How to Build Muscle – Step by Step

Muscle building is all about increasing your muscles strength and physical valor. Some people think of muscle building as something that demands a lot of time and struggle. In fact muscle building never demand too much from you what it demands is consistency. Remaining consistent to anything can help you in achieving your aims. Along with consistency what matters is proper muscle building guideline. Knowledge of the basic things regarding muscle building can help you a lot in gaining muscles.

Things to Do:

First and most important thing you need to do is to read from various sources online, library books etc about muscle building. How muscles are built? Which factors play role in building muscle? What positive effects muscle building brings in body? Reading will give you essential awareness regarding muscle building you want to do.

Make A Plan:

After getting knowledge from various sources about muscle building it’s the time or brainstorming session. Take a pencil and paper and write out all the things you feel important in muscle building. Now brainstorm and make your own plan that how to build muscle? Mention in it how much time you can give to training, what types of food you will select for diet and what other things you will do for  muscle building.

Time for Exercise:

Now you have made your muscle building plan it’s time to go for exercises as exercise is the best way to build muscle. Start from light exercises such as cardio exercises and other strength making exercises to develop your stamina. When your body get tuned to exercise then start doing strenuous exercises such as weight lifting, dumble, rowers use and other muscle building exercise. The size and strengthening of your muscles are directly related to your exercises. Select those exercises that involve alternating muscle groups at a time to increase the strength of muscle. Never forget to do warm up of at least 20 minutes before moving towards actual exercise as warm muscles get easily tuned up by strenuous exercises as compare to cold muscles. Moreover, warm up also reduce risk of muscles injury.

Eat And Eat:

Eat like you have never eaten before. Spike up your diet by adding rich protein sources and an array of high energy carbohydrates and fats. Along with essential macronutrients your body also needs series of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals for aiding in muscle building process. As a result of muscle building number of chemicals and metabolites re secreted in your body that needs to be flushed out properly otherwise they start affecting your body systems. To flush these metabolites etc you need to drink ample amount of water. Water not only cleanses your body but also keeps you fresh for long time so drink 3-4 liters water per day.

Use of Supplements:

Numbers of supplements are available in market that aids in muscle building process. Usually protein base supplements are preferred by bodybuilders. Before selecting any supplement search its detail out as it can help you in selecting the most effective supplement available in town.


Sleep is also an important aspect of body building training. It is sleep that makes man body capable enough for doing strenuous exercises everyday. It relaxes the whole body and improves mood. Moreover, taking of proper sleep improves concentration power that matters a lot in muscle building as an individual who takes proper sleep is more focused on what he is doing than an individual who has not taken proper sleep.

Above mentioned step by step guideline is the best way to build muscle. What you only have to do, remain consistent and consider all above steps when doing muscle building.