Struggling With Sleep – My Experience

As someone who’s often struggled with sleep, I always considered the hype connected to your sleeping surface to be one of preference rather than necessity, and when people suggest particular bedding types or propose a particular way of sleeping I often shrugged it off as unimportant.

But I was mistaken, and after years of sleeping on sponge/spring/down mattresses I had developed a mattress complex! Foam mattresses were seen as a gimmick by more or less everyone when they came out. Expensive, rare, and not widely used, and that made me even more sceptical. But like everything else in retail and marketing it takes a while to lift off. Now everyone’s got one, including me!

Without it I think I would still have an issue sleeping. Now, even if I don’t get a full night’s rest for whatever reason, it doesn’t cripple me as much as it used to. If you fall short of your sleep by a few hours on a normal mattress it seems to really affect you. Your back, neck, even blood flow is jeopardised and can really affect your day, and subsequently the next night’s sleep.

I have always struggled with sleeping through the day too, generally. I’m one of those people who, once awake, is awake for good. It takes a long time for me to reach a state of rest and for my mind to fully shut down, and it doesn’t take much to disturb me at all! With the added bonus of comfort my body and mind can reach a state of rest much quicker, as there is much more balanced comfort all over my body, allowing my mind to wonder over recent events without being disturbed by discomfort knocking at the door!

True rest isn’t achieved until you are in REM sleep, and that’s something that takes a while to reach. Once you are there it is more difficult to be ripped from than just ‘dozing’, and that is the true difference between the quality of sleep I’ve had on other types of bedding compared to that of a foam mattress. Reaching that depth of sleep much quicker results in not being able to be disturbed quite so easily, allowing my active mind to remain undisturbed until it is fully rested and I can arise in my own time if knapping during the day, and it means having a full night’s rest after getting to sleep much quicker than before.

Can A Rowing Machine Alleviate the Neck Muscles?

There is no question about the rowing machine’s effectiveness as it endow an individual with challenging workouts for complete body, but not all body muscles. Actually if you are looking for rowing machine workouts to help strengthen your neck muscles, you will be disappointed because it do not directly impact your neck muscles. While rowing takes on a numeral of your muscle assembly, the greater Trapezius, splenius, Levator scapulae and sternocleidomastoid muscles in your neck won’t see significantly utilize on a rowing machine.

Advantages of Rowing for Neck Muscle

The rowing machine initially targets your back muscles. That’s a constructive characteristic because your neck is part of your back, so increase your back can advantage your neck. If your apprehension is for targeting your neck muscles, however, superlative that rowing can do is to connect your erector spinae as support muscles. Erector spinae muscles are the muscles that jog the extent of your spine from your tailbone to the support of your skull. The extra five muscles in your neck don’t have fun a part level as stabilizers when you scheduled the rowing machine workout.

Although the rowing machine doesn’t objective your neck muscles for stabilization or escalation, exercising on it devoid of meeting point on appropriate form can escort to cart or strained neck muscles. A widespread blunder that can direct to neck grievance is rowing with your neck lynching onward and your shoulders smoothed. As an alternative, focus on maintenance of your spine straight with your ABS sucked in tight and your gape straight ahead, when you still turn your knees and illustrate close to the front of the machine. Don’t bend over back besides remote when you drive away from the machine moreover. Immediately bend over somewhat, maintain your position, and illustrate the switch just lower your chest.

Neck Stabilizing Row

There is one adaptation of a rowing work out that identifies about two of your neck muscles as stabilizers, but it isn’t completed on a rowing machine. When you carry out a vertical row with a rope machine, you’ll experience the upper Trapezius and Levator scapulae strength in your neck constricting as you depict the handle up.

Don’t impede by means of the rowing machine presently since it doesn’t make available a neck exercise, chiefly if you exploit proper figure. As a substitute, affix a few exercises to your treatment that spotlight on neck muscles to toughen and alleviate them. Neck addition complete with cable and plate loaded pedal machines aim your splenius muscles and enlist your upper Trapezius, Levator scapulae, erector spinae and sternocleidomastoid as synergists.

The above discussed rowing machine review is very useful for you to know how these impact your muscles, and what are the ultimate targets for your muscles to get toned. Rowing machines trigger all your muscles, but neck muscles are the byproducts of rowing strength making it one of the best fitness exercise for you to meet your objective.

How To Build Muscle Fast?

How to build muscle fast? This is the most common question asked by many teenagers and adults who want to build bigger muscles within no time.  No doubt muscle building adds charms to one personality and is taken as symbol of strength. Every year thousands of adults join gym and physical training center for muscle building but only few of them actually get succeeded.  Those who are left behind lack proper awareness of muscle building. As in case of muscle building you need to play smart than hard.

Muscle Building:

Before moving towards tips for building muscle fast you should know how actually muscles are build. Muscles are made up of bundle of fibers that are attached with each other. When you put stress on these muscles for doing some intense work e.g. lifting anything etc tear up the tiny muscle fibers throughout the length of muscle bundles. As soon as nearby cells realize the damage a message is sent to body as a result of which muscle repairing troops are sent to the damaged site. This muscle repairing group is composed of hormones, nutrients and vitamins that not only repair the damaged fibers but also increase the muscles size and strengthens them in order to prevent any future injury. That how muscles get build.  In order to build muscle you have to give stress to your muscles and have to ensure good diet that helps your body to repair muscles at faster pace.

Tips for Building Muscles Fast:

Here are the tips that can help you a lot in building muscle fast:


Exercise is the best way to lay stress on muscle. The more intense exercise you will do the more your muscles will get activated. When it comes to selection of exercise then first prefer strength building exercises that involve your whole body muscles. Never start direct from muscle building exercises as it brings no good but harm. First develop your stamina as you feel capable enough to handle heavy machinery and intense exercises then go for muscle building exercises.

Diet and Supplements

How proficiently your body will repair your damaged muscles depends upon how perfect your diet is. Here perfect diet refers to such muscle building diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. In addition, high energy yielding carbohydrates are also important for boosting energy level.  To aid muscle building process you can also use supplements abut never completely rely on supplements. Supplements alone cannot do anything unless followed by exercise and proper diet. So, for building muscles fast make sure you are eating food that is pure, present in fair amounts and is rich in nutrients.


Your body cannot work properly if not given rest. Proper sleep activates all your body parts and boost up your stamina for doing intense exercises.When you are muscle building try to take quality sleep of at least 7-8 hours.


Do not get worried if you are not progressing rapidly in fact appreciate yourself that you are trying. Remain consistent in your efforts as consistency is a key to success neither hard work nor intelligence. Spend your time with your family members and friends as they encourage you in your work. Engage in such activities that keep you happy and motivated such as listening to your favorite music. To remain motivated read out the stories of great muscle builders and get benefit from their experiences. Read as much literature as you can on muscle building to know what factors can trigger muscle building and what can impede it.

The best way to build muscle is simply following of above mentioned things. Practicing these things will definitely help you in building muscles fast.

How Can I Gain Weight Without Losing My Health?

Good health is a great blessing of God but majority of us do not take it seriously. Only an ill person can understand its worth as there is nothing even money, for which we run throughout our life, that can give us health. I personally know several people who ruined their health and reached to death bed just due to their own carelessness. We have become so addicted to medicines that we take medicine even if minor pain disturbs us. This disturbs our immune system resulting in various diseases.

Now days, pharmaceutics companies have started a new way of looting people. They play with the emotions of people by offering different drugs that they say can reduce or increase weight fast. Those poor souls who have tried every other mean for gaining or losing weight start taking these pills. The worst thing is that these pills literally reduces or increases weight but unfortunately just for a few months after which you come back to your old weight. I have even heard people saying that their weight became doubled after using weight loss pills. These misfortunate incidents have led other people ask the question that how can I gain weight or lose the extra weight one without losing my health?

I have been finding the answer for this question lately and now when I got the answer then I thought of sharing it with other people in order to save them from adverse effects of weight gain or weight loss pills, supplements and injections available in the market. Following is how I gained weight without losing my health.

