Frye Boots On Boots On Booties

I am the boot queen.  My mother insists i’m the only person who wears boots all Summer. She just doesn’t get it. I love them.

My boyfriend, Casey, coined the term “boot queen” for me and it has stuck for a few years. It is a known fact that it isn’t a party unless i’ve packed at least two pairs of boots! Funny story… Last year my college went to the National Championship in New Orleans (and dominated I might add!) and I rode down there with my boyfriend and his family.  I adore them; they’re the best.  To begin, I am a weird person and a Frye boot hoarder and I always keep them in the box so that they don’t get messed up! When I travel I usually just take them in the boxes.  SO, Casey’s dad is packing up their SUV and we are all just kind of standing there hoping somehow everyone’s things will fit so we can leave. He is about 75% of the way through when he puts one huge Frye boot box in the back and is trying to shove the second huge box in there.  He obviously has no idea what they are and assumed they were my boyfriend’s or his brother’s and turns around and says “Casey! What in the hell are these things??”.   I died laughing and told him they were mine and he quickly turned around and continued shoving them in the SUV. It was hilarious to me because he never would have said that if he had known they were mine in the first place! Casey totally thinks I’m a crazy boot hoarder and he’s pretty much cool with it. Just another reason he rules.

I think I am at about 15 pairs which is almost embarrassing but lately I’ve seen where the trend this Fall is all about booties! I love booties.  They totally mix up an outfit in a funky way, which I love.  I have a few pair of booties:

Frye Wyatt Stud Short Bootie

Frye Leslie Zip Bootie


Fringe Bootie
I also count combat boots as booties! Easy way to make an outfit look cool.
Frye Jenna Disc (Taken from my Instagram account)
After looking at these pics….I think i’m in a stud phase at the moment!
Mark my word..booties will be a hot Fall trend.
                                    What do y’all think of the bootie look?