Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta Updated | Nearing Final Release

The Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 has been designed from a clean slate and offers a new, more user-friendly approach to Nokia’s PC software. The completely new user interface gives you easy access to your important files and information, all through one simple window. The new update release of Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta has just been released for you today. So make sure you check for updates next time you log in. If you don’t have Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta installed yet, then you can download it from here.

The main improvement in this Beta is when synchronizing photos. Getting photos from the device to the Nokia Ovi Suite works in a much more reliable manner now. There has also been many bug fixes and stability improvements, and the guys over at the Nokia Beta Labs are urging all Beta testers to report any problems or suggest possible solutions, so head on over and let them know.

S60 Theme | Ovi by PiZero

Ovi by PiZero is a great theme bringing you the style and look of Ovi applications. The theme is compatible with all Symbian S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices. There is a ‘Lite’ version included in the download which has all the default icons and there is also a version included with ‘Flahorn Icons’ for S60 3rd Edition devices.

Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 For S60 Updated

Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 for S60 (JRT 2.0) is a totally re-written Java mobile execution environment for Nokia S60 devices. There are several bug corrections in the new update, however the most significant fix is the change to the conversion functionality. This should prevent situations where the device’s C: drive will get full. In addition, the guys over at the Nokia Beta Labs have made major changes under the hood. From now on, Java Runtime will be developed and released independent from S60 releases. This means that you will always get the latest version directly to your phone, using the built-in Nokia S60 Software Update functionality. Detail list of changes after the jump…

Fixed in this update:

  • Conversion will avoid situations where disk space might go below critical level
  • MIDlets are converted to internal mass storage if possible
  • MIDlet with large RMS can be started
  • MIDlets can access memory card root folder
  • Support all Nokia specific JAD attributes

Minor changes:

  • Updates to eSWT widgets
  • Minor changes to bluetooth
  • Reduced the amount of debug logging, which should give minor performance improvement

Know issues:

  • Phone may become slow or unresponsive if it runs out of disk space on C-drive.
  • Please ensure that C-drive will have at least 10MB of free disk space before installation.
  • SSL connection does not work in all phones
  • Nokia 5800 firmware version needs to be at least V21.0.017
  • Backup and restore does not work for MIDlets on memory card
  • Nokia specific globalindicators extension API is not supported

Once you have updated your device you will need to reboot it in order to activate the new version of JRT.

Nokia Brail Reader | SMS For The Visually Impaired

Nokia Beta Labs have release a great new application, the Nokia Braille Reader, which brings SMS to the blind and visually impaired. It captures received SMS messages and brings them to the foreground for reading using Braille and tactile feedback. The application was concepted together with actual users and researchers focusing on the topic, and this is the first experimental version of that concept. The Braille Reader is compatible with all S60 5th Edition devices

New Firmware v31.008 | Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has received a new firmware v31.008. You can download the update by typing *#0000# from the dialer and then selecting ‘Check for updates’, or if it is not available over-the-air, you can update via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) on your PC. The new update should be available right now for most product codes, and even though the 5800XM supports User Data Preservation (UDP), we still recommend you make a full back up before updating your device.

Noticeable changes include performance enhancements with an increase in RAM, and the addition of the Ovi Store and the new Ovi Maps 3.1. Unfortunately for all those eagerly anticipating kinetic scrolling which is soon to feature in the new N97 firmware, I can confirm that it is not included in the v31.008 firmware. Other than that, you should always keep in mind that new firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date.