Change Your Diet Plan: There is an average weight for every person that can be found by asking his height, gender and age and applying some sort of formula. This is called as BMI refer to as body mass index. You can check yours online. I am telling this because I want you to understand that if your weight is lesser then you should have then it means there is some problem with your diet.

My diet lacked fresh fruits and vegetables so I added them in to my new diet plan. Some other food items that must be included in your diet are eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, meat or beef, fish, whole-wheat, rice etc. but you have to follow one basic rule while creating a diet plan. The rule is to keep a balance in everything. You should not take one particular food item in excess amount and other in limited amount. In the same way, you must also eat food having healthy food or good cholesterol in it. Avoid taking high calorie food, spicy food and fast food. Also avoid sugary products as they are not good for your health.

Give Your Body Some Rest: Your skinny body may be a result of your tough routine. People have now become so busy in their jobs that they do not even take care of their health and their diet so if you have a hectic routine where you do not find time for doing a lunch properly then do a heavy breakfast so drink milk instead as milk is a complete food. This is not the only solution; you should also decrease your work activity in order to relax your mind and body. If you don’t do this today then you will have to pay for it tomorrow.

When people ask from me how to gain weight fast then I ask them to think positively, stop getting jealous by others, stop comparing yourself and your life with others and stay happy as these little things also affect our health and wellbeing.

What To Eat When Breastfeeding?

Diet plays an important role in development, growth and maintenance of an individual. Your dietary habits define how healthy you are. The type of diet you select for yourself depends upon your likes dislikes and body demands e.g. diet of a bodybuilder and a normal individual cannot be same as bodybuilder requires more amount of food than normal individual to fulfill its bodybuilding purpose. According to nutritionists the number calories adult female should take is 2000 calories per day but in certain cases caloric intake is increased e.g. during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Do You Know?

In case of pregnancy every mother knows well what she had to eat and what to avoid but in case of breastfeeding diet mostly mothers do not have idea that even after pregnancy they need to have a watchful eye on their diet as their baby is still nutritionally dependent on them. Not only their baby is dependent on them but also their body needs array of nutrients that had been leached during pregnancy. Lack of awareness of breastfeeding diet or post pregnancy diet makes mother as well as baby more susceptible to diseases. Thus, being mother the primary thing to consider is intake of proper diet for sake of yours and your baby’s health.

What To Eat When Breastfeeding?

There are number of problems related to breastfeeding such as low milk production etc. All these problems are directly or indirectly related to your diet. Having proper breastfeeding diet ensures your babies healthSo, here I am enlisting some basic foods that must be part of breastfeeding diet:

Low Fat Dairy Products

The first thing to include in your diet is low fat dairy products such as yogurt,low fat dairy milk etc. These foods are rich sources of calcium and we all know calcium plays a key role in strengthening of bones. Thus, consume these products more for strengthening baby’s bones.

Lean Meat

Include lean meat in your diet to boost your energy and to overcome iron deficiency that is usually caused during pregnancy and birth process. You can use lean beef, chicken, turkeys, mince etc for improving iron levels in body.


DHA is a type of fatty acid that plays significant role and development of baby nervous system and salmon is loaded with DHA. Make salmon part of your diet, its recommended amounts is two major servings per week as its excess use can bring more harm than good.


Fruits are must part of breastfeeding diet as they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

Legumes and Bean

Legumes and beans are also good for new mothers as they are sources of protein and protein is important for baby as well as mother health.

Ample Amount of Water                                    

Water makes up more than 70% of your body. Moreover, water plays significant role in production of milk so drink ample amount of water for production of quality milk.

Vitamin Supplements

Usually it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers should take vitamin D supplements as it is crucial for baby’s health. You can also use other vitamin supplements according to the prescriptions of your doctor.

What Foods to Avoid:

Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as you can as they affect the quality of milk and also induce digestive disorders in baby.

Gassy Vegetables

Also avoid gassy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli etc.

Make your breastfeeding diet plan by incorporating these foods in suitable amounts in your diet.  But if you are planning to wean your baby or searching out for how to stop breastfeeding then again diet can help you a lot in this regard. For stopping breastfeeding start eating foods that decreases your milk production such as cabbage,chilly etc.

An Easy Guide for When to Stop Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding plays an important role in the development and growth of baby. In remote past when the concept of formula milk was introduced people see it as something better for babies’ health. Unlike remote past now days every health professional and nutritionist recommend mother to breastfeed their babies due to its numerous health benefits. Moreover various researches have also proved breastfeed best for baby growth. You will be thinking that how breastfeeding is best for baby growth? Here lies the answer.

In newly born babies immune system is not well established. Moreover, in order to activate all body systems baby needs array of vital macronutrients is required. Breast milk is complete diet for the baby as it contains all the macro and micro nutrients along with antibodies necessary to strengthen immune system.Now days most of the female either they are working women or not prefer to breastfeed their babies. The time of breastfeeding depends on mothers as well as babies growth. Usually it is recommended that mother should breastfeed at least for first year of baby.

How to stop breastfeeding and when to stop it are the two most common questions asked by females? Stopping breastfeeding takes few weeks or even months. To sop breastfeeding you have to gradually decrease the number of breastfeed you offer to your baby. The decreased number of breastfeed reduces the milk production and eventually results in complete drying. When to stop breastfeeding is also matter of concern for mothers.

Easy Guide to Decide When to Stop?

Here is basic guide for you to decide the correct time to start weaning.

Observe Your Child Behavior:

Your child behavior is the best way to decide either it is time to stop breastfeeding or not. If your child is completely dependent on breastfeeding and is not taking any other solid or liquid -food then it means it is not good time for weaning as your child is completely depending on you for nutrition. In addition there are number of child behaviors that can help you know either it is time for weaning or not such as if your child is showing interest in eating normal food while others are eating or showing any gestures to eat the food. In addition, your child willingly accepts offered food without resisting it. These child behaviors indicate that he is ready to explore new tastes and flavors.

Introduce Formula Milk:

When you cut off breastfeed then give your child formula milk in order to acclimatize his body for the possible change. His response to other milk will help you judge either he is satisfies with it or want to stick to breastfeed.

Start Solid Food:

It is recommended to start giving your child solid food approximately at the age of 7 months to onward with ongoing breastfeeding. At the time when you decide to wean increase the amount of solid food so that baby starts relying on solid foods then breastfeed. Babies’ interest towards eating solid food is a silent clue for you to prepare yourself for weaning.

Some females breastfeed their babies up to one year while other go for 2 years. There is no specific time for weaning but if you extend breastfeeding for too long say 3 years then this will bring more harm than good. Because child of this age deserves to be exposed to real life foods in order to develop his taste for different things. Never limit your older babies to rely on you for nutrition instead let him explore new flavors. Hope in this article you have learned about when to stop breastfeeding?Keep in mind all these things before planning for stopping breastfeeding as these certainly will help you.

How to Build Muscle – Step by Step

Muscle building is all about increasing your muscles strength and physical valor. Some people think of muscle building as something that demands a lot of time and struggle. In fact muscle building never demand too much from you what it demands is consistency. Remaining consistent to anything can help you in achieving your aims. Along with consistency what matters is proper muscle building guideline. Knowledge of the basic things regarding muscle building can help you a lot in gaining muscles.

Things to Do:

First and most important thing you need to do is to read from various sources online, library books etc about muscle building. How muscles are built? Which factors play role in building muscle? What positive effects muscle building brings in body? Reading will give you essential awareness regarding muscle building you want to do.

Make A Plan:

After getting knowledge from various sources about muscle building it’s the time or brainstorming session. Take a pencil and paper and write out all the things you feel important in muscle building. Now brainstorm and make your own plan that how to build muscle? Mention in it how much time you can give to training, what types of food you will select for diet and what other things you will do for  muscle building.

Time for Exercise:

Now you have made your muscle building plan it’s time to go for exercises as exercise is the best way to build muscle. Start from light exercises such as cardio exercises and other strength making exercises to develop your stamina. When your body get tuned to exercise then start doing strenuous exercises such as weight lifting, dumble, rowers use and other muscle building exercise. The size and strengthening of your muscles are directly related to your exercises. Select those exercises that involve alternating muscle groups at a time to increase the strength of muscle. Never forget to do warm up of at least 20 minutes before moving towards actual exercise as warm muscles get easily tuned up by strenuous exercises as compare to cold muscles. Moreover, warm up also reduce risk of muscles injury.

