Crossfit Adventure

One thing that I’ve learned the past few weeks: it is crazy how much time you will find on your hands when you live in a city with no friends! Well, I have a few (grand total of three), but seriously I have a lot of time on my hands. Obviously school work is time consuming, but I decided to start working out at night to take up some of the time.  I’ve always enjoyed working out, but never really made time for it because I had more pressing and important matters to deal with at 6 or 7 PM (i.e. getting ready /pregaming for swaps, going out, etc).  The whole “no friends deal” really clears that little problem up!

I’ve had my mind set on doing crossfit for a few months but decided to wait until after Christmas break to start. So at the end of January, my friend Abby and I bit the bullet and started the crossfit process. We did our three beginner classes to learn the ropes and did our first class Wednesday.  I can tell it’s going to be one of those things that will take a few months to love. Let’s all hope I like this more than pure barre (oh hell naw) because this is much more expensive! The gym I’m going to has a MMA fightcon class I can take too which is so much fun.  Abby snapped a picture of me after our first class…
I should probably take my measurements and take a good “before” picture to be able to look back on!
I’ve also been doing a few hot yoga classes here in Tuscaloosa. I went with meg a few times in huntsville and thought it was’s a hard workout. The yoga place here, however, smells like a petting zoo which distracts the hell out of me. I end up breathing out of my mouth to avoid the animal smell and then I sound like a deep breathing creep. Lose lose situation.
Hopefully I will have some updates on my crossfit adventure in the future!