If this is the case then I will bring this input back to the UI team.

Question by Ibrahim Jogee – The Nokia Review
Users found that formatting the phone and memory after the 2.0 update made the UI more responsive. Why is this? Surely there should be no need. Also where is the New Ovi Maps homescreen, shown on many press images?

Answer by Frank
You do not need to format the phone after the SW upgrade. The speed perception is a subjective matter and I can tell that I have never formated my devices while testing 2.0 and it worked OK… If one formats the phone, of course al the legacy data will get lost and the phone will be more responsive giving the fact that there is less data to deal with. The fact that the RAM gets scarce is because there are some memory leaks. Memory leaks could come from the 3rd party applications, it is not always an “OS” luxury.

Regarding the maps – you can find since ‘Nokia World’ from the Beta labs. And for sure we are working on getting it more widely rolled out. Key here is a good user experience! So please be patient!

Question by THETRUTH – Mobile World Innovation
I am wondering will there be more RAM improvements, although it is tweaked a bit my N86 can run rings around my N97 when it comes to multitasking and i don’t have to baby my device to multitask properly. Also why didn’t we give the N97 the same video power of the N96 to utilize this big beautiful screen and can future updates help it in this area?

Answer by Frank
The N96 was featuring a mobile TV standard: DVB-H. With N97 you can have similar experience by connecting via a BT accessory and voila, enjoy DVB-H on N97

Question by THETRUTH – Mobile World Innovation
I am actually talking about handling the same video codecs, when i try to play the same video on my N97 i get either sound or video cannot be played, not a great user experience when going from last years flagship to this years.

Answer by Frank
Sorry, don’t know the answer. We’ll come back to your video codec question on another time.

Question by Vaibhav Sharma – The Symbian Blog
Will we see an option for moving the browser cache and apps such as Nokia Messaging into the E: drive? Hacks can do this to an extent, but Nokia clearly doesn’t like people messing around in that area. Also, will we ever see Virtual RAM ala N900?

Answer by Frank
We have chosen the C: drive, since it has memory paging and therefore makes the apps running faster and smoother. With PR 2.0 we have taken big steps to improve the memory handling mechanism and the PR 2.0 memory status will allow users to run the apps in a smooth way. Getting virtual RM is not an easy task, we encourage users to install the apps into the big 32Gb memory and not get everything into the C drive

Question by Steve Litchfield – AAS
Is there any truth to the suspicion that the v20 build on Nokia’s servers on that first Tuesday is different to the build that was available later in the week? And if so, which exact problems were fixed?

Answer by Catalin
There are no different SW versions out! All are the same. But admitting here as well that we had a build problem for our MEA versions, so we needed to re-build those.

Question by Micky Fin – Nokia Users
USB Port has problems, often when the connectivity cable or charger is plugged in, the software doesn’t read it correctly. You have to unplug, and plug in again. Also when plugging in the USB to computer, sometimes it asks you to select the mode several times. Also, a bug from V10, and V11 is still present, Screen Lock switch still has some issues in V20.

Answer by Frank
We have improved the USB connection mode – but still connect and disconnect from USB will bring the phone functionality to resumes to the point left.

Question by THETRUTH – Mobile World Innovation
The RAM on the N97 has been tweaked, but it still is very poor in handling multiple apps, my N86 with same amount of RAM can open much more apps and multitask much better, why is that and will we see more improvements with future upgrades?

Answer by Frank
The N97 has clearly a bigger display and therefore needs more handling on for the screen. So let’s only compare Oranges to Oranges.

Question by Micky Fin – Nokia Users
Some of our members are reporting losing data when removing the data cable, so clearly something is still wrong?

Answer by Frank
That should be prior PR 2.0 and we listened to your feedback. If you still see this, please indicate.

Question by Kip Hakes – Nokia Addict
How is Ovi Contacts going to be expanded and when? more services added or mash ups with other Ovi bits, Ovi Files etc?

Answer by Frank
We will come back to this topic later.

Question by Mike Macias – N97Fanatics
Would it be possible to have Multiple homescreens? I assume that would greatly reduce the available RAM which is why it might not be possible. Is this something that you’ve already thought about?