Eat And Eat:

Eat like you have never eaten before. Spike up your diet by adding rich protein sources and an array of high energy carbohydrates and fats. Along with essential macronutrients your body also needs series of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals for aiding in muscle building process. As a result of muscle building number of chemicals and metabolites re secreted in your body that needs to be flushed out properly otherwise they start affecting your body systems. To flush these metabolites etc you need to drink ample amount of water. Water not only cleanses your body but also keeps you fresh for long time so drink 3-4 liters water per day.

Use of Supplements:

Numbers of supplements are available in market that aids in muscle building process. Usually protein base supplements are preferred by bodybuilders. Before selecting any supplement search its detail out as it can help you in selecting the most effective supplement available in town.


Sleep is also an important aspect of body building training. It is sleep that makes man body capable enough for doing strenuous exercises everyday. It relaxes the whole body and improves mood. Moreover, taking of proper sleep improves concentration power that matters a lot in muscle building as an individual who takes proper sleep is more focused on what he is doing than an individual who has not taken proper sleep.

Above mentioned step by step guideline is the best way to build muscle. What you only have to do, remain consistent and consider all above steps when doing muscle building.

Burn Belly Fats Magically With Rowing Machine

Belly fat is the retribution of women crosswise the world. It can appear resembling the entire of your body is humanizing leaner arms, tighter thighs, additional sculpted shoulders, yet that minute ring of fat still cover your midsection. There’s no undisclosed to a flame belly fat although, it’s merely a case of burning further calories. One method you can construct your Cardio workouts still further calorie exhaustive is to toggle more to the rowing machine.

The Myth Of Spot Reduction

While it would be enormous if there was various unexplained exercise that would instantaneously diminish belly fat, regrettably it doesn’t survive. The belief that training wearisome body parts openly will flame additional fat from them is a counterfeit. Consequently no issue that how many sit-ups and crunches you do, you won’t be receiving stomach-specific fat flame.

Calorie blazes as of Rowing

If blemish diminution is a myth, then the simplest way to get divest of that immovable belly fat is to amplify your calorie disbursement to blaze fat quicker. Accordingly, 30 minutes of rowing smolder among 210 and 277 calories, depending on your body-weight and how firm your effort. This is more elevated than motionless cycling, aerobics, weightlifting, walking, jogging and gymnastics, assembly rowing an efficient Cardio exercises for blazing calories.

Getting More from the Rower

You require to do at least 75 minutes of energetic or 150 minutes of reasonable card every week, but you can lift up your fallout additional with intermission training elevated concentration hiatus training blaze more calories in less time and has a distant superior bang on your metabolism. Try flashing dumpy 20 to 30 second hurry on the rower with 90 to 120 seconds of reasonable velocity rowing for 20 transcript.


Rowing won’t unavoidably blaze any added belly fatter than any added action you execute, as there are no detailed exercises for objective stomach fat trouncing. Nevertheless, what formulate rowing so efficient is that it’s an elevated concentration bustle, so it blazes extra calories than new forms of Cardio, which can escort to faster overall fat loss. Mingle your rowing graph with muscle guidance and a calorie-controlled diet as well, for the most favorable outcome. Women are far more enthusiastic than man do, and their metabolism and body shaping capacity is more enhanced than men. Therefore rowing and along with its proper technique to use it will guide you through the best way to lose fat from your belly.

Top rowing machines are always there to target your belly muscles and condole them for shaping up your body. Ensure that  you are familiar with different types of rowing machines and also you are familiar with how to use the rowing machine. These exercises not only makes your body look great in shape, but also make you attractive and active in your day to day life. Hence you can surprise your partner with smarter looks and your female colleagues in office, to be convinced with your flat belly and full shape figure indeed.

How To Find Best Door Pull Up Bar?

Finding the best door pull up bar is not as easy as it seems to be. This is because every manufacturer claims that his product is best when it is not always true. Most of the people buy pull up bar randomly without checking its features or comparing price leaving it to their luck. This is not a good practice. You must do proper homework before buying any product. This is the only way to remain safe from scams. So, if you are planning to buy a pull up bar then simply ask your friend or colleague about the best brand. There are high chances that any of them are using pull up bar. If this trick does not work then, use any of the following means to find the best door pull up bar.

Ask nearby gym owner: If you have been a member of any gym or you have a gym in your neighborhood then simply visit the gym and ask the gym owner or fitness expert working there. These people have detailed information about the best exercise machines available in the market. They will not only tell you which brand and model of door pull up bar are best but they will also know where to buy such stuff. Gym owners need exercise equipment too often so they remain in contact with the suppliers and distributors of different exercise equipment. There contacts can help you in this regard.

Check customer reviews: Identifying the best door pull-up bar in the crowd of different bars is almost impossible but do not lose hope as customer reviews can be of great help for you. Read customer reviews of different brands and models of pull up bars. What I have learnt, observed and experienced so far is that customer never tell a lie. They always come up with unbiased reviews and they mention drawbacks of product without any fear. If a certain pull up bar has received highest rating on Amazon and other platforms and has received positive comments from most of its customers then it means that it is the door pull up bar you are looking for.

Visit local exercise equipment Shop: If you do not have time to read customer reviews then simply visit a nearby exercise equipment shop and check different pull up bars offered there. Do not feel shy to ask questions about bars such as their price, features and specifications etc. Check the material and grip. Also ask about the weight bearing capacity of every door pull up bar. Buy the one which has unique features, reasonable price, greater grip and more strength.

Visit online platforms: Online platforms are of great help when it comes to buying something. Internet is overloaded with different product reviews written by some of the best experts of this niche. Most of these reviews are unbiased so you can trust the information provided. Also visit the official website of top 3 or top 5 manufacturers of pull up bars to know more about its features and benefits. Amazon and other online shopping platform are also helpful in this regard.

How To Gain Weight Fast Without Taking Professional Help

Do you know there is just a single rule on which this whole universe is standing? I am talking about balance. You will always find a balance in everything around you. The excess or deficiency of everything is bad. Majority of the problems we are facing are just due to lack of balance in our lives. If you want to reach perfection then you must reach to a balance. This is particularly true in case of an ideal body.

What An Ideal Body Is?

An ideal body is the one that is neither too chubby nor too thin. You must have seen people especially women taking strange diets, performing complex workouts, taking pills, drinking herbal teas, drinking sugar free soft drinks etc. just to lose their weight without thinking that it is not just about losing weight, it is about staying healthy and looking good. There will be no excitement of losing weight when people start asking you are you ill? Some people ruin their body doing dieting just to achieve a zero size while others naturally have a low body fat either due to any disease or due to genetic makeup. If your friends call you tiny or invisible etc. due to your weak body then you must seriously think about gaining weight but the question arises how.

Must Do Things For Gaining Weight Fast

Following is how to gain weight fast roughly in a month or two.

Concentrate On Your Diet

Majority of the people are physically weak just because they do not eat well. They do not either feel too hungry or they are very selective about foods. So, you should start by developing your new diet plan. You must start eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Apple is a good appetizer and it is healthy as well. In addition, you should drink at least 2 glasses of milk every day and eat egg in whatever form you like.

Your main goal is to become healthy not to become ill so do not consume excessive amount of fat. Take everything like proteins, vitamins and minerals in equal proportion. Remember the rule that excess of everything is bad. Increase the intake of protein as it will help you in gaining weight. Start taking whole wheat, butter, cheese etc. Banana is also considered to be quite helpful in gaining weight. Take meat, beef, and fish etc. but in balanced amount.

Take Weight Gain Supplements

If you will ask a doctor how to gain weight then he may probably say that start taking different nutritional supplements. There are various supplements that fulfill our vitamin, mineral and other nutritional needs. Though, it is better to fulfill this need by eating food yet if you feel dizzy, weak and tired all the times then you may also take these supplements as they are also helpful in gaining weight.

