Major Compete Mystery Solved

Recently I mentioned the Major Compete web page and how Nokia has been puzzling the nation with some cryptic clues and hidden messages. Well it seems that the Major Compete hangman has been deciphered and the missing seven-letter word is ‘project.’ Entering this in your URL will bring you to This however brings forth a further task. You will find yourself looking through a webcam that is constantly recording an empty room. More details after the jump…

The room seems to stay the same for quite a while, however when you get to around the 9th minute, a black penguin appears on top of the table and you basically need to click it as quickly as possible. If you manage to click it in time you will be given the chance to win a Nokia N900 or the BH-905 Headset. If you fail simply reload the page and try again.

Then enter your name and email address agreeing to these terms and hope you get selected. We wish you all the best of luck and if it is you that gets selected please let us know.

Nokia SBBL | The Mistery Is Slowly Unravelling

I received my “secret gift” from WOMWorld yesterday which turned out to be the Nokia N97 White. The green box, which was in the form of a signpost, also contained a plaque with a few more details about the event. There has also been another site creeping its way into the mix, Major Compete arised a couple of days ago with yet another clue. More details and images after the jump…

I also received the itinerary for the event and the names of the other 9 bloggers I will be meeting there.


Day 1 – Wednesday 21st October
13.00 – 18.30 – Some attendees & WOM World / Nokia team arrive at hotel
18:30 – 21.00 – Dinner at hotel with WOM World / Nokia

Day 2 – Thursday 22nd October
8.30 – 9.00 – Breakfast and time online
9.00 – 12.00 – Attendees arrive at hotel
12.00 – 13.00 – Lunch
13.00 – 16.30 – Activities – beginning at hotel and taking in London sights
16.30 – 17.00 – Pre dinner drinks
17.00 – 21.00 – Dinner
21.00 – Return to hotel

Day 3 – Friday 23rd October
8.30 – 11.00 – Breakfast and time online
11.00 – 12.30 – Q&A session with Product Manager at hotel
12.30 – 14.00 – Mystery tour
14.00 – 17.00 – Attendees & WOM World / Nokia team to depart


Michael Hell – @xmichaelsfx
Taimas Arbabi – @dailymobile
Roman Schweigler – @S60inside
Glenn Letham – @gletham
Varun Krishnan – @FoneArena
Jerome Parkin – @mapperz
Jon Choo – @jonchoo
Christian Haslam – @chaslam500
Jay Montano – @jaymontano
Ibrahim Jogee – @TheNokiaReview

I’ll bring you more news, images andhopefully that interview with the product manager at the weekend so stay tuned and make sure your following us. You can do this via Twitter, Facebook or by subscribing to our RSS Feeds.


How To Update Your Firmware

Norman John over at SymbianWorld has put together a great guide on how to update the firmware on all S60 handsets. This all comes in the anticipation of the new 2.0 Firmware due to hit all N97 users very soon. The 2.0 Firmware is probably the most anticipated firmware update in Nokia history, never before has a firmware update been bragged about by Nokia, and as you all remember it was even showcased at Nokia World 2009. The new firmware will bring along many great features to the Nokia N97 including kinetic scrolling, more allocated storage space and even more widgets. Check out the article which also features a video tutorial to make things even easier to understand.

Nokia E55 | Unboxing & First Impressions Of The Hardware


Another special delivery arrived earlier this month thanks to Nokia, and this time it was in the form of the Nokia E55. The Nokia E55 is one of the smallest E-Series devices to date and sports a revolutionary hybrid QWERTY keypad, giving you the pleasure of a QWERTY input method in a thin and narrow candybar. It measures in at a mere 9.9mm at the widest part, which is incredible considering the capabilities of this powerhouse. Check out some more images and first impressions after the jump…

When I first held the device the first thing I noticed was how thin it was. After using the E71 as my primary device for the past year, I found the new minimalist outer shell a lot more appealing, and the edges are simply beautiful and precise, giving the device a very professional feel. The cheap looking matte finish of the bezel around the edge of the device is surprisingly attractive and very much welcomed, as I find the need to constantly wipe the fingerprints off my E71′s shiny finish.

So looking head on at the device the screen is a 2.4″ 16M color QVGA display, with the standard resolution of 240×320. This is fairly disappointing, and I don’t see why at the very least an OLED display hasn’t been implemented, nevertheless, its hard to find a device as slim and compact sporting anything higher.

Moving down the device to the navigation key area, you will find the four E-Series trademark shortcut keys, which are displayed in an exquisite manner. The shortcut keys are raised and are slightly curved fitting the thumb perfectly. The two selection keys and the send and end keys are all flushed to the device, on a single piece of brushed steel, which is without a doubt the sexiest material used in the construction of the device. The navigation key itself has like a dotted imprint, making it more distinguished and grippy. All the keys have good tactile feedback apart from the two inner shortcut keys, which feel a bit softer with less press in them.

Moving further down we are introduced to a new 20-key hybrid QWERTY keypad, with each key offering the right amount of feedback. The four rows are layered, almost like roof tiles without the overlap, thus making it easy to identify each individual key when sliding your thumbs over them. I cannot understand why the shift key has been placed on the right of the space bar. I got so used to using it from the left on the E71. It’ll be interesting to see how it fits in there and whether or not I can adapt. There is also now a ‘sym’ key on left of the space bar, not too sure what it does yet, but hopefully more on that in the full review.

Around the back of the device there is a bizarre back cover, one that feels almost like material (I still can’t put my finger on which it resembles). It’s the sort of material that when you scratch it, it makes your teeth grind, a little like scratching a plate with a folk. Anyhow, I like it. It’s different and its classy, like the patterned inner lining of an Armani suit. Removing the back cover will reveal the MicroSD card slot along with a BP-4L 1500mAh battery. Also latching onto the back of the device is the 3.2mp camera. Yet again there is no Carl Zeiss lense nor is there a dual LED flash. Same ole same ole in this department then. I must assure you however that my recent test did highlight how these 3.2mp E-Series cameras have improved. Much below par, but improving nevertheless.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the device, accompanied by the power button. I still haven’t checked any specs of the device as I want to give you an honest first impression, and therefore not sure whether it supports TV Out (fingers crossed). The left side is plain with a MicroUSB port right at the bottom, which will also uphold the new standard and charge the device. The right had side of the device has the volume rocker with a voice control key, and the dedicated camera key. Now pressing this key is making me quite bemused. For starters, every dedicated camera key I’ve pressed has two layers of press to it. This on only allows a single press. Which makes me wonder how the auto focus will work, which in turn brings me onto another aspect I noticed earlier on the back of the device. There is no autofocus label on the camera. Hmm… more on this later. Finally on the bottom of the device you have the microphone and a pinhole thingy to attatch your lucky charm too.

All in all I think I have fallen in love with the device. From the stylish accents to the slim and compact design, the experience of handling this device has been a pleasure. I will be bringing you a full review of this device soon and I hope the device lives up to its stunning looks.