Answer by Frank
We will tackle this later

Question by Kyron John – N97 Fanatics
Theme effects (transitions). We all noticed that most of them were removed between Nokia World 2008 and the phone launching in June 2009. I’ve found that turning Theme Effects on, negatively affects performance of the phone. Is there any plans to add the effects back to the phone or fixing the problem that exists with them now?

Answer by Frank
The Nokia World 2008 featured a promotional video of the effects – reviewing that video myself and no problem with it… And personally I very much like the current effects.

Question by Ibrahim Jogee – The Nokia Review
Future question… Will we ever see threaded messaging and smiley support? If not why? And why can’t i simply access my phonebook and send a contact?

Answer by Catalin
Our platform is under continuous changes and improvements, stay tuned for the next releases, you will love them.

Question by Vaibhav Sharma – The Symbian Blog
Will the browser get shortcuts to open bookmarks etc from the QWERTY number pad like older S60 devices. Eg. 1 for Bookmarks, 2 for Find… Also will a future FW bring any other functionality to the N97 that we haven’t seen yet. Maybe tweaks to the interface? On the lines of say the new UI Video from Symbian?

Answer by Catalin
With a touch device it is much more easy and convenient to use the finger than using the keypad to get a bookmark started.

The Progress Project | Connecting People with Nokia Life Tools

Nokia Life Tools is a range of services which includes Agriculture, Education and Entertainment services designed specially for the consumers in small towns and rural areas of the emerging markets. The service provides timely and relevant information customized to the users location and personal preferences directly on their mobile phones. Check out The Progress Project for more information.

Symbian Touch UI Concept

Check out this artist’s concept of the future of the Symbian UI. The video demo was also shown in Lee Williams’ keynote at SEE 2009. This concept is not part of the Symbian UI Roadmap, however Symbian Foundation have noted that they are hoping that some of the cool features and effects make it into their reference UI and/or some delivered handsets.

Rihanna to launch new album by streaming her live performance to a Nokia audience

Rihanna fans worldwide can join the superstar for an exclusive live, streamed performance from London on November 16th 2009. The international superstar will showcase new material from her highly-anticipated forthcoming album Rated R exclusively to a Nokia audience via a globally streamed live performance on November 16th 2009. This ground-breaking event in partnership with Nokia will preview tracks from Rated R – set for a November 23nd release worldwide – performed live from a secret London location.

From her breakthrough multi-platinum album A Girl Like Me to her ubiquitous global smash Good Girl Gone Bad, in just a few short years, Rihanna has helped redefine the path of popular music for a new generation. She continues that musical and stylistic journey on one of the most hotly anticipated new albums in recent history, her fourth original studio album, Rated R. Rated R features the sultry, provocative first single “Russian Roulette,” which is rocketing up the charts at radio stations across the globe.

This event places Rihanna at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to deliver music and exclusive content to fans, whilst enabling fans to get closer to the live action from wherever they are in the world.

Rihanna fans can:
– Sign up to watch the live stream
– Invite their friends to watch the performance simultaneously with them through Facebook and Twitter
– Download a web widget counting down to the live performance.
– Download an exclusive Rihanna mobile application from Nokia’s Ovi Store.
– Download the album with an exclusive track either to their PC or over the air to mobile from Nokia Music Store or Comes With Music.

In addition, Nokia will offer of an exclusive version of the new Rated R album via Nokia Music Store, as well as a companion Rihanna application with exclusive footage and other links on Ovi Store.

Rihanna stated, “I am so excited to partner up with Nokia. They are doing some really revolutionary things with this album, enabling me to reach more fans than ever before.”

To secure your place in the making of music history, register at www.nokia.com/rihanna.

Nokia N900 Is In Store At The Nokia Flagship Store In London

The Nokia Flagship Store on Regent Street in London have just posted on their Facebook page that they now have a couple of  Nokia N900′s in store, however they are only for demonstration purposes. But, if you in and around London, and you can’t wait to get your hands on this device, why don’t you head over now and have a look and give us your first impressions.