Perform Workouts

Health experts usually suggest doing exercise to those people who want to lose weight not to those who want to gain it but you will be amazed to know that performing certain exercises particularly muscle workouts will help you to convert your fat in to body mass and more interestingly, workouts will also increase your appetite leading you to eat more food.

You must check your weight on daily basis in addition to doing all the above mentioned things just to know about your progress. This will also keep you motivated. If you do not gain weight despite doing all the things then you must consult a doctor immediately as it may be due to any disease. There are some diseases in which the body suddenly loses weight; you may a victim of them.

When You Must Not Use An Inversion Tables

We construct every attempt to find you a high worth inversion table, but we sense that you necessitate to appreciate that inversion may not be for you.  We unruffled the information beneath from the producer we symbolize, and believe it to be an excellent list of illustrations that you should believe preceding to inverting.  It is relevant to inversion tables from all manufacturers and to gravity boots. Inversion therapy can supply immeasurable benefits to your health. Inversion can alleviate back pain, decompress the spine, stretch muscles and ligaments, mitigate anxiety, progress circulation and assist continue generally superior health.

Bone Weakness, Topical Fractures, Skeletal Embed: having a person’s influence pulling downward when inverted may aggravate these circumstances. Osteoporosis is a calcium shortage disease in which the bones turn into porous, breakable, and very weak. Advise speaking to a general practitioner previous to inverting.

Conjunctivitis – (Pink eye): An tenderness of the translucent membrane that swathe the front outside of the eyeball and the middle exterior of the eyelids source of bacterial or viral contamination. Recommend speaking to a general practitioner previous to inverting.

Glaucoma: A circumstance of important difficulty within the eye because of an impediment of the hemorrhage of the clear, watery fluid mingle in the chamber of the eye. The consequential anxiety (which is hardly noticeable devoid of an eye assessment) executes cells in the optic nerve, which can escort to a regular beating of visualization. Any person with an eye circumstance should verbalize with a physician earlier than inverting.

Hiatal hernia, ventral hernia:  A hiatal hernia transpire when intra-abdominal heaviness enlarge grounds a fraction of the stomach to budge into the container opening throughout a disadvantage in the diaphragm. A ventral hernia enlarges at the spot of earlier surgery, frequently beside vertical notch. It may also consequence from weakness in the abdominal barrage. Recommend speaking with a doctor of medicine previous to inverting.

High blood pressure, hypertension: A ordinary confusion in which the heart propels blood throughout the circulatory organization with a strength superior than that compulsory for standard blood flow. An important blood pressure which surpasses 140/90. It is accurate that convinced the populace should not invert if they have abandoned high blood stream. However, inversion can reason a state of entertainment that fall out in a plunge in heart velocity and BP.

Center ear infection: The middle ear assists balance air pressure in the ear. An individual may undergo embarrassment or bewilderment throughout inversion. Recommend dialogue with a medical doctor previous to inverting.

Stroke: transpire when a blood vessel in the neck or brain develop into infertile or when a vessel in the brain disintegrate release. Symptom embraces paralysis, complexity speaking, memory pasting, and prejudice contemplation course.

Best inversion table reviews guide you along with the advantages and disadvantages of inversion tables, maximum uses of the inversion table. Inversion table is the modern technique to cure back pain and inabilities like stress, muscular tension, body spotting and much more, to make your body strong and healthy.

Specifications of Weslo treadmills

Weslo is a special brand of treadmill that satisfies both the needs of the beginners and the professional users of treadmill. The Weslo brand is also famous because of its low prices and large range of treadmills. These treadmills are designed for people and class of each and every type. If you are not able to afford the expensive treadmills then the Weslo treadmills will help you to buy a good treadmill but within affordable range. That is the success of that particular brand that it is not only focusing on the quality of the product but also its prices are very low. For that purpose, if you read the Weslo treadmill reviews then you will come to know the features and the prices of the treadmills that are very impressive.

The Weslo treadmills come with a large range of sizes. Like the smaller size of the treadmill have smaller belt and the deck. There is no power supply so you can adjust the speed of the treadmill. But if you see the electrical treadmills then these require power to run the machine. Here you can adjust the speed of the treadmill not with the help of your feet but electrically. Like a button adjust the speed of the treadmill. Similarly most of the Weslo treadmill reviews exhibit that the Weslo treadmills are quite easy to use. These are inexpensive but that doesn’t mean that they lack the important features.

The Weslo models come with a wide variety of features and prices. They vary from smaller to very large size which contains the larger deck. The power supply, features, engine type and prices vary among different models of Weslo. But that doesn’t mean that if you are paying low for a treadmill then you will not get important features. This is the fame of the Weslo that it is providing the treadmills with various features but at reasonable prices.


Nokia N900 Will Be Available At Carphone Warehouse From Boxing Day

Earlier this week we got the news that Vodafone will begin selling the Nokia N900 from January 2010. Well, if that’s too long to wait then you’ll be glad to hear that Carphone Warehouse will be the first to have this device in store and it will be available from Boxing Day.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ll be aware that the Nokia N900 is Nokia’s first Maemo 5 powered smartphone based on Linux and sports an intuitive active homescreen on a 3.5″ WVGA touch sensitive display. The device also has all the usual smartphone goodies, including GPS, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia N900 will be available on a 2 year, £35 a month contract, which will give you 900 anytime minutes and unlimited texts.

John & Kylie’s Road Trip Kicks Off

John and Kylie have arrived in Australia for their 48 hour road trip and kick off with this quick video. Continuing their Offline As It Happens campaign, Nokia will be giving away more ‘stuff’ so make sure you’re online as it happens.

Whoa can’t believe we are here! Its so cool to finally be here with John. We’ll hop into or Winnebago and head off but stay tuned for updates and surprises coming soon here on YouTube, on our Twitter and our Facebook page!

New Firmware v35.0.02 & v35.0.01 | Nokia N95 & N95 8GB

The iconic Nokia N95 continues to get support by Nokia, and has received a new firmware update taking it to v35.0.02. The Nokia N95 8GB has also received a new update to v35.0.01. To get this new software onto your devices you will need to plug yourself into a PC and use either NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or the Ovi Suite. Remember neither handset supports UDP (User Data Preservation) so make sure you do a full backup of both the mass storage and phone data to ensure you do not lose anything. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. There is no official changelog as of yet, and depending on your product code it may take sometime before the update is available for your device.

New Firmware v35.0.002 | Nokia N82

Nokia has also released a new firmware update for the Nokia N82, taking it to v35.0.002. To get this new software onto your devices you will need to plug yourself into a PC and use either NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or the Ovi Suite. Although the Nokia N82 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. There is no official changelog as of yet, and depending on your product code it may take sometime before the update is available for your device.

New Firmware v35.0.002 | Nokia N82

Nokia has also released a new firmware update for the Nokia N82, taking it to v35.0.002. To get this new software onto your devices you will need to plug yourself into a PC and use either NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or the Ovi Suite. Although the Nokia N82 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. There is no official changelog as of yet, and depending on your product code it may take sometime before the update is available for your device.

ToonWarz Gameplay For S60 5th Edition

Take control of a one-man army on a death defying mission behind enemy lines. Storm the fortified enemy stronghold and fight your way to its very core to rescue the imprisoned hostages before it is too late. ToonWarz is a 3D action FPS featuring both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches. Demoed on the Nokia X6 after the break, ToonWarz is available for £1.50 in the Ovi Store.

New Firmware v11.0.079 | Nokia 5230

The Nokia 5230 has received a new firmware update taking it to v11.0.079. The S60 5th Edition device has a 3.2″ resistive touch screen on a bright nHD 640 x 360 pixels display, a 2 megapixel camera and comes in a wide range of eye-catching colours. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. Check out the rest of the details along with the full changelog after the break.

How To Update:

To get this software through your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on screen prompts. Additionally this software release is available via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and also via the Nokia Ovi Suite. Although the Nokia 5230 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data.

