Ballin in Buckhead!

This weekend I made a last minute decision to go to Atlanta to tailgate and hangout since Alabama was playing Virginia Tech. I am SO happy that I ended up going, I had the best time! It really felt like an Alabama reunion. I got to see all my long lost homies!

The same weekend, Atlanta also hosted DRAGONCON….which is where all the weirdos of the USA unite. I took a quick video..
                                 (L>R) Leslie, Me, Kit, Beth, Karl, Sarah Holland
                                             (L>R) Sarah Holland, Liz, Karl and Me
                                                   So happy to see Leslie and Kit

                                                     And the result of Friday night:

Karly snapped this little gem of Liz and me when we were on stage at some latino club….long night! I love hanging out with Liz. We always have the best time, she is so much fun.


The game was at 4:30 on Saturday and only one of my friends had a ticket. We got up and got ready and headed down to The Dome to tailgate and a series of unfortunate events followed. The cab dropped us off by accident two miles from where we were supposed to be. That would have been fine, but Atlanta was about 150 degrees that day and we were extremely hungover. I am about 100% sure that I drank my body weight in vodka redbulls the night before. We got to the tailgate to see there was no where to sit and there was no shade. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes because I was so hot/tired/hungover/exhausted I was about to lose it. Liz and I headed up to a restaurant and cooled out for about two hours then we were ready to go again. Thank God there was somewhere for us to sit in the AC and cool off….we couldn’t have made it much further. After that, it was game on and we felt 100% better! We went to Stats and watched the game then headed back to Buckhead to go out that night.

On the way, Liz spotted a Ferris Wheel and insisted we ride it. Insisted would be a very light term.  She basically told me that if we did not ride the Ferris Wheel she was going to die. She even said she was buying.  So I was like, eh what the hell, lets do it (even though Ferris Wheels and heights freak me out). I caved and we stood in line for about 10 minutes waiting on our 10 minute ride overlooking Atlanta. As we got up to the front, the ushers that let you on/off the gondolas were looking at us weird. It was at that time we realized that we looked like lesbians.

Two chicks, sort of drunk, laughing and pumped to get on the Ferris Wheel together…apparently that looks like lesbians. So we got closer to the line and I kind of blurted out “we are not lesbians!!” The 18-ish year old gondola ushers literally looked at each other and DIED laughing. They got us onto the Ferris Wheel and it was a really cool experience. I am super glad that we went on it.  It was a tad quiet, so I turned on the song “Cashing Out” by Ca$h Out and Liz and I rapped it and looked at the pretty views. Never a dull moment! Here is a silly video from the Ferris Whee


                      ANNNNDDD…the result of Saturday night: