This Week’s Obsessions…

Every once in a while, I decided I would blog about a few things I’m in love with this week! Here we go…

#1 Moroccan Oil for my hair!

I have been using this for a few weeks on my ends when I get out of the shower, It helps with the frizz and makes the curls look better! Here is what my hair looks like with no products except the oil. There is an expensive version, but this is like $7 at Target.

#2 my new red Frye boots!

I am obsessed! They are such a cute style and length for summer! There are still a few pair on amazon left in red and other colors, too!
                                          #3 my bestie rocking the weekend news in Huntsville!
It is a an antique 6′ Louis XV style mirror that came out of an estate in Shreveport. I have always wanted a huge mirror and this is to die for. Pictures really don’t do the detailing justice!
                #5 my new sandals…I don’t know how to describe them
I was shopping with Lovie in Franklin, TN and found these awesome sandals that you can put different cloth straps on and tie any way you want! I got teal, leopard, and off white straps and I am loving all the cool ways you can tie them.
                                  #6 Last….but not least, my precious ABBYYYYY!
             Abby the lab is the sweetest animal alive! She’s my all time #1 obsession!