Disassembling The Nokia N900

From time to time, users decide to replace the casing, screen and other part of their device due to damage or for customization purposes. This short tutorial will show you all the steps you need to take in disassembling the Nokia N900. Note that dismantling your Nokia handset will void your warranty, so if possible, we recommend you take your phone to a Nokia Store or Nokia Care Center. Check out the video after the jump.

Nokia Unveil The 2710 Navigation Edition For The Emerging Market

Nokia has unveiled the 2710 Navigation Edition, the cheapest GPS enabled device to date, and is expected to be popular in the developed and developing world alike and has been developed with urban environments, small towns, as well as rural areas in mind. Incorporating straight line navigation with the assistance of an integrated digital compass, it also includes turn-by-turn driving navigation with full voice guidance. 

With the clear trend towards providing location based services to mobile phones, customers can use a single device for both communication and navigation. When bringing this experience to new markets, you need to make sure the experience is locally relevant. With Nokia Maps, Nokia provides the broadest navigation coverage of any competitor and we continue to add new countries all the time.

As the cost and availability of data connections is sometimes limited, relevant maps are included on the device to ensure that even if there is no access to an internet connection, the device can still be used. The estimated retail price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition will be EUR 110 and it should start sales in the second quarter of 2010.

The Nokia N97 mini Contest Winner Shares His Thoughts On The Device

Earlier last month we held a video contest where you had the chance of winning a Nokia N97 mini trial courtesy of WOMWorld. Naypalm was the lucky winner and he has spent his time thoroughly reviewing the device over at Howard Forums. He concludes:

From the squeaking battery door to the self-harming camera lens slider, the mini’s build quality has indeed improved from the N97. It’s speedy 434Mhz processor can run any program with ease. With it’s large screen, you can watch movies, pictures or surf the web with ease. And with the camera, you can capture priceless moments in the blink of an eye. It is a very impressive phone and I’m glad I had the chance to try it, but I believe the one thing Nokia could have done to make this phone 10,000% better would be to add more RAM.

Nokia’s 2010 Vision Of Symbian

Earlier last week Nokia announced its forecast for 2010 with a pretty cool demo of what the new Symbian UI could look like. Symbian has struggled to compete against rival operating systems like OS X iPhone and Android, and during the Nokia Capital Markets Day event, Nokia concluded that Symbian was not the problem, it’s the UI that needs some TLC. Check out the video demo from the presentation after the break along with some more screenshots.

The new Symbian OS will bring multi-touch input technologies on capacitive displays, an improved Internet browsing experience, and the entire UI will be 3 times faster than the current high end Symbian devices. Scrolling will also improve drastically, from a mere 15fps we have today, to a staggering 60fps, and the new graphics will focus on being more responsive. Another major qualm that Nokia is planning on tackling is the shear amount of key taps and prompts a user must acknowledge in order to do a simple task, and will remove more than 350 user prompts in order to speed things up.

Nokia’s Ovi Mail Setup Application Updated

The Ovi Mail Setup application for S60 that was introduced in September has just been updated by the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest version extends device support, fixes several bugs and now comes localized in 18 languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese (PRC), Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese.

This application will allow you to sign-up for an Ovi Mail account directly from your S60 device and will configure the account in your email client so you can start using it immediately. If you’re already using Ovi Mail on your Symbian device you don’t have to upgrade. If you want to test this new version, make sure you remove the previous version first.

If you’re not yet using Ovi Mail on your S60 device you can download it here.