Nokia Foundation’s 2009 Award Goes To Jimmy Wales – Founder Of Wikipedia

The Nokia Foundation has granted its 2009 award to Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, the free, multilingual encyclopedia. Wales was awarded for his contributions to the evolution of the World Wide Web as a participatory and truly democratic platform.

The EUR 10,000 award was presented at the Nokia Foundation scholarship awards ceremony on 4 November, 2009.

“It’s a great honor to present this award on behalf of the Board of the Nokia Foundation to an individual who we believe has made a unique contribution to accelerating online collaboration and interaction for millions of people around the world, and effectively democratizing information sharing,” said Henry Tirri, head of Nokia Research Center and Chairman of the Board of the Nokia Foundation.

“The theme for this year’s award is Open Innovation, a way of working which is very important for our activities at Nokia Research Center, and a value which we believe is embodied in the participatory and inclusive approach of Wikipedia,” he continued.

Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference web sites, so far attracting an average of more than 330 million monthly visitors this year. There are more than 75,000 active contributors working on more than 14,000,000 articles in more than 260 languages. Wales is also the co-founder of Wikia.com, a project which expands the participatory editing model into new areas, allowing the global community to come together to build the “rest of the library”.

Previous recipients of the Nokia Foundation annual award include Lauri Kuokkanen (1995), Pekka Tarjanne (1996), Linus Torvalds (1997), Arto Salomaa (1998), Kullervo Nieminen (1999), Osmo A. Wiio (2000), Ilkka Haikala (2001), Veikko Rintamäki (2002), George Metakides (2003), Heikki Lyytinen (2004), Moncef Gabbouj (2005), Mårten Mickos (2006), Pekka Abrahamsson (2007), Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen (2008).

This year, the Nokia Foundation also awarded 77 scholarships with a total value of EUR 385,000. All 77 scholarships were granted to post-graduate students to support the completion of their doctorate studies in the field of information and data communications technology.

New Firmware v31.002 | Nokia N79

Nokia has just announced that there is a new firmware v31.002 available for the Nokia N79. To get this software through your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on screen prompts. Additionally this software release is available via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and now also via Ovi Suite.

Although the Nokia N79 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. No changelog as of yet, and depending on your product code it may take sometime before the update is available for your device.

The Nokia N900 Gets Previewed

Check out this great video previewing the Nokia N900, which packs a powerful ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz processor, up to 1GB of application memory and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration. The result is PC-like multitasking, allowing many applications to run simultaneously with ease. Switching between applications is simple, as all running content is constantly available through the active dashboard. The panoramic homescreen can be fully personalized with favorite shortcuts, widgets and applications. Check out the video after the break…

Offline As It Happens | The Campaign Continues

Two more videos have shown up as part of Nokia’s “Offline as it happens” ad campaign. Make sure you’re online and don’t miss out on the important things in life. You will find the consequences after the break.

N-Gage | Tee It Up With Tiger Woods PGA TOUR

Play as Tiger Woods and challenge other leading PGA TOUR pros with the most realistic championship golf experience on mobile! Bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity and game features, this is the must have golf game for both seasoned vets and first time players. Do you have what it takes to become a golfing legend?

Exclusive Q&A Session On The Nokia N97 PR 2.0 Firmware

Okay, it’s true. After all the hype for the new 2.0 Firmware I am also left feeling pretty disappointed, as are many of you. Well, fear not me friends, thanks to WOMWorld I have been invited to an exclusive Q&A session with the team behind the new 2.0 Firmware to discuss various aspects of the update. The virtual Q&A session is taking place on Tuesday 3rd November at 17.30GMT, where I will be amongst Nokia representatives Frank Zillikens, the Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu, a member of the technical team responsible for the 2.0 Firmware update. This session is a chance to voice your opinions and ask any questions you like. More details after the jump…

If there is anything you would like to know or ask, leave a comment below and I will try to squeeze in as many questions as I can. If there is anything you’d like me to bring up in advance, if you let me know before Tuesday I will get WOMWorld to try and weave it into their conversation too.

