Duplicate Fryes!

As you will see in this blog, I am semi-obsessed with shoes, but I am completely obsessed with Frye shoes of all kinds (especially boots). They are the most comfortable brand of shoes, always fit well, and they last forever.  Frye is the oldest shoe company in America, so they are obviously doing something right. If you have seen me in the past year when it was remotely warm outside, there was about a 95% chance I was wearing my favorite sandals, the Frye Amelie Two piece. A boy in my materials class even asked if I owned another pair of shoes.

I got these shoes at Belk for $158 and literally wore them  out (which is a hard thing to do with Frye shoes).

Another reason that I love Frye is because there is a TWO year warranty on every pair of their shoes.  Regardless of where you bought them within the past two years, you just ship them back with the receipt and they will fix or replace them.  It takes a few weeks to get them back, and my feet have been hurting wearing my other sandals. I searched on the internet and found them for $68 on Amazon in dark brown. I got the last pair in my size and they came in today. Love it!