Struggling With Sleep – My Experience

As someone who’s often struggled with sleep, I always considered the hype connected to your sleeping surface to be one of preference rather than necessity, and when people suggest particular bedding types or propose a particular way of sleeping I often shrugged it off as unimportant.

But I was mistaken, and after years of sleeping on sponge/spring/down mattresses I had developed a mattress complex! Foam mattresses were seen as a gimmick by more or less everyone when they came out. Expensive, rare, and not widely used, and that made me even more sceptical. But like everything else in retail and marketing it takes a while to lift off. Now everyone’s got one, including me!

Without it I think I would still have an issue sleeping. Now, even if I don’t get a full night’s rest for whatever reason, it doesn’t cripple me as much as it used to. If you fall short of your sleep by a few hours on a normal mattress it seems to really affect you. Your back, neck, even blood flow is jeopardised and can really affect your day, and subsequently the next night’s sleep.

I have always struggled with sleeping through the day too, generally. I’m one of those people who, once awake, is awake for good. It takes a long time for me to reach a state of rest and for my mind to fully shut down, and it doesn’t take much to disturb me at all! With the added bonus of comfort my body and mind can reach a state of rest much quicker, as there is much more balanced comfort all over my body, allowing my mind to wonder over recent events without being disturbed by discomfort knocking at the door!

True rest isn’t achieved until you are in REM sleep, and that’s something that takes a while to reach. Once you are there it is more difficult to be ripped from than just ‘dozing’, and that is the true difference between the quality of sleep I’ve had on other types of bedding compared to that of a foam mattress. Reaching that depth of sleep much quicker results in not being able to be disturbed quite so easily, allowing my active mind to remain undisturbed until it is fully rested and I can arise in my own time if knapping during the day, and it means having a full night’s rest after getting to sleep much quicker than before.