The discussion will revolve around the following agendas:

  • How you are getting on with the device at the moment?
  • Where you see the Nokia N97 going in the future?
  • What do you and don’t you like about v2.0 Firmware?
  • What further improvements would you like to see?
  • Why certain aspects of the Firmware are as they are?

So think about these issues and get commenting below. After all, Nokia hosts these events in order to improve their quality of service, and if we don’t take part now, we will only have ourselves to blame when future projects aren’t quite up to scratch.

If you’ve been waiting to here from Nokia Care about re-downloading an application, game or any other content that you lost or deleted in error, you will be glad to hear that Nokia has officially announced that as from today, if you download or buy any content from the new Ovi Store, you can re-download it with the device used for the original purchase absolutely free.

The latest release of the Ovi Store v1.5.3 brings with it a simple way to restore any content you’ve already purchased or downloaded. You need to update your Ovi Store application on your device and the service is compatible with all devices, including S40 handsets (v1.6.1). The new service is pretty simple to use and also brings improved search, so finding more of what you want will be easier than ever.

Browser Test | WordPress on the Nokia N97 using Opera Mobile 10 beta

This post was written, tagged and edited, entirely on the Nokia N97 using Opera Mobile 10 beta, to simply demonstrate the power of this superb web browser. The image was also inserted via Share on Ovi using the mobile browser. Opera Mobile 10 is what Nokia need to look at when optimising the S60 browser. It would be great to have such a powerful browser pre-installed on all Nokia handsets. Check out my thoughts after the jump…

A Few Notes:

Opera Mobile 10 allows you to do many great things. You can copy and paste text directly from a web page, embed images and videos, and even multitask properly with multiple tabbed browsing. I did experienced one crash during the write up of this article, however something so minor should be taken with a pinch of salt considering the outcome of the final post. Furthermore, you can use most of the WordPress features, including the spell checker. You can also upload images from your device onto your server if you so wish.

I’ve tried to write articles on mobile devices using third party applications many times, however the options available through Opera Mobile 10 beta have finally allowed me to publish a finished piece. The Opera browser even allows you to preview the post, in a new tab if you like, to make sure it’s ready to be published. The only aspect of WordPress that never worked was the ability to edit using ‘visual mode,’ however I usually write in the html editor and so this wasn’t really a problem for me.

T-Mobile To Launch The Nokia 5800 Chrome Edition

T-Mobile has teamed up with Nokia to launch the Comes With Music service on its own network, and what better way to do this than to debut it on a brand new device. The Nokia 5800 Chrome Edition will be available from the 1st November 2009. The shiny shiny 5800 clone comes with the same specs as the original device, including the 3.2-inch resistive touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in your headphones. It also comes with a lifetime subscription to Nokia’s Comes With Music service that allows customers to download unlimited music for free from their 6 million strong archive at the Nokia Music Store.

The handset will be available for free on a 24 month price plan at £30 per month, complete with unlimited browsing and unlimited texts.

Nokia Terminates N-Gage Gaming Services

Nokia has decided to terminate it’s N-Gage gaming services after several years of struggle in attaining a high level of users. The news comes with the vision of evolving its gaming platform and integrating it into the Ovi Store, which has now become Nokia’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for all mobile content. N-Gage has suffered in the past and after its initial downfall, Nokia revamped the service and relaunched it a second time round. At first it seamed to be the next best thing, with the devices sporting the service being more desirable compared to before. However with the high standard of mobile gaming provided by Apple and its iPhone, it was always going to be difficult to pursue a service that was already behind its competitors. More details after the break.

So, you might ask, what will happen to the current N-Gage platform?

N-Gage games can be purchased until the end of September 2010. While the N-Gage.com site together with the N-Gage Arena and other community features will remain in operation throughout 2010, the Ovi Store will be the new central place for all the mobile games that Nokia and other publishers offer from this point forward. We will no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform.

What will happen to N-Gage Arena?

N-Gage Arena will remain in operation throughout 2010 and players can e.g. keep posting their high scores until then. We understand that people value the ability to manage their games and communicate about them, and we are working on offering such community elements through Ovi. Games publishers are free to use community features of their choosing in their apps, the feature set is not defined by Nokia. Social Networking applications are some of the most downloaded on Ovi Store, emphasing the power of connecting people.

