What To Eat When Breastfeeding?

Diet plays an important role in development, growth and maintenance of an individual. Your dietary habits define how healthy you are. The type of diet you select for yourself depends upon your likes dislikes and body demands e.g. diet of a bodybuilder and a normal individual cannot be same as bodybuilder requires more amount of food than normal individual to fulfill its bodybuilding purpose. According to nutritionists the number calories adult female should take is 2000 calories per day but in certain cases caloric intake is increased e.g. during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Do You Know?

In case of pregnancy every mother knows well what she had to eat and what to avoid but in case of breastfeeding diet mostly mothers do not have idea that even after pregnancy they need to have a watchful eye on their diet as their baby is still nutritionally dependent on them. Not only their baby is dependent on them but also their body needs array of nutrients that had been leached during pregnancy. Lack of awareness of breastfeeding diet or post pregnancy diet makes mother as well as baby more susceptible to diseases. Thus, being mother the primary thing to consider is intake of proper diet for sake of yours and your baby’s health.

What To Eat When Breastfeeding?

There are number of problems related to breastfeeding such as low milk production etc. All these problems are directly or indirectly related to your diet. Having proper breastfeeding diet ensures your babies healthSo, here I am enlisting some basic foods that must be part of breastfeeding diet:

Low Fat Dairy Products

The first thing to include in your diet is low fat dairy products such as yogurt,low fat dairy milk etc. These foods are rich sources of calcium and we all know calcium plays a key role in strengthening of bones. Thus, consume these products more for strengthening baby’s bones.

Lean Meat

Include lean meat in your diet to boost your energy and to overcome iron deficiency that is usually caused during pregnancy and birth process. You can use lean beef, chicken, turkeys, mince etc for improving iron levels in body.


DHA is a type of fatty acid that plays significant role and development of baby nervous system and salmon is loaded with DHA. Make salmon part of your diet, its recommended amounts is two major servings per week as its excess use can bring more harm than good.


Fruits are must part of breastfeeding diet as they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

Legumes and Bean

Legumes and beans are also good for new mothers as they are sources of protein and protein is important for baby as well as mother health.

Ample Amount of Water                                    

Water makes up more than 70% of your body. Moreover, water plays significant role in production of milk so drink ample amount of water for production of quality milk.

Vitamin Supplements

Usually it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers should take vitamin D supplements as it is crucial for baby’s health. You can also use other vitamin supplements according to the prescriptions of your doctor.

What Foods to Avoid:

Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as you can as they affect the quality of milk and also induce digestive disorders in baby.

Gassy Vegetables

Also avoid gassy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli etc.

Make your breastfeeding diet plan by incorporating these foods in suitable amounts in your diet.  But if you are planning to wean your baby or searching out for how to stop breastfeeding then again diet can help you a lot in this regard. For stopping breastfeeding start eating foods that decreases your milk production such as cabbage,chilly etc.