Changelog for the Nokia 5230 v11.0.079 Firmware:

  • Camera : logical name “qtn_lcam_cmd_rename_image” (Rename image) displays in Options.
  • Calibration UI text layout is out of range
  • Chat messages goes to wrong window
  • Sometimes it is difficult to close the details pop-up
  • Active voice call + proximity activation + turning of the device, to cause black display
  • Mail for Exchange is “uncertified” for Simon HW variants
  • MFE: Some items of Options in MFE can not be localized to Chinese.
  • Contacts: New contact doesn’t add to the home screen after adding a photo to the contact.
  • Games in wrong folder after backup restore
  • OVI contacts:The order of the E-mail address is displayed incorrectly when adding friend in OVI contacts.
  • Phone responds “Installer already in use” when trying to install applications
  • Album art cannot be viewed if changed with music player (Huriganes)
  • Unable to create MfE account into phone
  • UI: Welcome logo is not displayed completely after rebooting.

Nokia N900 | Heavyweight Multitasking

The N900 isn’t just capable of multi-tasking, it can juggle even the heaviest tasks. To prove it, a flash-based website, an office doc and the music player were all opened at the same time and then the N900 was made to switch from one task to the other. Plus a few other tasks were performed to show that the N900 behaves like a proper mobile computer.

Nokia N900 | Heavyweight Multitasking

The N900 isn’t just capable of multi-tasking, it can juggle even the heaviest tasks. To prove it, a flash-based website, an office doc and the music player were all opened at the same time and then the N900 was made to switch from one task to the other. Plus a few other tasks were performed to show that the N900 behaves like a proper mobile computer.

ToonWarz Gameplay For S60 5th Edition

Take control of a one-man army on a death defying mission behind enemy lines. Storm the fortified enemy stronghold and fight your way to its very core to rescue the imprisoned hostages before it is too late. ToonWarz is a 3D action FPS featuring both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches. Demoed on the Nokia X6 after the break, ToonWarz is available for £1.50 in the Ovi Store.

Nokia To Hold Its Own Event In Barcelona During MWC 2010

Nokia has finally put the rumours to rest, with the announcement that it will be in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress 2010, however it won’t be attending the event. Nokia has decided to host a party of it’s own, as an alternative to all the noise and crowds of MWC, where guests will have the opportunity to discuss Nokia solutions and services along with fellow peers in a more relaxed environment, with delicious food and drinks served in the comfort of sofas.

The event will take place a short walk from the Mobile World Congress, at Once – home of the Spanish National Organization for the Blind, between 09.00 – 19.00 on 15-16 February. Head over to to find ot more.

Nokia N900 Will Be Available At Carphone Warehouse From Boxing Day

Earlier this week we got the news that Vodafone will begin selling the Nokia N900 from January 2010. Well, if that’s too long to wait then you’ll be glad to hear that Carphone Warehouse will be the first to have this device in store and it will be available from Boxing Day.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ll be aware that the Nokia N900 is Nokia’s first Maemo 5 powered smartphone based on Linux and sports an intuitive active homescreen on a 3.5″ WVGA touch sensitive display. The device also has all the usual smartphone goodies, including GPS, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia N900 will be available on a 2 year, £35 a month contract, which will give you 900 anytime minutes and unlimited texts.

Nokia Growth Partners Invest A Few Million In Swype

Nokia Growth Partners, a global venture capital management fund, have announced a joint investment with Samsung into a revolutionary text entry concept, founded by none other than the co-inventor of T9. Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden, along with a very talented team of software programmers and linguists, have put together a nifty predictive text-entry solution called Swype, which allows users to write over 30 words per minute on touchscreen devices by intelligently guessing the words they are trying to type. The $5.6 million USD investment will help further the technology that has already debuted on Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II.

Swype’s patented technology provides a faster and more intuitive way to input text on touch-screens because it has built-in intelligence that doesn’t require users to hit each letter accurately. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the keyboard, users can enter text at over 30 words per minute. Swype is designed to work across a variety of operating systems and devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, and GPS units among others. John Gardner, partner at Nokia Growth Partners said “UI technology is a key part of our view of the growing mobile market. We are delighted to participate in this round of funding for Swype, enabling them to bring their cutting-edge technology to more mobile and touch-screen devices.

Nokia Announces The 5235 Comes With Music Edition

Nokia has announced the 5235 Comes With Music but this time without the XpressMusic branding. The Nokia 5230 has a 3.2 inch resistive touch display (resolution of 640×480 pixels), a basic 2 megapixel camera (without flash), a built in A-GPS receiver, and boasts 18 days of standby time via the 1320mAh battery. The Nokia 5235 is expected to be available for around €145 EUR before taxes and will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010.

The S60 5th Edition device is also bundled with Nokia’s Comes With Music service, and therefore allows unlimited downloads from Nokia’s Music Store. The Nokia Music Store is accessible directly from the homescreen, and once you’ve created your Music Store account and entered your Comes With Music subscription PIN code, all the prices will simply disappear. You can also download music through a PC using the Nokia Ovi Player. The Nokia 5235′s memory is expandable to 16GB, so it is highly unlikely you will run out of storage. And with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, you can plug in your favourite headphones and listen to a staggering 33 hours of music on a single charge.

Vodafone UK To Begin Selling The Nokia N900 In January 2010

Vodafone UK has officially announced that they will begin selling the Nokia N900 in January 2010. The Nokia N900 is a high performance mobile computer with advanced Maemo 5 software based on Linux. With features like multitasking on a live Dashboard, wide screen video capture, 3.5″ WVGA touch display (800 x 480 pixels), QWERTY keyboard and customisable panoramic desktop, the Nokia N900 also features 1 GB of application memory and up to 48GB of storage.

Nokia N900 | Managing Your Blog

Update and manage your blog, with the MaStory app, which supports WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal. You can also use the voice recorder and other suitable apps to enhance your articles. Check out a full list of available downloads in our Applications section.

Nokia Messaging For Social Networks Beta 2 | Tweet From Your Homescreen

After releasing the Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta 1 earlier in September, Nokia Beta Labs has already pushed out an update for the service. Beta 2 has now added support for Twitter, making tweeting even more convenient from the homescreen of your Nokia handset. Other new features include the ability to upload pictures and videos to Facebook, log events (view upcoming events, birthdays and import to device calendar), search for friends, and click-to-call / click-to-SMS / click-to-Facebook message.

Cube Touch | A Pocketable Rubik’s Cube

Cube Touch emulates a 3-D mechanical puzzle with realistic animation effects. Each face of the cube is covered by 9 squares among six solid colours: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Once mixed, solve the puzzle as quickly as possible so that each face is a solid colour. Examine the cube by rotating it around either horizontally or vertically. The fastest time is saved as a high score. To get you started, check out the quick video on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube after the break.


The Nokia E72 Now Available In The US For $469

As Americans pack up and hit the road this holiday season, most will take email with them. According to a survey commissioned by Nokia, whose Nokia E72 smartphone is in stores now, more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans plan to respond to work-related emails while on vacation or over the holidays this year. This is up from just over half (51%) who say they’ve exchanged work emails during the holidays in previous years.

“This year, time off doesn’t necessarily mean logging off for most of us over the holidays,” said Craig Coffey, Vice President, Marketing, at Nokia. “The Nokia E72 is an ideal gift for those who want to stay connected year round. With industry-leading messaging functionality, separate home screen profiles for work and personal time, and powerful multimedia capabilities, this sleek smartphone takes the hassle out of connecting and responding to obligations that don’t stop for the holidays.”

The Nokia survey also found:

Drop the eggnog and reply to your boss
– Among those who use email for work, more than two-thirds (68%) say they respond to “important work-related emails” in 30 minutes or less, with 38 percent responding within five minutes.

Age is of the essence
– The youngest adults (18-24-year-olds) are significantly more likely than older generations to respond to work emails while taking time off this holiday season (86% of 18-24 year-olds, compared to 61% among 35-44 year olds and 67% among 45-54 year-olds).
– One in five of respondents aged 18-24 years feel guilty or fear their job would be in jeopardy if they did not respond to work emails in a timely manner.
– One in five of the 18-24-year-olds (19%) have missed an important social occasion because they were unable to access email in time – significantly more than any other age group.