What will happen to my games?

Your games are safe – all your purchased N-Gage games will continue to work on your N-Gage compatible mobile device and they’re yours to keep. However, community features of the games will not be functional after 2010.

Do you have plans to bring community elements to the Ovi Store gaming experience?

Yes, we understand how important community is to our gamers. You can already post reviews of games and other apps in the Ovi Store. We are actively working on offering more community elements through Ovi and we encourage developers to use community features in their applications. Stay tuned – there’s more to come on this.

Why doesn’t Nokia keep N-Gage as a separate gaming platform?

As mobile gaming evolves and begins to encompass social gaming, we want to offer one store front with an even broader portfolio of games – games for everyone. It’s much more convenient to have one place to get all your mobile games, and this it what Ovi Store https://store.ovi.com/games provides. Mobile gaming is one of the most popular activities in the Ovi Store, with games being the #2 most downloaded category for premium content. And besides having all mobile games in one place, people can access other services like Mail, Maps, Music and many more via www.ovi.com.

What will happen to N-Gage.com?

The N-Gage.com site will remain in operation throughout 2010, with the exception of the N-Gage Store which will remain open until the end of September 2010. However, we recommend people to visit Ovi Store to play the latest games – many familiar games and so much more.

Will you stop shipping devices with the N-Gage application pre-installed?

We will continue to sell devices with N-Gage application pre-installed for some time, however we will no longer ship new devices with the application pre-installed.

Games will be available through the Ovi Store which is already supported by 100 Nokia device models and growing. Ovi Store will be pre-installed on most new compatible Nokia devices including Symbian S60 & Series 40 from Q4 2009.

Nokia N97 v2.0 Firmware | First Impressions

Jon from the Tehkseven Blog has put together his thoughts of the new 2.0 Firmware for the Nokia N97. Check out the video and let us know if there is anything else you like or don’t like about the firmware. Remember that on Tuesday 3rd November I will be attending the Q&A session for the 2.0 Firmware so I will be sure to bring up your queries.

Nokia N900 | MaemoWordPy For WordPress

Matthew Bennett of N Series US has managed to get his hands on the Nokia N900, and has put together an article that was almost entirely edited on the N900 itself. The application used to post the article is called MaemoWordPy, which is a WordPress client for the Maemo OS. He talks you through the various features with screenshots, so head on over and check it out.

Offline As It Happens | Nokia’s New Ad Campaign

Technological advancements have lead to an era where everyone is now ‘online’ all the time. Most devices and operator services allow you to be online all the time with unlimited plans and WLAN support, which is great, as you can have real time updates on everything and anything no matter where you are. Nokia has recently released a few short clips, campaigned as “Offline As It Happens.” There are currently three videos which you can view after the break, and more will be added if released.

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic Video Review

Here is a thorough video review of the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic. It operates on Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and sports a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 3.2-megapixel camera with a LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens, a 3.5mm headphone jack, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and microSD card slot.

Nokia Releases The N97 mini & The 2.0 Firmware (v20.0.019) For The N97‏

Delay after delay and now we are finally here. Nokia has officially released the Nokia N97 mini, which was announced earlier last month, along with the new 2.0 Firmware (v20.0.019) for the older Nokia N97. The most anticipated firmware Nokia has ever released is now available, so get yourself near a PC, plug yourself in, and get updating. More details and thoughts after the jump…

The Nokia N97 mini is slightly smaller and m

e navigation keys have been removed from the left hand side of the keyboard to the right, and are now in the form of arrows, just like on a desktop keyboard. The self harming lens cover has been removed and it is designed using more metallic detailing bringing it up to par with the E-series in terms of build quality.

New firmwares are generally released to either bring new features, improve the performance of the device or simply to fix any bugs. However the new features incorporated into the 2.0 firmware, completely transform the Nokia N97.

Both N97′s will now sport kinetic scrolling, making it much simpler to view larger pages or lists on the device. There has also been adjustments in the allocation of the phone memory, which will free up more storage memory on the device. The main features however are the inclusion of the new version of Ovi Maps and the ability to choose from a larger selection of homescreen widgets.

