An Easy Guide for When to Stop Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding plays an important role in the development and growth of baby. In remote past when the concept of formula milk was introduced people see it as something better for babies’ health. Unlike remote past now days every health professional and nutritionist recommend mother to breastfeed their babies due to its numerous health benefits. Moreover various researches have also proved breastfeed best for baby growth. You will be thinking that how breastfeeding is best for baby growth? Here lies the answer.

In newly born babies immune system is not well established. Moreover, in order to activate all body systems baby needs array of vital macronutrients is required. Breast milk is complete diet for the baby as it contains all the macro and micro nutrients along with antibodies necessary to strengthen immune system.Now days most of the female either they are working women or not prefer to breastfeed their babies. The time of breastfeeding depends on mothers as well as babies growth. Usually it is recommended that mother should breastfeed at least for first year of baby.

How to stop breastfeeding and when to stop it are the two most common questions asked by females? Stopping breastfeeding takes few weeks or even months. To sop breastfeeding you have to gradually decrease the number of breastfeed you offer to your baby. The decreased number of breastfeed reduces the milk production and eventually results in complete drying. When to stop breastfeeding is also matter of concern for mothers.

Easy Guide to Decide When to Stop?

Here is basic guide for you to decide the correct time to start weaning.

Observe Your Child Behavior:

Your child behavior is the best way to decide either it is time to stop breastfeeding or not. If your child is completely dependent on breastfeeding and is not taking any other solid or liquid -food then it means it is not good time for weaning as your child is completely depending on you for nutrition. In addition there are number of child behaviors that can help you know either it is time for weaning or not such as if your child is showing interest in eating normal food while others are eating or showing any gestures to eat the food. In addition, your child willingly accepts offered food without resisting it. These child behaviors indicate that he is ready to explore new tastes and flavors.

Introduce Formula Milk:

When you cut off breastfeed then give your child formula milk in order to acclimatize his body for the possible change. His response to other milk will help you judge either he is satisfies with it or want to stick to breastfeed.

Start Solid Food:

It is recommended to start giving your child solid food approximately at the age of 7 months to onward with ongoing breastfeeding. At the time when you decide to wean increase the amount of solid food so that baby starts relying on solid foods then breastfeed. Babies’ interest towards eating solid food is a silent clue for you to prepare yourself for weaning.

Some females breastfeed their babies up to one year while other go for 2 years. There is no specific time for weaning but if you extend breastfeeding for too long say 3 years then this will bring more harm than good. Because child of this age deserves to be exposed to real life foods in order to develop his taste for different things. Never limit your older babies to rely on you for nutrition instead let him explore new flavors. Hope in this article you have learned about when to stop breastfeeding?Keep in mind all these things before planning for stopping breastfeeding as these certainly will help you.