Stuart Weizman “Alex” Look alikes

A few days ago I was browsing online and saw that my favorite boutique in Huntsville, Envy, got in a pair of really cute shoes that were decently priced.  I usually steer clear of cheaper shoes because my feet start to hurt easily, but for $28 I thought they were worth a shot. I pre-ordered them from their website and picked them up the following week. The shoe is the made by Bamboo and is called the Leanne 34.

I bought the middle color because I don’t have a light olive-colored shoe and I knew that they would match everything. I wore them for the first time the other night and they were SO comfortable. I was looking in a magazine the other night and noticed that Jennifer Anniston was wearing the exact same shoe.  I did a little research and apparently I bought a knock-off version of the Stuart Weizman “Alex” shoe.  This isn’t just any kock-off, though. They literally look the exact same. 

                                                           Bamboo, $28.00
I think that my shoes look pretty dang good for $337 less! I unknowingly bought a great pair of knock-offs!