The new version of Ovi Maps will push the application even further, with the new ‘Good Things’ feature that will allow any user to bookmark any location, which will then be viewable by the rest of the world. There is also an improved service menu to make the navigation solution much simpler, and many bug fixes are included in the new version.

The larger selection of homescreen widgets allows the user to bring even more directly to the homescreen of the device. With the ability to have CNN and ESPN updating regularly on the homescreen, many more useful applications requested by you have been added to this catalogue.

Other improvements include visual enhancements to the Music Player/Photos applications, and the ability to insert symbols via a long press of the corresponding device; rather than multiple key presses previously required.

If you currently already own the Nokia N97 we highly recommend you update to the new 2.0 Firmware. Note that the update is free and available via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and will gradually become available via FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air). Availability depends on regional location so for some product codes it may take longer than others. The Nokia N97 supports UDP (User Data Preservation) so it is not necessary to back up your device, however we still recommend you make a back up in case the update fails.

Nokia N86 8MP Get’s Reviewed By The Gadget Show

Jon from The Gadget Show, checked out the Nokia N86 in the first part of last Thursday’s Web TV Episode. He usually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to mobile phones, and generally gives a thorough overview of the device on hand. Not too sure about his thoughts on the battery life though, I found it hard to make it last a single day.

Nokia Sues Apple After Infringement Of Nokia GSM, UMTS & WLAN Patents

Nokia announced that it has filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal District Court in Delaware, alleging that Apple’s iPhone infringes Nokia patents for GSM, UMTS and wireless LAN (WLAN) standards. Full press release after the jump…

As a leading innovator in wireless communications, Nokia has created one of the strongest and broadest patent portfolios in the industry, investing more than EUR 40 billion in R&D during the last two decades. Much of this intellectual property, including the patents in suit, has been declared essential to industry standards. Nokia has already successfully entered into license agreements including these patents with approximately 40 companies, including virtually all the leading mobile device vendors, allowing the industry to benefit from Nokia’s innovation.

The ten patents in suit relate to technologies fundamental to making devices which are compatible with one or more of the GSM, UMTS (3G WCDMA) and wireless LAN standards. The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

“The basic principle in the mobile industry is that those companies who contribute in technology development to establish standards create intellectual property, which others then need to compensate for,” said Ilkka Rahnasto, Vice President, Legal & Intellectual Property at Nokia. “Apple is also expected to follow this principle. By refusing to agree appropriate terms for Nokia’s intellectual property, Apple is attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation.”

During the last two decades, Nokia has invested approximately EUR 40 billion in research and development and built one of the wireless industry’s strongest and broadest IPR portfolios, with over 10,000 patent families. Nokia is a world leader in the development of GSM technologies and its evolution to UMTS / 3G WCDMA as well as wireless LAN, which is also demonstrated by Nokia’s strong patent position in these technologies.

The World’s Largest Signpost Will Guide You To The Good Things

A signpost the size of two London buses was suspended next to the capital’s iconic Tower Bridge as Nokia asks Brits to map out – and point to – the nation’s ‘Good Things’. To celebrate the launch of the Nokia N97 mini with in-built OVI Maps, the 40ft long signpost was unveiled on the 23rd October, asking people to send in their ‘Good Things’ to http://www.nokia.co.uk/maps or text 62010 to have it displayed above London’s skyline.

Nokia’s record-breaking signpost is in the shape of a huge brightly lit arrow pointing to the nation’s favourite places as sent in by people across the UK. Anything from the best gastropub in Grimsby to the finest hotel in Brighton, or even a special one off gig with Alexandra Burke.

Nokia will hold a nationwide vote where communities compete to win an exclusive gig with the X Factor winner for their town. Alexandra Burke will be performing live in the winning town as Nokia builds a map of the UK’s Good Things to get you to the best the nation has to offer.

To ensure fair play, the town with the most votes in proportion to its population will win the exclusive Alexander Burke gig. Whether the town has a population of 50,000 or 250,000, some 500 towns will have an equal opportunity to win the vote.

