First Blog!

For about four years now I have been told: “You need to have a blog.”

I have been putting it off because I have better things to do with my time, like watch the First 48 and drink Grapico, but the final straw was two days ago.

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As I turned to walk towards the escalator at Belk, a mother and grandmother were fooling with a stroller trying to at the bottom of the entrance. The grandmother, holding the infant, stepped on the escalator two steps ahead of me.  I couldn’t help but notice this woman’s ensemble.  She was rocking a skin tight, all black outfit with the kind of 4 inch clear heels I would imagine a stripper wearing.  Obviously my thoughts were: “Hell, if I weigh 84 pounds at 65 I’d rock a stripper outfit too. Right on.”  I am entranced by stripper grandma when she tries to shift her stance on the step.  Somehow the pin point heel of the stripper shoes had gotten caught in the groove of the step and she screeches and starts to fall sideways/backwards.  I yell some “AGGHHH” type noise and spastically jump onto the step above me. We end up with her entire back side on my chest with her head on my left shoulder.  We ride the rest of the way up the escalator as people in a 45 foot range around us watch utterly confused. When we get to the top she pulls her stripper heel loose, get off, looks at me, yells something in a language I do not understand, then walked away.  Just a day in the life of Rachael.

Things of that nature literally occur daily, so I decided everyone was right. I caved and made a blog.

These are a few of the people who will most likely end up in most of my stories:

Linzlee, Christina, Jessi, Karly, Maggie, DLA, Claire

My sweet parents Lovie and Tim

Bestie and rookie of three years, Peggy

And last but certainly not least, my sweet and handsome boyfriend, Casey.