Give and get
– Nearly one in five (19%) of 18-24-year-olds complete personal tasks (e.g., chat with friends, shop online, make weekend plans) while at work, while 22 percent complete work tasks (e.g. correspond with their boss, check email, draft documents) while off work or during personal time.

Add some extra holiday cheer to your social interactions with the Nokia E72′s desktop-like chat experiences and email, whether with your friends or your boss. And when you’re done communicating, snap sharp pictures of loved ones with the Nokia E72′s five-megapixel camera, then upload your pictures directly to the web or send them to far-flung family. With an optical navi key and built-in Ovi Maps with A-GPS navigation and a compass, even finding your way to grandmother’s house is easier than ever.

The holidays mean your calendar will likely be packed, but the Nokia E72 can help you balance a hectic schedule. With its multiple email accounts and separate home screen profiles for work and personal time, you can be flexible when it comes to choosing how, when, where and who to respond to – even if you feel like you’re in a rush to reply. With so many people planning doing work-related email over the holidays, the Nokia E72 handles work email with ease, using either Mail for Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.

Keep on track of all those messages over the holidays and beyond. With Nokia Messaging, the Nokia E72 allows you to mobilize up to 10 personal email accounts, and now you can also set up instant messaging (IM) directly from the homescreen, accessing communities such as Windows Live(TM) Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat. Just like chatting via the desktop, people can respond to friends and colleagues across multiple communities in real-time.

The Nokia E72 will cost $469 and is available through, Best Buy and other independent retail channels in the United States. Be sure to check out the hottest holiday apps on Ovi Store on your Nokia E72, and thousands more on

Shoot’em Up In Sky Force | Caution – Highly Addictive

Sky Force is the ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your phone to the maximum. Amazing environments, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. It’s available for both S60 5th and 3rd Edition devices and is not free. It costs £4.00 in the Ovi Store but worth every penny.

Ovi Prime Place | List Your Business With Ovi Maps For Free

Nokia has launched Ovi Prime Place, which is a great tool to get your business listed on Ovi Maps. Get others to discover, contact and get directions to your business easily, and the best thing about it, is that its 100% FREE!! Simply add your business to Ovi Maps so that customers can find you on millions of devices, and enter your business details, for example a description, opening hours, etc, to keep your customers up to date. You can slowly attract more customers as your business gets highlighted as a Prime Place on Ovi Maps.

Nokia To Close Regent Street Flagship Store In London

Nokia have decided to draw the curtains on it’s Flagship Store on Regent Stree in London. The store had barely been open for two years before Nokia came to the decision to close, because it has “not been as efficient or as profitable” as they imagined it would be. The Nokia Regent Street was the eighth store to be launched as part of the Nokia Flagship Store strategy and housed Nokia’s prestigious luxury line.

Nokia & Rihanna Team Up Once Again To Release The Rihanna App

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has launched the exclusive Rihanna App. Bringing fans closer to Rihanna, the new App will deliver news, music, photos and exclusive video content direct to Nokia’s entertainment-rich handsets including the Nokia N97, Nokia X6 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Video content available through the App will include live performance videos from Rihanna’s album launch event. Additionally, fans can access music samples, a Rihanna biography and photo library, and, when available, information on Rihanna’s forthcoming 2010 tour. The App content will be unavailable elsewhere and will be regularly updated for fans.

The App also provides a direct link to the Nokia Music Store where fans can download exclusive album content including a Nokia bonus track, Hole In My Head, written and produced by Justin Timberlake. In addition, an exclusive Donni Hotwheels remix of Rihanna’s smash single, Russian Roulette, is also available to those who download her album, Rated R, exclusively via the Nokia Music Store.

On November 16, Rihanna performed tracks from her new album exclusively with Nokia. With a set list including former number ones Umbrella and Disturbia, Rihanna’s performance was streamed live and globally to her fans on every continent. The show included live Twitter commentary from music fans across the world. The Rihanna App and exclusive video content from the show is now live at

Nokia Handwriting Calculator Graduates From Beta

The Nokia Handwriting Calculator has graduated from the Nokia Beta Labs and is available to download for free from the Ovi Store. Originally released in Beta Labs in December 2008, the application was downloaded over 400,000 times. Nokia Handwriting Calculator is a showcase of Nokia’s innovative handwriting recognition technology and allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions.

Nokia Announces The 6700 Classic Again | This Time The De Luxe Gold Edition

Nokia has announced the new Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition, a device that continues the legacy of one of the company’s most successful products, the Nokia 6700 classic. Featuring stainless steel covers with real gold plating of 18 carats, the Gold Edition is destined to turn heads, and bring a touch of desired exclusivity with an appealing price of €370 EUR, before taxes and subsidies. It will become available in select markets during the first quarter of 2010.

The Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition has enviably beautiful surfaces, luxurious materials and precisely crafted parts. A full metal keymat and living wallpapers created exclusively for the Gold Edition complete the de luxe finish. With its 5 megapixel camera and high speed data access that allows easy upload of photos and videos to various on-line communities, the Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition makes an outstanding sharing experience.

The Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition is delivered with matching accessories, a natural leather carrying case and strap, and the 8GB microSD card included in-box has plenty of room for storing images, videos or favorite music.

Nokia E72 | The Unboxing Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from WOMWorld asking me if I was interested in taking part in an upcoming unboxing challenge. I agreed and on Monday I received a Nokia E72 with a Nokia Bluetooth Headset, locked in a glass encased box that required a four digit code to access it. Along with the box came a poster which had a clue on it reading “I’d fit in perfectly on Wall Street.” There were three other bloggers all with a same box but a different clue, and so we all got together and shared our clues to see if we could crack the code. Check out the full gallery and all the surprises after the break.

The clues were as follows:

Ibrahim Jogee – I’d fit in perfectly on Wall Street

Gerrad McGhee – I was given street cred by a world leader

Stefanos Kofopoulos – I came with a price tag of the equivalent of over 4,000EUR

Tam Hanna – I am an urban dwelling professional

Unfortunately when the box had arrived it came with a broken hinge, and so the challenge was pretty much over, however Gerrad McGee aka Gerrymoth of Nokiaadict managed to solve the puzzle, and it turned out that the code was 1987 – The year that mobile phones went handheld with the birth of the Mobira Cityman 900, which weighed in at 800 grams with a staggering price tag of around €4,560 EUR.

Once the lid of the box was off I was quite surprised with the amount of goodies WOMWorld had thrown in, so below is a quick checklist of all the items I found along with a some unboxing pictures. Click on the images to enlarge them.


  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia BP-4L Battery (1500mAh)
  • Nokia Charger AC-8
  • 4GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroUSB data cable (CA-101D)
  • Stereo Headset (WH-601)
  • Carrying case and strap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User Guide
  • Nokia Eseries Experience Leaflet
  • Nokia PC Suite (v 7.1) on the microSD card

Extra Goodies Included:

  • Nokia Extra Power (DC-11)
  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset (BH-804)
  • 2x Charger Adapters (AD-68)
  • Carrying Strap
  • Desk Stand
  • User Guide

After spending most of the past year with the Nokia E71, plus some good hands on with various different devices, this is the device I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see how it fairs against its predecessor but I’m sure it is going to be impressive.

Disassembling The Nokia N900

From time to time, users decide to replace the casing, screen and other part of their device due to damage or for customization purposes. This short tutorial will show you all the steps you need to take in disassembling the Nokia N900. Note that dismantling your Nokia handset will void your warranty, so if possible, we recommend you take your phone to a Nokia Store or Nokia Care Center. Check out the video after the jump.

Nokia Unveil The 2710 Navigation Edition For The Emerging Market

Nokia has unveiled the 2710 Navigation Edition, the cheapest GPS enabled device to date, and is expected to be popular in the developed and developing world alike and has been developed with urban environments, small towns, as well as rural areas in mind. Incorporating straight line navigation with the assistance of an integrated digital compass, it also includes turn-by-turn driving navigation with full voice guidance. 

With the clear trend towards providing location based services to mobile phones, customers can use a single device for both communication and navigation. When bringing this experience to new markets, you need to make sure the experience is locally relevant. With Nokia Maps, Nokia provides the broadest navigation coverage of any competitor and we continue to add new countries all the time.

