Bed Head Rock N Roller Bubble Wand

I am curling iron obsessed.  I always tried to fool around with them and it looked OK….but once my hairdresser took 15 minutes with me and really showed me how to use them, it was game over! I was browsing Ulta the other day (literally my favorite thing to do) I stumbled upon the Bed Head Rock N Roller wand:

I was instantly intrigued…. but it was $35.00. $35 is really not that bad for a curling iron, but I don’t want to blow that much on something that I know nothing about. For all I knew it could give me Shirley Temple curly (no thanks). The other day as I was walking around, the curling iron was on sale for $16 so I snatched it up.  I’m pretty obsessed. I have natural curls/waves and these curls look so much more natural to me than a regular iron. The bubble pattern gives it a more messy look.

Grab it while it is on sale!
Have any of y’all tested out the bubble wand?