I Am Working an Odd Job

By that I do not mean the usual sort of thing it would mean. Instead it is just an odd job, nothing like what I expected. I had been driving a truck during the day and working three nights a week at this club. It was a large strip club. I met a lot of these girls and liked a few of them, sort of dated a few as well. Of course I was broke and some of them were actually sort of rich. I had no idea what Las Vegas GFE meant until one of them explained it to me. She was a lot more beautiful than nearly all of the others and she was smart too. At first she hired me to drive her and to be her bodyguard while she and some other girls worked bachelor party type things. Then I realized eventually that she was working as an escort, except that it was not the sort of escort any ordinary fellow was going to employ.

I have the full costume for this job, the little black chauffeur’s cap and the uniform. It has to be immaculate. She tried to convince me to use an English accent and pretend that I was her butler, although I guess I would not really be pretending. She has what is pretty much an estate. She bought it out of bankruptcy for about sixty percent of what it is worth. Apparently she had been dealing in real estate for some time. At any rate I have been picking up guys from the airport in her car and I am around in case things do not go to plan, but mostly I just run her errands and do stuff like yard work at about three dozen homes and this small apartment complex that she own.