As the cost and availability of data connections is sometimes limited, relevant maps are included on the device to ensure that even if there is no access to an internet connection, the device can still be used. The estimated retail price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition will be EUR 110 and it should start sales in the second quarter of 2010.

The Nokia N97 mini Contest Winner Shares His Thoughts On The Device

Earlier last month we held a video contest where you had the chance of winning a Nokia N97 mini trial courtesy of WOMWorld. Naypalm was the lucky winner and he has spent his time thoroughly reviewing the device over at Howard Forums. He concludes:

From the squeaking battery door to the self-harming camera lens slider, the mini’s build quality has indeed improved from the N97. It’s speedy 434Mhz processor can run any program with ease. With it’s large screen, you can watch movies, pictures or surf the web with ease. And with the camera, you can capture priceless moments in the blink of an eye. It is a very impressive phone and I’m glad I had the chance to try it, but I believe the one thing Nokia could have done to make this phone 10,000% better would be to add more RAM.

Nokia’s 2010 Vision Of Symbian

Earlier last week Nokia announced its forecast for 2010 with a pretty cool demo of what the new Symbian UI could look like. Symbian has struggled to compete against rival operating systems like OS X iPhone and Android, and during the Nokia Capital Markets Day event, Nokia concluded that Symbian was not the problem, it’s the UI that needs some TLC. Check out the video demo from the presentation after the break along with some more screenshots.

The new Symbian OS will bring multi-touch input technologies on capacitive displays, an improved Internet browsing experience, and the entire UI will be 3 times faster than the current high end Symbian devices. Scrolling will also improve drastically, from a mere 15fps we have today, to a staggering 60fps, and the new graphics will focus on being more responsive. Another major qualm that Nokia is planning on tackling is the shear amount of key taps and prompts a user must acknowledge in order to do a simple task, and will remove more than 350 user prompts in order to speed things up.

Nokia’s Ovi Mail Setup Application Updated

The Ovi Mail Setup application for S60 that was introduced in September has just been updated by the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest version extends device support, fixes several bugs and now comes localized in 18 languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese (PRC), Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese.

This application will allow you to sign-up for an Ovi Mail account directly from your S60 device and will configure the account in your email client so you can start using it immediately. If you’re already using Ovi Mail on your Symbian device you don’t have to upgrade. If you want to test this new version, make sure you remove the previous version first.

If you’re not yet using Ovi Mail on your S60 device you can download it here.

Nokia Human Research Department | Experiment #22

Yet another N97 mini promo video courtesy of The Nokia Human Research Department. This slightly smaller set up at a museum gets just the response the Nokia Human Research Department expected. Bemusement, followed swiftly by amusement as the action unfolds.

Nokia N-Series Portrait | Thu Tran

The third Nseries Portrait following Marcelo Eduardo’s and Scott McMorris’s recent films focuses on Thu Tran. Thu is an artist, food enthusiast and creator of the TV show, Food Party. She works across a range of media. She’s writing a cookbook, makes props and creates the visuals for musician Girl Talk. Her food is as much about art and colour as cooking and her quirky imagination influences everything she does.

Nokia Human Research Department | Experiment #16

The Nokia Human Research Department spent months and months studying human reactions to slightly smaller objects before developing the N97 mini. Check out the bemusement when they created a miniature restaurant serving perfect portions of pleasurable pasta

Nokia N97 mini | Hardware Review

The Nokia Human Research Department has been experimenting with the Nokia N97, and Experiment #097 saw the birth of the Nokia N97 mini. So let’s take a look and see how the mini differs from its original design and what effects these changes have on the overall experience of using the handset. The first thing you will notice when you pick up the Nokia N97 mini is its size. At 113 x 52.5 x 14.2 mm, the device fits perfectly in the hands, more so than the Nokia N97. The metallic back cover gives the device a very solid feel with no cracks or creaks at all, bringing this N-Series newbie even closer to the solidity of the E-Series range.


I have the black/brown variant, which to be honest isn’t a good combination. The device looks quite dull, and I would advise anyone in the market for one to have a look at the mini in store, before deciding which colour variant to purchase.

Looking head on at the device, we can see the slightly smaller, yet completely capable, 3.2″ widescreen display with a QVGA resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. Above the screen to the right, there is the daylight sensor and front facing secondary camera for video calls with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. In the centre is the speaker and on the left is the proximity sensor. Notice that ‘N97 mini’ is not used as the model name, instead it only states ‘N97′ and the Nokia logo on the side of the screen has been removed on the mini. Below the screen lies the menu key along with the send and end keys. All three keys are evenly spaced out across the device, and the menu key doubles up as a notification light, pulsing when any messages or calls have been missed. It has a dotted print on it to allow a more ambient light through, rather than a bright one as on the Nokia N97. The green send key is slightly pale compared to the end key and instead of being dark green, the colour seems to be quite washed out. Maybe the location of the LED underneath has caused this. Finally surrounding the front of the N97 mini is the metallic bezel, which gives the device that sexy look.

Around the back of the device there is the metallic brown battery cover to match the bezel around the front. This however, has a matte finish, compared to the gloss finish around the front. To remove the battery cover the clip is on the side this time and not in the usual centre position. I have given a quick demo removing the cover in the unboxing video posted earlier this week.

The 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens from the Nokia N97 is still present, however it is slightly raised and does not have the self-harming lens cover from the Nokia N97. The actual lens is slightly embedded so I wouldn’t see this to be an issue. I kind of prefer the device without the camera shutter as I used to accidentally activate the camera on many occasions when the N97 was in my pockets, which in turn used to drain the battery. The Dual LED’s are no longer directly next to the lens, and have a small break in between. It will be interesting to see if this changes anything because on the Nokia N97 many photographs I took had a bright fade on the left hand side of the image. More on this soon.

Looking around the edges of the device we have the power button at the top, along with the 3.5 mm headphone jack that sports TV-Out compatibility too, one of the key perks of owning an N-Series handset. On the right side of the N97 mini is the volume rocker and the dedicated camera key, which has a great feel to it by the way. On the left are the two stereo speakers in the corners, a MicroUSB port for synchronizing and charging your handset and the key lock switch, or should I say screen lock. The MicroUSB port has a small notification light as on the N97 to notify you when it is or has stopped charging. At the bottom you will find nothing but the tiny hole in the corner for the wrist strap.

The slider of the Nokia N97 min feels much better compared to the N97. The ‘thud’ when opening the slider is more pronounced and generally feels more solid. The angle of the screen is slightly smaller than the N97 as you can see in the image above. I like it, and I think it’s more suitable to use at this angle. However the screen angle does have its downsides. When the device is placed on a desk or table the viewing angle is not as great as on the N97, and you have to be sat upright to actually see the screen, no slouching!

Other than that, there is a noise coming from the device when you shake it while the screen is closed. If the screen is open the noise disappears. Sounds like something is loose inside, could be the ridiculous SIM card holder, but not too sure. Any ideas?

The N97 mini brings the new revamped keyboard, which I feel is a great improvement on that of the Nokia N97. The useless D-pad has been removed and replaced with some very useful arrow keys, as on a real keyboard, and has meant that the sym and function keys had to be thrown over to the left, which is perfect. The comma now has its own key and a few function keys have been remapped. The top two rows have moved one space to the right, which after a day or two is easy to adjust to. One issue I have, which I have stressed on many occasions, is the lack of a ctrl key. Although copy and paste has been made easy with a long press of the shift key, there are still many other shortcuts I like to use the ctrl key for. The sym key could have easily been used as a ctrl key because I still haven’t found the need to use this key yet. The usability of the keyboard has improved compared to the Nokia N97. There is more physical travel from the keys, and the fact that the N97 mini has a metallic back cover means that there is no longer a creaking noises coming from it when typing, like on the N97.