Everyone who votes for the winning town will then be entered into a draw and winners chosen at random to win a pair of tickets to the gig.

Throughout the coming months Nokia is bringing you more Good Things, including getting everyone in the Christmas spirit by going back to its roots to bring a traditional Finnish Christmas to the UK.

Commenting on the campaign, Will Harris, marketing director at Nokia UK, said: “Nokia Good Things allows people to share the places that they love. With OVI Maps we want to build an A to Z of the UK’s favourites, directing individuals to some of the nation’s hidden gems and reminding people of the places they love.”

Fiona Bosman, head of brand engagement, adds: “There is something for everyone with Nokia Good Things this autumn. We think this will really get the whole country to share their good things and bring the great thing that is Alexandra Burke to their town.”

Ovi Maps 3.0 on the Nokia N97 mini shows you where you are with best ever street maps, satellite, terrain maps, and 2D and 3D views for pedestrians in unfamiliar surroundings. It allows you to find your position, search an address or location and explore local services to get to good things in over 180 countries worldwide. Ovi Maps 3.0 is free to download or is preinstalled.

Major Compete Mystery Solved

Recently I mentioned the Major Compete web page and how Nokia has been puzzling the nation with some cryptic clues and hidden messages. Well it seems that the Major Compete hangman has been deciphered and the missing seven-letter word is ‘project.’ Entering this in your URL will bring you to MaemoProject.com. This however brings forth a further task. You will find yourself looking through a webcam that is constantly recording an empty room. More details after the jump…

The room seems to stay the same for quite a while, however when you get to around the 9th minute, a black penguin appears on top of the table and you basically need to click it as quickly as possible. If you manage to click it in time you will be given the chance to win a Nokia N900 or the BH-905 Headset. If you fail simply reload the page and try again.

Then enter your name and email address agreeing to these terms and hope you get selected. We wish you all the best of luck and if it is you that gets selected please let us know.

Nokia SBBL | The Mistery Is Slowly Unravelling

I received my “secret gift” from WOMWorld yesterday which turned out to be the Nokia N97 White. The green box, which was in the form of a signpost, also contained a plaque with a few more details about the event. There has also been another site creeping its way into the mix, Major Compete arised a couple of days ago with yet another clue. More details and images after the jump…

I also received the itinerary for the event and the names of the other 9 bloggers I will be meeting there.


Day 1 – Wednesday 21st October
13.00 – 18.30 – Some attendees & WOM World / Nokia team arrive at hotel
18:30 – 21.00 – Dinner at hotel with WOM World / Nokia

Day 2 – Thursday 22nd October
8.30 – 9.00 – Breakfast and time online
9.00 – 12.00 – Attendees arrive at hotel
12.00 – 13.00 – Lunch
13.00 – 16.30 – Activities – beginning at hotel and taking in London sights
16.30 – 17.00 – Pre dinner drinks
17.00 – 21.00 – Dinner
21.00 – Return to hotel

Day 3 – Friday 23rd October
8.30 – 11.00 – Breakfast and time online
11.00 – 12.30 – Q&A session with Product Manager at hotel
12.30 – 14.00 – Mystery tour
14.00 – 17.00 – Attendees & WOM World / Nokia team to depart


Michael Hell – @xmichaelsfx
Taimas Arbabi – @dailymobile
Roman Schweigler – @S60inside
Glenn Letham – @gletham
Varun Krishnan – @FoneArena
Jerome Parkin – @mapperz
Jon Choo – @jonchoo
Christian Haslam – @chaslam500
Jay Montano – @jaymontano
Ibrahim Jogee – @TheNokiaReview

I’ll bring you more news, images andhopefully that interview with the product manager at the weekend so stay tuned and make sure your following us. You can do this via Twitter, Facebook or by subscribing to our RSS Feeds.


