How Can I Gain Weight Without Losing My Health?

Good health is a great blessing of God but majority of us do not take it seriously. Only an ill person can understand its worth as there is nothing even money, for which we run throughout our life, that can give us health. I personally know several people who ruined their health and reached to death bed just due to their own carelessness. We have become so addicted to medicines that we take medicine even if minor pain disturbs us. This disturbs our immune system resulting in various diseases.

Now days, pharmaceutics companies have started a new way of looting people. They play with the emotions of people by offering different drugs that they say can reduce or increase weight fast. Those poor souls who have tried every other mean for gaining or losing weight start taking these pills. The worst thing is that these pills literally reduces or increases weight but unfortunately just for a few months after which you come back to your old weight. I have even heard people saying that their weight became doubled after using weight loss pills. These misfortunate incidents have led other people ask the question that how can I gain weight or lose the extra weight one without losing my health?

I have been finding the answer for this question lately and now when I got the answer then I thought of sharing it with other people in order to save them from adverse effects of weight gain or weight loss pills, supplements and injections available in the market. Following is how I gained weight without losing my health.

Change Your Diet Plan: There is an average weight for every person that can be found by asking his height, gender and age and applying some sort of formula. This is called as BMI refer to as body mass index. You can check yours online. I am telling this because I want you to understand that if your weight is lesser then you should have then it means there is some problem with your diet.

My diet lacked fresh fruits and vegetables so I added them in to my new diet plan. Some other food items that must be included in your diet are eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, meat or beef, fish, whole-wheat, rice etc. but you have to follow one basic rule while creating a diet plan. The rule is to keep a balance in everything. You should not take one particular food item in excess amount and other in limited amount. In the same way, you must also eat food having healthy food or good cholesterol in it. Avoid taking high calorie food, spicy food and fast food. Also avoid sugary products as they are not good for your health.

Give Your Body Some Rest: Your skinny body may be a result of your tough routine. People have now become so busy in their jobs that they do not even take care of their health and their diet so if you have a hectic routine where you do not find time for doing a lunch properly then do a heavy breakfast so drink milk instead as milk is a complete food. This is not the only solution; you should also decrease your work activity in order to relax your mind and body. If you don’t do this today then you will have to pay for it tomorrow.

When people ask from me how to gain weight fast then I ask them to think positively, stop getting jealous by others, stop comparing yourself and your life with others and stay happy as these little things also affect our health and wellbeing.