A major problem I have been having is when the device is sat on a desk. Despite the small tilt angle, with the N97 there were times when I used the keypad as I would on a laptop, and got in to the habit of placing the device on the desk or table to type longer messages and emails. This is not possible on the N97 mini because the camera module on the back is slightly raised and off centered, so the device does not sit completely flat. Therefore pressing the space bar or any of the bottom row keys, causes the device to annoyingly wobble. This may not be a problem for everyone but it certainly is for me and a few others I have spoken to.

That’s all for now, I will bring more coverage on this device soon so stay tuned. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to so you don’t miss out.

New Firmware v201.12.01 | Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 has just received a new firmware update taking it to v201.12.01. To get this new software through your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), simply type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on screen prompts. However if the firmware is not available via FOTA, you can also update through NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or Ovi Suite. You can find the complete changelog after the jump…

Although the Nokia E75 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. The following changes have been noted by SymbianWorld.

New supported features:

  • N-Gage baseline update to N-Gage 1.2
  • Share Online update to 4.3
  • Accidental/Double key press filter
  • Area Description Comment
  • Ovi Contacts now integrated with Contacts. Chat with your friends using your Ovi account. Gtalk is also enabled. Share your status and location. Ovi Contacts users can upgrade to Chat 2.0, which will be available in Ovi Store.
  • Facebook, YouTube and MySpace – In Applications folder, there are icons to launch these services.
  • N-Gage update to 1.2 – The user can find the games more easily
  • Improved support for Chinese
  • Improvements for developers
  • Share online update to 4.3 • Provides direct sharing from Camera and direct upload from Gallery
  • Improved uploading experience (the next image can be uploaded when the previous in uploading)
  • Direct sharing using device address book
  • Geo-tagging
  • Accidental key press filter • When accidentally pressing two keys at the same time on the qwerty key mat, the second press will be ignored


  • Corrections concerning WLAN and Calendar plug-ins
  • Improvements in Easy dialling

The following reported issues have been solved in this release:

  • The icon of E-mail notifications changes from grey into yellow cover after disabling/enabling.
  • Eclipsing item feature not working in Homescreen shortcuts
  • Pressing keys during a call appears as letters on screen
  • Homescreen settings help topic missing
  • Default call type is ignored in Offline profile
  • WLAN plug-in is missing in Homescreen applications
  • Wrong preview type of E-mail notification after switching between modes with different E-mail Notifications settings
  • Customized FS Homescreen shortcut with URL link not visible in selection list

Email Setting Wizard:

  • Security enhancement
  • Gmail shown as Google Mail in Email folder in Germany and UK

Email Features:

  • Baseline update (incl. Email, Calendar and Contacts)
  • Email in Email support (if an email message is received, where an email message is as attachment, the attachment is opened in email viewer, not in notepad as earlier).
  • IAD support (enables upgrading the email software later)
  • OMA-CP support (Settings Provisioning for MfE) Improvements in stability
  • Improvements :
  • Stability improvements
  • Improved compatibility with different Exchange server configurations
  • Improvements in attachment handling
  • Faster response , especially when large number of Emails
  • Additionally, the following issues have been solved:
  • Incomplete note and fetched text when fetching message body
  • Screen update takes too long when opening/closing slide in message list with ~500 mails
  • Mailbox name is not changed (NES)
  • When forwarding Meeting Request to 3rd person then participant list is not updated in original Meeting Request
  • Email application closed when user Exit from MR’s details
  • English string ‘Search for WLAN’ displayed in AP setting view.
  • Pressing shortcut on title divider displays black screen
  • MFE_2.9.158 MFE After initial sync, can not sync to this 2007 server, HTTP 502/501 is received.
  • Cannot send email via action menu from meeting viewer
  • Sync after performing restore: no prompt displayed to user to enter
  • Meeting with alarm 0 min before event is not synced correctly
  • Load HTML images’ has no effect
  • Phone has no response after selecting “Open in intranet” to open Intranet link in an email.
  • Receive an Appointment: in the mail for exchange message folder “accept”, “temporary” or “reject” do not work (MEMORY FULL PART)
  • Sending POP3 emails: in the forward folder only the subject text was visible
  • Contacts disappear after phone has been used for longer period
  • Incorrect pasting into address fields of Message and Meeting request editors
  • Message body is empty. Extra characters visible. Different results for different languages.
  • URL based picture is not shown in HTML viewer if WLAN is not configured
  • “Move to Drafts” does not work in Outbox of MFE.
  • MFE loses AP configuration when different connections are up.
  • Issues with Gmail in UK and Germany
  • E-mail sync does not start with shortcut ‘9′
  • Reply/forward causes slowness in Message composer (AS, IMAP, POP)
  • Incorrect pasting into address fields of Message and Meeting request editors
  • Sorting with MFE does not work in PC Outlook when sending email


  • Performance & Usability improvement (eg. opening of calendar items is faster).
  • Improvements in Calendar synchronisation
  • Meeting request improvements
  • Corrections concerning layout
  • In addition, the following issues have been solved:
  • The first attempt to connect with “Open link in intranet” fails
  • Option button without any name in Calendar->Options->Settings->Default Mailbox
  • Empty mailbox shown under Default mailbox setting in Calendar
  • Keep prompted to select Gmail as the default email
  • Meeting request, write mail address and add contact in the contacts clears addresses

The following issues have been solved regarding Meeting Requests:

  • “Feature not supported” when trying to send MR via email
  • All-day recurring Meeting Request is changed to 0min Meeting Request after opening it in editor
  • Meeting request with “Fortnightly” recurrence is shown as “Weekly’ in meeting request viewer.
  • Wrong start time in Meeting Request.


  • Performance improvements, especially when handling a large number of contacts, eg. opening a contact is faster.
  • Improvements in Contacts synchronisation
  • Search algorithm improvements.
  • Improvements in handling groups:
  • List of group members with no matching parts is displayed after group member is removed from group or new contact is added to the group
  • View is returned to the group members list after group is deleted from edit group view
  • Many operations in contacts are impossible after pressing clear key when call conference service is in focus in Group Members list.
  • “Contacts: system error (-6)” pops up when delete several marked groups.

The following improvements have been made since 110.48.125:

  • Phonebook application is opened after memory card backup if VoIP settings are set.
  • If a user tries to clear the find pane by long press of a clear key, delete confirmation query is displayed and some contacts are not shown in phonebook.
  • Wrong background for the contacts selector view and incorrect positions of thumbnails are displayed
  • With Chinese input, Contacts Apps. is closed when sending a message to a contact.

Web Browser:

  • Update to browser 7.1
  • performance improvements, faster browsing and smooth zooming.
  • 9-way navigation
  • Updated Web Kit Engine (better support for the web standards)
  • better web widget development support
  • Automatic Full-screen
  • Multi-file download
  • CJSE support (System API’s) support via JavaScript for widgets
  • Improved Cookie support
  • Improved cache support


  • Baseline Update
  • Fixes for voice call continuity VCC (seamless handover between VoIP calls (WLAN as bearer) and 2G/3G calls)

The following improvements have been made since 110.48.125:

  • Gizmo icon in net settings is not displayed properly in Landscape mode
  • VCC VoIP settings: Can not open VCC settings in Net settings.
  • VCC: VoIP to VoIP call mute in MT phone not goes on
  • No automatic handover when held-waiting call setting is 1


  • Better conference call performance.
  • Nokia BH-604 usability correction
  • A2DP corrections
  • Spool icon correction
  • Voice call stability improvement
  • Support for coming hardware component changes, no new features
  • Engine clock speed increase about 10%
  • Quickoffice 5.3, with Windows 2007 document support. Additionally, the user can update to Quickoffice Premier 6 in-device using the Quickoffice application.
  • Welcome video icon to Welcome application. The video itself is on the memory card
  • Memory card content update (content might vary depending on the sales unit and country)
  • Psiloc Wireless Presenter
  • Font Magnifier
  • Advanced Comm. Manager
  • World Traveler
  • Block Cascade
  • Boom Letters
  • Top Hits Solitaire Collection
  • Bounce N-Gage game (trial)

Issues Reported Through Genius Tool:

  • Device unable to receive text massages
  • Nokia E75: default bookmark in browser is directing to wrong page
  • Problem in writing Turkish characters
  • Calendar letters are shown in opposite order in V24