How To Update Your Firmware

Norman John over at SymbianWorld has put together a great guide on how to update the firmware on all S60 handsets. This all comes in the anticipation of the new 2.0 Firmware due to hit all N97 users very soon. The 2.0 Firmware is probably the most anticipated firmware update in Nokia history, never before has a firmware update been bragged about by Nokia, and as you all remember it was even showcased at Nokia World 2009. The new firmware will bring along many great features to the Nokia N97 including kinetic scrolling, more allocated storage space and even more widgets. Check out the article which also features a video tutorial to make things even easier to understand.

Nokia E55 | Unboxing & First Impressions Of The Hardware


Another special delivery arrived earlier this month thanks to Nokia, and this time it was in the form of the Nokia E55. The Nokia E55 is one of the smallest E-Series devices to date and sports a revolutionary hybrid QWERTY keypad, giving you the pleasure of a QWERTY input method in a thin and narrow candybar. It measures in at a mere 9.9mm at the widest part, which is incredible considering the capabilities of this powerhouse. Check out some more images and first impressions after the jump…

When I first held the device the first thing I noticed was how thin it was. After using the E71 as my primary device for the past year, I found the new minimalist outer shell a lot more appealing, and the edges are simply beautiful and precise, giving the device a very professional feel. The cheap looking matte finish of the bezel around the edge of the device is surprisingly attractive and very much welcomed, as I find the need to constantly wipe the fingerprints off my E71′s shiny finish.

So looking head on at the device the screen is a 2.4″ 16M color QVGA display, with the standard resolution of 240×320. This is fairly disappointing, and I don’t see why at the very least an OLED display hasn’t been implemented, nevertheless, its hard to find a device as slim and compact sporting anything higher.

Moving down the device to the navigation key area, you will find the four E-Series trademark shortcut keys, which are displayed in an exquisite manner. The shortcut keys are raised and are slightly curved fitting the thumb perfectly. The two selection keys and the send and end keys are all flushed to the device, on a single piece of brushed steel, which is without a doubt the sexiest material used in the construction of the device. The navigation key itself has like a dotted imprint, making it more distinguished and grippy. All the keys have good tactile feedback apart from the two inner shortcut keys, which feel a bit softer with less press in them.

Moving further down we are introduced to a new 20-key hybrid QWERTY keypad, with each key offering the right amount of feedback. The four rows are layered, almost like roof tiles without the overlap, thus making it easy to identify each individual key when sliding your thumbs over them. I cannot understand why the shift key has been placed on the right of the space bar. I got so used to using it from the left on the E71. It’ll be interesting to see how it fits in there and whether or not I can adapt. There is also now a ‘sym’ key on left of the space bar, not too sure what it does yet, but hopefully more on that in the full review.

Around the back of the device there is a bizarre back cover, one that feels almost like material (I still can’t put my finger on which it resembles). It’s the sort of material that when you scratch it, it makes your teeth grind, a little like scratching a plate with a folk. Anyhow, I like it. It’s different and its classy, like the patterned inner lining of an Armani suit. Removing the back cover will reveal the MicroSD card slot along with a BP-4L 1500mAh battery. Also latching onto the back of the device is the 3.2mp camera. Yet again there is no Carl Zeiss lense nor is there a dual LED flash. Same ole same ole in this department then. I must assure you however that my recent test did highlight how these 3.2mp E-Series cameras have improved. Much below par, but improving nevertheless.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the device, accompanied by the power button. I still haven’t checked any specs of the device as I want to give you an honest first impression, and therefore not sure whether it supports TV Out (fingers crossed). The left side is plain with a MicroUSB port right at the bottom, which will also uphold the new standard and charge the device. The right had side of the device has the volume rocker with a voice control key, and the dedicated camera key. Now pressing this key is making me quite bemused. For starters, every dedicated camera key I’ve pressed has two layers of press to it. This on only allows a single press. Which makes me wonder how the auto focus will work, which in turn brings me onto another aspect I noticed earlier on the back of the device. There is no autofocus label on the camera. Hmm… more on this later. Finally on the bottom of the device you have the microphone and a pinhole thingy to attatch your lucky charm too.

All in all I think I have fallen in love with the device. From the stylish accents to the slim and compact design, the experience of handling this device has been a pleasure. I will be bringing you a full review of this device soon and I hope the device lives up to its stunning looks.